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Your Morning Dump… Ray Allen is one vindictive s.o.b.

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“He felt he was getting respect that he hadn’t gotten from [Celtics president] Danny [Ainge] and [coach] Doc [Rivers] anymore,” a source close to him said Friday night. “…The presentation was incredible.”

Respect comes in different ways, but make no mistake: The Celtics had offered two years and $12 million – respect for someone’s who’s 37 and coming off ankle surgery – and it didn’t matter to Allen. He hated the way Ainge dangled him in trade talks, hated that the Celtics told him he was on his way to Memphis in a deal at the March deadline only to have Rivers later tell him the trade was dead. Allen hated that Rivers didn’t give him his starting job back after he returned from a late-season ankle injury, and hated that it always felt like he was the Celtics star made to sacrifice above the rest.

For all the past indignities – real or imagined – Rondo was the issue that hadn’t gone away, that would still be there come training camp. They don’t like each other, and it had become a bigger and bigger drag on Allen, sources said. Each had culpability for why things had gone awry, and yet each was better on the court because he had played with the other.

Rondo has had a polarizing impact within the Celtics’ locker room, and his relationships with teammates and coaches have fluctuated over the years. Allen and Rondo never had arguments this year, never got into it. In fact, one source said: “Ray mostly ignored him.” After the season, Rivers tried his best to mend the relationship between Rondo and Allen – make it manageable on some level. And yet, as one source with direct knowledge of the coach’s efforts said, the relationship was “too far gone.”

Yet, it turns out Allen’s trip to South Beach made him feel so wanted, so inspired, and, truth be told, so eager to stick it to the Celtics. He could’ve broken Boston’s hearts and left for anywhere, but clearly there’s a part of Allen that wants to exact some kind of revenge on the Celtics. There was nowhere else to do that but Miami.

Yahoo! – Heat gave Ray Allen a reason to feel wanted again

I’m stunned. Mouth agape, jaw to the floor stunned.

Did we even know the real Ray Allen? During his tenure here in Boston, we praised him as a true professional, a guy willing to sacrifice anything and everything for the team.

He did all of the above, albeit begrudgingly. And when Ray hit free agency and the Heat came knocking on his door, all the anger and jealousy he bottled up over the course of 5 years erupted to the surface.

I understand why Ray would be frustrated with the frequent trade talk, but it’s the selfishness that surprises me.

Ray was the man in Milwaukee and Seattle. During those 12 years, his teams made the playoffs four times. Four times! While his stats slowly dropped year to year here in Boston, he was routinely playing into May and June. Seems like a logical trade off to me.

Now for the elephant in the room – the beef with Rajon Rondo. Was it as simple as two guys not liking each other? Maybe. I’m sure there’s someone at your job that you can’t stand.

As Woj points out in his article, the personality clash never surfaced on the floor. From my perspective, Rondo knew where Ray was standing or going to be spotting up on just about every play.

If one guy had to go, it was Ray. Age is the obvious reason. Plus, Rajon Rondo has become the cornerstone of the franchise.

Does Ray think Miami’s locker room is ego free? Enjoy LeBron James’ massive entourage and Dwyane Wade’s tiffs with Erik Spoelstra. The Heat made you feel special now, but come October, you’ll be just another guy on the wing, see Mario Chalmers, James Jones, Mike Miller and Shane Battier.

For those wondering, “What now?” – check out this post by Chris Forsberg. The C’s can’t throw the $6 million allotted for Allen at another player. They have $2 million. Let’s hope Mickael Pietrus is willing to take the money.

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  • Raxe

    It’s a damned shame if Ray felt disrespected and unloved in Boston. If he did, he did. I can’t blame him for leaving.

    But joining Miami isn’t forgiveable. He could have joined the Knicks, the Nets, even the Lakers, and it would’ve only made me like those teams better. Miami also makes me like those teams better. A good player joining that team is a man turning his back on our species.

    Besides, if not for bad calls in Game Two of the semis and, especially, Game One of the Finals, the Heat have no ring. It’s stripes, not shooters, that ought to give them hope of repeating.

