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Stiemsma wants to play for Minnesota

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) July 7, 2012 Free Agency, Greg Stiemsma 39 Comments on Stiemsma wants to play for Minnesota

It’s not the biggest deal in the world, though I liked his shot blocking ability and I always thought he was an underrated shooter… but Greg Stiemsma’s agent says he wants to play in Minnesota.

The kid is from a small town in Wisconsin, which oh just happens to be on the border of Minnesota (I had to look that up).  So if the kid wants to go almost home to play ball… so be it.

The Celtics may have had interest in matching offers for Stiemsma, but he might have played himself out of the C’s range to do so.  They extended the qualifying offer of just over $1 million to him… but…unlike most restricted free agents, the Celtics have no form of “Bird Rights” on Stiemsma.  And now that Jeff Green is in the mix, the Celtics only have the bi-annual exception left as a tool to match.  Larry Coon has it all explained here.

So basically, because of the rules, if Minnesota (or anyone else) offers more than $1.957 million dollars, the Celtics cannot match Stiemsma and he’s gone.

Again… not the worst thing in the world, but I liked him and I thought he could grow well alongside Kevin Garnett and others.

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  • News today just keeps getting better.

    Though it’s hard to knock a “guy goes home” story, I’m happy to do it right now.

  • TheTruth

    That pic….

    • Brick James

      Hardwood floor?

  • RedsLoveChild

    This sucks!

    Steamer was a definite bright spot last year.

  • CoachAJ

    Guess we are going with Wilcox as the starting center. Still ok.

  • Zack

    This sucks, but is Camby out of the picture? I know Mihammi wants him, after the Ray debacle this would be a big pickup and he played for Umass

    • jbsuarez

      Camby’s likely going to get offers above the bi-annual, and if he’s going to go somewhere for less Miami can offer the vets minimum, which isn’t much lower than the bi-annual.

      If he’s looking for one last pay day, the Celtics would have to do a sign and trade to acquire him, and that’s a long shot.

      He’d be a great addition, though.

      • Lee in Oregon

        C’s still have the 3 mil exception (what Ray signed)…..which is a good deal more than the min…..but I’m hoping Chris Wilcox takes that,

        Can’t blame this kid for wanting to get paid.

        • jbsuarez

          The Celtics do not have a $3 million “mini mid-level” exception.

          Miami had that available because they were above the hard cap. The Celtics are not above the hard cap, so they had the full mid-level exception, which they already used on Jason Terry.

          The Celtics have three options available for acquiring free agents right now: The bi-annual exception (Up to $1.95 million per year for up to two years), minimum salary offers, and sign-and-trade.

  • colaroaster

    steamer should have gotten some consideration for ROY

  • Brian

    Ok so what next.. who is our back up at the 5? Is Wilcox a given? I love how Melo looks in workouts, but I have yet to see him against real NBA Talent, yikes.. Looks like Dooling at teh vet minium and Wilcox for the Biannual exception.. yikes

    • Gil305

      Hey…that did look good. I wish I wouldnt have saw that. I may expect too much from him now. I’ll be watching these summer league games though

  • KY Celts fan

    Steimsma deserves a payday. If an up and coming team like Minny can give it to him, so be it. The Bucks would technically be his home team, but Minny is close enough. Good luck, Steamroller! I hope you continue to get better.

  • gaia

    ainge do something…i want camby in green..

  • zippittyay

    His hometown is closer to Chicago than Minneapolis.

  • dwayne wade

    the ship is sinking, Boston will be lucky to reach the 1st round. lol. While the Heat collects rings year after year Bosdone can just watch how great are the Heat! Ray will have more rings than Rondoid, KG and Paul “wheelchair” Pierce. What now Cs? I heard Antoine Walker is looking for a job! lmfao!

    • Alex

      Can the authors ban this guy already?

    • Celticsfanatic

      Bosdone that’s clever. Normally I’d expect you to spell your team’s star player’s name correctly but I forgot that you’ve only been watching since 2010… ah well, there are worse things than a shitty learning curve.

      But yeah damn do we suck huh? We’ve only added Jason Terry, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo since taking you twitter-blowing punks to game seven. And don’t expect us to be done either.

      Have fun guarding KG and Sullinger with your shit front line.

    • Ugh. This kid is such a douchebag. Is this what happens when a girl won’t hang out with you? You troll a blog from the winningest franchise in history screaming shit nobody who’s ever watched basketball would think?