    I don’t hate Ray — can’t hate Ray, wouldn’t if I could. But to me, he’s retired, and I wish him well. It’s only his ghost in Miami.

    • That last line is perfect.

      • LA Flake

        what a bunch of revisionists you guys are. back in march, april & may, y’all were talking as if ray was gone – couldn’t get rid of him soon enough – how we didn’t need him as much anymore because we got avery now!

        the only ones acting sour is you idiots because you all know that ray’s gonna be drilling 3s on the c’s when the game’s on the line.

        the c’s should’ve done everything they could to trade rondo for deron williams. as long as the c’s are run by rondo, they will ALWAYS play 4 against 5 in crunch time. you just can’t win that way.

        • you must have been on another planet during playoffs, because the one guy other than Garnett than saved Boston ass in the playoffs was hands down Rajon Rondo, when paul pierce filed out 3 times in the playoffs who stepped up and saved the day, Rajon Rondo. People kill me talking about Deron and Chris Paul but neither one of these guys has gone deeper in the playoffs then Rondo. I like Ray but if your hand has to be held and your ego stroked all day then it was time to go And I hope the fact that everybody was all over Rondo and not Ray didn’t really mess you up like that, you had a great career, now its time for somebody else to be in the spot light, you can’t hate on Rondo because its him now!

        • Raxe

          So . . . because *some* people wanted Ray gone, those of us who are sorry he’s gone must be those same people and must be hypocrites now?

          I never wanted Ray gone, and I’ve always been consistent about it. Even when he was having trouble with his ankles and his shot wasn’t falling, he was solid. His +/- was routinely in the top three for the team. His work ethic is a great example to the young players.

          Even when his game was a bit off, he was pure class until now. Heck, I recommended keeping him as a starter if it meant keeping him. Avery was nowhere last year and would’ve put up with being the first guy off the bench.

          Ray’s made a mistake, and that’s life. It’s a shame, but there it is.

        • Eric

          @ LA Flake – 4 on 5? What the hell were YOU watching?? What I saw was Ray missing A LOT of shots he should’ve made and RONDO step up. Just cuz Rondo didn’t have a reliable jump shot in past years, doesn’t mean he wasn’t making any. As far as I’m concerned, Rondo is the Franchise player now. and He’s better than Deron Williams. Idc if Williams Can shoot, Rondo’s court vision, penetration, AND Defense are through the roof. I’ll take a facilitator over a shooter ALL day for a PG.

        • WinstonSalems

          LA Flake, go trolling on the okc messageboard.

        • Beantownpierce34

          Do you even know what your talking about lol. Rondo is the he LAST TRUE POINT GUARD. All the other teams arent a team, its pgs playing superhero…and falling short alot. He makes OLDER players around him great. Your name states you L.A. FLAKE haha. Dont post on this website unless you know something about the game man. He hasnt needed to score he helps his teammates score. Id rather have a point guard like rondo thats a way better passer, can play all nba defense, and can put up triple doubles grabbing rebounds at 6 ft 1 then d will, rose, or cp3 anyday.his jumpshot is finally coming around and when he needs to drop 30 plusnpints he does it now hell have to start doing it more. So haters better watch out cuz rondo could make a strong push for an mvp season…without shooting 20 freaking free throws a game (see lbj).

    • guest3432

      I love the comments of how rondo would ignore ray… Several times in transition ray would just run to the 3 point line with 1 defender there, and rondo wanted to push and get an easy 2… or for ray to come in a bit… different philosophies as rondo wanted easier buckets than jacking up threes… even if u have the greatest 3 pointer shooter taking it, i would always take the higher percent shot…

    • Gigs

      Ya know, Ray has been my favorite player since Larry Bird. He was a stand up guy, family-oriented person. I loved his mom in the stands, his work for Joslin Diabetes, his overtime before the games to get everything right. I just loved this player – as a person and basketball star. I am nothing but sad today. I don’t hate Ray, but I can’t believe that he went to the only B-Ball team that I hate; I can’t watch next season. He didn’t do this to the team as much as he did to his fans. I’m mortified. My son also graduated from UConn – how could any UConn guy go to South Beach? I’m still in shock.



      • john smith


      • stan

        Are you the real paul pierce?

    • This is Ray’s Life…. Im proud of what he has done for Boston and he will always be one of my fav players.
      Im gutted he has gone to the Heat, but this is Pro Basketball.. His choice was not made to piss Boston off get over yourselves. Hate the choice but don’t hate the man!!!

  • RedsLoveChild

    “Rigamortis” Ray Allen is now Miami`s problem!

    Now, the Heat can enjoy the sight each night of twenty-something guards blow past this 37 year old, bald fossil!

    Shame on all Celtics “fans” who feel even a twinge of sorrow over what just happened….you should all be celebrating!

    When nobody saw KG or Pierce publicly plead for Allen to stay this past week….didn`t that tell you anything as to how washed-up his teammates really saw him?

    I was pissed at Ainge for re-signing Allen in 2010!

  • dwayne wade

    boo hoo! I told ya we have Ray Lostone is Done! You won’t see another playoff for a long time. Good bye

    • You are the worst kind of troll, because in addition to not knowing how to spell, you don’t know the subject you’re talking about.

      Suggesting we won’t make the playoffs because we lost a 37 year old bench player shows a total lack of understanding of the game you’re talking about. Even if this was some huge impact (which it’s not. It’s mostly sentimental), there are 8 seeds in our conference. The loss of 1 of 3 (probably 4) hall of famers keeps you pretty well in playoff contention. The only team that wasn’t in the playoffs last year that probably is this year is the Nets, and their just taking the Hawks’ spot.

    • bkm191

      I hope you don’t think Boston is out of the playoffs b/c you got Ray??? If anybody from the Heat can talk is Lebron, dwade better hope he can make the playoffs, because he just barely made it this year!!!!!!!

    • JJy

      Good lord. You can come here and say whatever you want BUT CAN YOU PLEASE SPELL DWYANE CORRECTLY.

      • are you from another planet, I’m not trying to spell Dwayne, they call him DWade, short for “Dwayne Wade”! Duh!

  • BradinFL

    I cant speak for nobody but myself..But Ray signing with either Miami or L.A. It was like in goodfellas when Pauli told Henry after he gave him a handful of money at the end of the movie. “You gotta go now, your dead to me.”

  • Art

    So Ray Allen’s ego is bigger than any of us imagined. And it has gotten the best of him. Three million dollars up in smoke because of it. I hate losing him as a three point threat, but other than that, he can no longer defend, pass, nor create his own shot. That quaiifies him to be on the roster of the Miami Defeat. Bad luck to you Ray.

  • kricky

    I can see him wanting to stick it to Danny. But what about his teammates and the fans, who stood by him even when he sucked. Remember 0-13 in the finals two years ago? That shit cost us banner 18.

    Screw Judas Shuttlesworth!

  • Art

    Ray’s kind of a glorified Eddie House now.

    • Andrew

      I totally agree with that…..Eddie House that shoots a little better. all Ray does now is sit on the three point line. never cuts or anything else. Avery Bradley won the spot because he will slash to the basket, rebound, and defend as well as hit the three.

  • T

    OK, enough of the bitching already.
    Sixers grabbed Nick Young, so what’s our next move?
    Are we going to have a guard on this team over 6’2”??!!!

  • Art

    When the pressure’s on, Ray has not been all that good, i.e. that finals performance 2 years ago. He’s only good when a pass comes to him when he’s wide open. He had to depend on Rondo, hence the conflict.

    • LA Flake

      you moron…so, if the score is 92-92 with less than a minute to go, would you leave ray open? don’t kid yourself. this is a huge loss for the c’s.

  • classless

    I loved Allen, but he hasn’t been consistently good for years. He seems to think he’s better than he is. Jason Terry will make Boston forget quick.

    • LA Flake

      right. because terry is known as one of the most clutch shooters of our time, right? right?! idiots.

      • birdsback

        flake…go away. we lost ray. hes a great shooter. he was angry. we will all be ok. now, get out of moms basement and go mow the lawn. asshat.