    • piecz

      u mean not 1, not 2, not 3,4,5,6,7 etc?

    • vivek NJ

      Dear bandwagoner, Antoine played for Miami after he played for boston. Anything made his life miserable it should be more miami than boston.

    • Vince

      You`re nuts. Melo does what Stiesma does. Stiesma would have been nice but not necessary. The Celtics are better off without Allen as well. This team is poised for a better run than last year.

    • rangeli

      Hey wade, first you have to hang 15 more banners in the rafters, then we can start a conversation.

  • paul

    I think it’s rather silly of Stiemsma

  • Maybe he’ll sign for half price like Ray. Only kidding. He’s at least going with the money and the team. Not Ray. He’s going for half price like the Sell-Out that he is.

  • Breyzh

    Man, I’d never want top be a Celtics player…. As soon as one just fakes getting out of the gate, you guys just forget him (except Perk, for some reason).

    Big Baby : “who cares, what an asshole”
    Ray : “good ridance, what a sell-out !”
    Stiemsma : “good ridance ! wasn’t that good anyway”

    I guess if I was a NBA player, I’d avoid the Cs just out of fear of the reaction it would cause when/if I leave (same for Raptors btw).

    • Alex

      What are you talking about? Most of us all love Stiemsma! If he goes somewhere else, then that is it. Although he was a decent player, he is replaceable.

      Ray Allen’s exit was abrupt which gave many Boston fans a bad taste in our mouths.

      Big Baby… that guy’s head is a loose cannon and you know that.

    • Kristovar

      x2 Alex

      Big Baby wasn’t an asshole. I still like him, but he was a head case and you’d be crazy to not think Bass was a *major* upgrade.

      Ray’s exit was a crap move in my opinion. That one hurt. Taking less money to go to a rival? That’s a personal vendetta. I’m hoping I like whoever takes #20 so I can just un-stitch ALLEN from my jersey and put on whoever takes the number next.

      Steamer? Love him. I’m glad he played so well for us last year… and if he gets paid for it, then he deserves it. I wish him all the best as long as it doesn’t impede banner 18.

      And Perk “for some reason”? You’re kidding. He was the bite to KG’s bark. He was a true Celtic. I don’t think the organization has fully recovered from the blow suffered from losing him.

    • Vince

      Big Baby was a head case, Allen was jealous, and we gave Stiesma his break. Allen and Stiesma left on their own, your comment is ridiculous, probably not even worth commenting about.

  • Brian

    2008 vs 2013?

    C Perk PJ Pollard
    PF KG Davis Powe Scal
    SF Paul Posey
    SG Ray Tony House Pruit
    PG Rondo Casell

    C KG Wilcox Melo
    PF Bass Sullinger Johnson
    SF Paul Green Joseph
    SG Bradley Terry Pietrus
    PG Rondo Dooling Moore

    With limited funds, Bringing back Dooling Moore Wilcox and Peaches doesn’t look to bad. The only tweek would be to bring back Gerald Green who I think we could on short money we just have to figure out what the other guys want. I know THe c’s wouldn’t give melo Doolings number and Peaches wants to come back, now that allen is with the heat. For those who laugh at bringing back Gerald Green take a look at this numbers…

  • Green man

    Don’t pay the money. Anyone next to KG looks way better than they are.

  • kricky

    Bad move by the Stiemer. I don’t see him getting better as a player in Mini. I think he pulls a Brian Cardinal.

    Sour grapes all around.

  • CoachAJ
  • CoachBo

    $3 million for a slow, foul prone guy who can’t rotate defensively, and you guys are upset?


    LOL at David Kahn. What a dumbass.

  • Vince

    Melo does what Stiesma does, almost exactly except that Melo is more athletic and has more upside. I liked Stiesma but frankly this team needs a veteran center right now, especially if Garnett is going to play more power forward this year.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Nothing major, but yeh I would like to have Stiema next season. Gave us some good minutes in the Playoffs and we need some big bodies.

  • aidan

    Quick question, didn’t the celtics have coap holds on Ray Allen, Green, and Bass at the time they got Terry for the Midlevel? If so, then they were over the 74 million tax threshold at the time, so how could they have used the 5 mill MLE on him? Cap holds count towards the salary cap until the player is either renounced or signed. At the time, Ainge didn’t renounce either of those three, and they were still all free agents.

  • aidan

    ..Sorry that should read CAP holds..

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