      • Beantownpierce34

        Jason terry can make his own shot at least lmao, ray cant. He needed rondo. Good luck with chalmers, hell hurt miami more i think. Battier is a great defender and rebounder, and miller was ok before his recent health. What else can ray do besides a jumpshot at this stage in his career??? Please. Im waiting for a response, and dont say hell just attract attention bc thats an obvious answer….battier shot over fifty percent from long range in the finals, rebounded,, and played great defense….WHAT CAN RAY ALLEN DO??? LMAO

  • Art

    They’ll go after Pietrus now I would think.

  • kdb

    Will Ray be a starter in Miami? If so, who will he replace in their starting line up. Ray also will need a point guard that can deliver the ball in the numbers with perfect timing when he comes off the screens. Who on Miami can do that? How well do others think he’ll truly fit in on this team? I personally don’t think he fits but I very well could be wrong

    • Ray won’t be a starter in Miami, actually Shan was knocking down just about every 3 he took in the playoffs, and Mario is no where near Rondo,I hope besides the ego stroking I hope he knows what he is getting himself into,

  • Real-talk

    I’ve been a big celtics fan for over 25 years now. I can’t believe some of the comments from all the celtics blogs. Oh ray is dead to me, oh he’s a traitor, he’s an a$$hol, he’s the worst human ever, I hope his dead, hope he gets injured, he’s worst than johnny Damon & Clemens, are u kiddin me that’s a shame to all celtics fans out there. If u wanna blame someone go blame Prima Donna thug wanna be Rondo and Gm Danny Ainge for disrespecting Ray for the past 2 years trying to trade him. Its call respect and loyalty people. It goes both ways and the celtics didn’t give him that. This is a lesson to learn Danny. I’m not happy he goes to Miami but I’m glad he’s gone. I will always be a Ray Allen fan.

    • Zack

      Wow, ur great…Ray goes to our rival and you want to call Rondo and Danny names? You should go with Ray Im sure you would look great in Red to match the pink of ur puss!

      • kg215

        Danny deserves plenty of blame, don’t act like Danny has been loyal to Ray this whole time. Rondo I don’t blame at all, because he is who he is. Seems like he didn’t go after Ray or anything, just that their personalities of 1 person being very serious/structured and 1 person being moody/free spirited clashed. I do find it funny that people are this angry. Ray would have been a great bonus, but we don’t need him because of Terry. Terry is not “better” than Ray but he can do things that Ray can’t. Do you guys remember some of the regular season games pre-injury? Watching Ray Allen try to do anything besides shoot made me cringe. That includes the defensive end where he could not stay in front of the young quick guards anymore. Ray is still valuable, but we want Bradley to play as much as he can and Terry to slide over to 2 when he is not backing up Rondo at the 1. We lost the 4th guard out of our 4 main guards, no need to hate Ray so much.

    • Raxe

      Ainge offering Ray as trade bait was no disrespect to Ray. There was no one on the team that Ainge wouldn’t dangle to see what offers might come back. No one.

      Remember, Ainge has steadfastly said that Red should have broken up the original Big Three as soon as they started having problems. You think that means Ainge didn’t respect Bird and McHale and Parish? You think Ray Allen wasn’t smart enough to get that?

      I don’t know why Ray signed with Miami. I don’t believe he’s so dumb that he did it because Ainge dangled his name.

  • A Ray Fan

    I just love how Ray Allen is the bad guy now. you would have never called him these names if he was still a Celtic.

    Oh well, good bye green. Hello Heat RED

    • Raxe

      Well, no, but he DID do something bad and dumb. If he hadn’t, no one would be blaming him for doing it. That’s just logical.

      As I’ve said, in my mind, he’s retired. I prefer to remember his accomplishments, not his mistakes.

  • Ray the fALLEN

    Ray Ray..the VaJay Jay fucking sollllllld out!!! I HAD the most amount of respect for the guy and it has immediately been taken after his escapades yesterday where he clearly played the lucky pierre between LeBitch and D-Wah Wah while Spoelstra and Riles jerked off. It is so upsetting but what sucks the most is how he has tarnished his name….R.I.P. RAY, YOU ARE DEAD TO ME.

    • TB

      It’s terrible to see such a popular and well respected player taint his image at the tail end of his career. Not only does he go to Miami, but he takes less money to play there. He claimed he wanted “whats best for (his) family” and this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Maybe the Rondo feud had an impact but if you can’t put that aside what type of man are you? If Ray was upset playing with Rondo, what does he expect playing with LeBron and Wade who are a 2 man show.

  • ShawnCVD

    Um… Ray was a free agent having every right to go where he wanted. As fans who emotionally invested so much time loving the guy we have every right to be pissed off. I personally don’t condone the injury/death wishes – that shit’s uncalled for – I do hope Mr Allen stinks up the joint in Miami.

    • kg215

      Well put I hope he sucks in Miami and the Heat never win another championship but don’t all of a sudden hate Ray the person. He was going to come off the bench here for sure. Danny Ainge tried to trade him multiple times. Rondo is not going anywhere, and they don’t get long. Ray did not leave a perfect situation where we treated him like a king.

  • Name*


  • kyle

    how much money will they have for the 3 remaining spots now that he is gone

  • You are right, Allen is a S.O.B. there is no good reason for Allen to turn his back on his team-mates and go to Miami. This is a move just to stab people in the back….

    • Easy Ed

      This. What a dick. Ray showed his true colors.

  • iamsaws

    fuck him

  • WheninRome

    I am a fan from Europe. Ray is too small a player to really hurt the Celtics with his game. The Celtics made him and by sticking it to the organization he looses whatever rights he thought he had. It’s DA’s job to shop him around or whatever happened, I back him up because DA works for the good of the Cs & perhaps seeing now RA true character we can all understand why he was the third wheel in the big 3 right from the start. The odd man out. I mean involving Rondo -who is the future & the present of the Cs- souring up for AB come on now! I wish him well and a good finish to his career but my concern now is the Celtics and how to fill the rest of the roster with something better than MP.

  • Chris H

    As hard as it might be to lose Ray, it’s instructive to note that he lost his starting job to a 21 yrd old future all star who ate his lunch when given the chance. Last I checked, he is still on the team for a VERY reasonable couple million. The season will start off without him, but in the long run, going with Avery would NEVER be the wrong choice, he is the future.

    Ray banging 3’s is great, but that was about it. He was never going to stuff Wade (Avery did) or Westbrook (Avery Did) or Durant (Avery did).

    Not one news item has even mentioned his name. His name is Avery Bradley and he is a Boston Celtic.

  • Double P

    Sucks to see Ray go but for the most part its because he joined the heat and we can’t use that $ for anyone else, but let’s be honest.. if the Cs had the ability to spend that money on other free agents Danny let’s ray walk regardless, he is replaceable and terry will do a fine job of that.

    Healthy Bradley, Jeff green, and we need one more big man and pietrus and we are better than last year.

    @John, we do still have mini mle of $3mil, no?



  • Vince

    Thanks Ray for all you did for the Celtics. However, for the sake of the Celtics this year, I think it is good he is gone. I just wish he could have found a different landing spot than the Heat. And, I have to say, while playing for the Heat, I hope he misses very 3 pointer he takes, that`s the price for dealing with the Devil.

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  • screaming jay

    Caption that photo: Ray, speaking to Rondo, says, “you better start passing me the ball kid or I’m going to take my ball and go home!”

  • OC Chris

    It seems that everyone on here is reacting with completely EMOTIONAL responses. Only a select few are responding with LOGICAL responses. Ray Allen was a player for the Boston Celtics for 5 years. He gave a lot for our team, sacraficed more than any other player in the Big 3, and help us raise banner 17. Those memories will be with every true Celtics fan for the rest of their life. Obviously, that is where the emotional responses are coming from. You feel betrayed. You feel like you have been stabbed in the back. But it’s really not the case. Ray is 37 years old. He won a ring. He broke the all-time 3 record. He was a great Celtic. Avery Bradley is the new era, and we all know this. 90% of the posts I see are people wanting to hold onto Ray for sentimental reasons, and hope he hits an Eddie House 3 here and there. That’s not worth $12 million. And Ray doesn’t OWE us anything. What he owed us was what was on his contracts, and when he was under contract with us, I feel he earned his paycheck. I love Ray. He was my favorite player of this era (other than Scal of course) … and I will miss him for sentimental reasons just like everyone else. But to wish him death … to wish his ankles to break … thats ridiculous. Remember him for what he did for us. Like I said on Twitter last night … 1 terrible decision is not going to erase 5 years of great Celtics memories. At least not for me.

    • Real-talk

      I agree a 100%

    • Raxe

      Yeah, but he joined the Heat. That’s not just anti-Boston; it’s anti-basketball, anti-dignity, anti-NBA.

      That year that the Lakers loaded up on stars at the ends of their careers, it was sad. No one thought that was anything but a sad grab at a title. If that’s all that matters, then the NBA doesn’t matter.

      If Allen and Garnett had played just that one season in Boston and won the title, that title would not have mattered. If you don’t have a Team, then you don’t have a team worth having.

      The sport has to retain some of its nobler aspects or it’s just grown men playing a game. The Heat made themselves a caricature of a real team, and then they boasted that they were the greatest. Can’t shake the devil’s hand and say you’re only kidding. It takes a long time to wash that off.

      • OC Chris

        I just feel differently. If it’s not the Lakers, then I don’t care. If Ray had CHOSEN to go to the Lakers in free agency after 5 years in Boston, then you could have a valid argument that he did it as a complete vendetta, and that would have tarnished his image in my eyes. Any other team is just any other team to me. The Heat currently happen to be the team to beat. They also have nice weather, and golf for an aging veteran to end his career with. On paper it all makes sense. He gave us 5 years of awesome basketball (well maybe 3 … but I’ll say 5 for the sake of argument), helped win us a title, and was a great role-model for the community. He then decided, while watching his window for title contention diminishing, that he would rather go play his last remaining years for the current #1 team – with everything he needs to start his retirement once its over. Add in his feelings of being disrespected by the front office of Boston, and I can’t fault him one but for his descion. Does it hurt that he doesn’t play for Boston anymore? Sure. Does it hurt that he decided to play for Miami? No. The man made a descision based upon his life experience up to that point. We should think back at how lucky we were over the past 5 years to have the greatest shooter of all time in green, tell him how much it will hurt that he will no longer be in green, thank him for everything he did for the club while under contract, and wish for him to miss big shots for an opposing team. Nothing more and nothing less.

  • thetitleisours

    Ego’s are a crazy thing. After all the garbage is said and done, if he stayed with the Celtics he would have gone down as one of the Green even though he started somewhere else. Now that he finishes somewhere else he will forgotten as time moves on. If he stayed here the fans would have kept talking about him until their old age. It is what it is.

  • Ben

    FWIW I have heard from numerous sources Ray frequently cheats on his wife. There are probably more ample opportunities to do that in Miami.

  • RHoward

    don’t believe any of this. the reason why ray left is simple- he simply doesn’t work in the celtics offense anymore. he takes 15 secs to run through 4 screens while hardly getting open; and somehow rondo hardly passes the ball to him even if he did get open.

    as a 37 yr old approaching the end of his career, all the man wanted is to make the best contribution to his team with the only skill he got left in his game- catch and shoot the 3. and miami gives him the best chance to do so with all the double-teams on james and wade. whether the team is a rival or otherwise probably didn’t matter to him- this is all business. i don’t believe any of this ego or revenge stuff..

    The truth is, ray can’t work with the celtics anymore. not because of his relationship with danny, doc, or rondo, but because he does not have a role in the team- Not on offense (a simple pick-and-roll between rondo and garnett is much more effective than him running round the court), and certainly not on defence.
    It’s sad to see, but leaving boston is probably the best choice for him.

  • Lakers4Life

    I hate the Cs but I hate the heat even worse. I can’t believe ray allctually went there. Just curious though, if lakers actually made the finals against the heat who would celtics fans root for?

    • Raxe

      Lakers. The Heat made every other team in the NBA much more likeable after LBJ’s Decision. The Dwight Howard mess is out of control but still isn’t even comparable so far, and the Heat were so obnoxiously smug and overconfident after LeBron’s arrival. They’ll need to win at least three rings just to be respectable again.

      The Lakers have fallen somewhat, which makes them easier to hate less, and Steve Nash makes them more likeable. I could live with watching Kobe play (even if I couldn’t root for him) now that the Zen Master is gone, but Kobe’s gotta ditch that unloveable jackass Bynum first.

    • Ryan

      Let me put it this way. I rooted for the Pistons in the ’88 and ’89 finals and I HATED those teams. These Heat are more of a short term rivalry like the Pacers in the early ’90’s. My hatred for the lakers makes this a no brainer.

      • OC Chris


      • Lakers4Life

        Glad to hear you guys say that. I never thought I’d see the day when I actually cheered for boston but damnn, I hate LBJ and the heat

  • thebantam

    Sad to see him go, pissed to see him in Miami. I don’t see him meshing, but for his own sake maybe he is going to help that locker room mature.

    He gave us 5 great years and wants sun during his work year and no income tax. It mainly sucks that this is the logical move for the C’s.

    It’s hard to get worked up at ‘sources’ or ‘word has it’.

  • Gernab

    I lost all the respect i used to had for him.
    Now he is worser than a laker

  • Chris

    My great dissapointment is the loss of Ray’s mental toughness. Paul Pierce will take threes over LeBron in the clutch because he doesn’t think he’d miss. Kobe shoots the ball like it’s made of hot lava because that’s the only way he knows how to win games. But the Truth will always be in Boston and Kobe will always be a Laker. It’s more than loyalty. It’s about striving to be the best, not joining them.

  • JimmyG

    I feel extremely mixed over this. I loved Ray when he played here (can’t forget his series against the Bulls in 2009), but as multiple people have pointed out all he can do now is shoot. He’s a hall of famer who at this point is extremely limited and is having trouble accepting that he’s more of a bench player now than anything. At this point, JET is a better fit for the team because he understands he is more effective coming off of the bench. I was salivating over the thought of those two and Jeff Green playing together on the floor because they can all shoot very well but this isn’t a tremendous loss. At the same time, it’s hard to put all of this in perspective when he decides that he wants to play for my – and probably the Celtics’ – biggest rival. It’s a slap in the face for fans to do that sort of thing. Makes me understand why he had no problem shaking hands with the Heat after game 7 when everyone else left the court. Ray Allen has officially proven he’s a mercenary. I guess he’ll fit right in with the Heat then.

  • Throwdown

    Ray left for an opportunity to play. Not for the money. Strained relations may have played a par. But most C’s fans understood he would leave this season anyway. He decision to go where he is pretty much Guaranteed to win another ring was a good business decision. I mean where would you expect him to go? Bobcats. Would you if it were your career?

  • Throwdown

    As expected, Celtics fans are the most unrealistic and selfserving s.o.b.”s along with Lakernation.


    I am so happy for Ray – I have followed his career since he played for the Connecticut Huskies. He is an excellent basketball player and person. More players should have the class that Ray has. He deserves far more respect than the Boston Celtic organization has given him – shame on Danny Ainge.

    Good luck Ray – you will win another championship!
    And you deserve it!

  • if u double bron ray ray will burn u kiss ray ass cetics crying fans he loves south beach more ps rondo is a punk

    • lebron killer

      Do u know how to speak english?

  • Boston Smells

    And with the whole City of Miami has taken a huge dump on the face of you hateful disrespectful cry babys. First we kick you out of the playoffs 2 years in a row and now we take the only player on your roster that had any class. Sit and spin on it Failtics fans

    Life is good 🙂

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  • aaron

    he is washed up, couldnt play d and was not reliable this year… good riddance, honestly. i wish we would have traded him during last season though…

  • lebron killer

    Heat fans are the biggest scum of the world. Boo their team when they lose and then cheer for them when they win. Dont for a sec think ray is your missing piece, I bet boston does better than your scummy arrogant team this season.