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Celtics, Jeff Green, agree to deal

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) July 7, 2012 Free Agency 26 Comments on Celtics, Jeff Green, agree to deal

This is no surprise:

There have been some rumors that the deal is in the 4-year, $40 million range.  After some math, the Celtics can pay Green between $8.5 and $9 million this year and, after maximum 7.5% raises, have a deal that lands them in the $38-$42 million ballpark.

I’m sure news of what the contract is worth will come down shortly, but this fits right into where the Celtics want to be financially this year.  On the court, with all the size the Celtics have added, Green can focus on primarily playing one position.  And if his agent is to believed, the loss of a season is changing Green’s outlook on the game:

“He’s going to be better than ever because he sees things differently now. The one thing I think he was missing in his first four years was a sense of urgency and an assertiveness on the court. He was almost too unselfish. And now that basketball was almost taken away from him, I think he’s going to come back with a lot more fire in his belly

Let’s hope so, because we all know Jeff Green is a bit of a risk… and no, not because of his heart.  I feel like that problem has been fixed.  The risk is in whether the Celtics are going to give $40 million to the Jeff Green that showed up after the trade, or the Jeff Green that we all hope he can become. He’s an athletic forward on a team that desperately needs athletic forwards.  This is the type of player, theoretically, that the Celtics are looking for as they move forward into the Rajon Rondo “Big 3” era.

If Green plays the way he’s capable of playing this will be a good deal.  If he plays the way he played in his short time in Boston so far… well…

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  • German

    Terry and Green coming of the bench ?
    Not bad at all

  • Brian

    Is it worth bringing back Nenad Krstić? I know we have his bird rights so we can bring him back at the money we were goign to give to ray. Is it our best bet of bring a guy back who is more then a 1/2 million dollar player. Are other options at back up center are steamer if he doesn’t bolt, wilcox at the Bi annual level or vet min, or camby but I don’t see him signing for the bi annaul exception…Maybe we do a sign and trade with Nads…

    • Brick James

      Call me a crazy homer, but I’d much rather prefer Stiemsma and/or Semih Erden, both of whom we can probably get on the cheap, are already familiar with the system, seem to like playing in Boston, and are more than comfortable with the role they would be allotted.

      • Lee in Oregon

        Kristic would be a nice addition for sure. Defensivly, he’s not Steimsma, but offense……he’s not Steimsna……the guy can score a bit and has decent hands, I think he’d be a way better player with a camp than just coming in mid-season like last time.

      • dombili

        Semih signed with Anadolu Efes (Turkish Basketball League) few days ago, I believe for around 2 years.

  • Lupo

    I hope we get steamer back, his hustle , heart, and shot blocking, I will take him as a backup. If we lose him, I would use our bird rights on Nenad. You know he didn’t play bad for us when he was here 2 years ago. His D needs to get better but at least he rebounded and scored points.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Unless Ainge can quickly turn around and package Green in a trade…this will be regrettable mistake.

    • colaroaster

      butter hands, clumsy feet, and recent heart surgery.. what’s not to like?

      • RedsLoveChild

        Pretty accurate scouting report!

    • Brick James

      Unless the trade was agreed to in principle by Green and his agent already, this is a highly unlikely scenario.

    • Jester00

      Well going to be starting a jeff green sucks website for C’s fans weeeeeeeeeeeee

      • Brick James

        Move to Miami while you’re at it.

      • JJ

        Why post anything? You don’t have to like him, but it’s done, and he’s not a bad kid. Does it take so much effort to give him a chance, as opposed to straight up bashing him?

  • CoachAJ

    Steimsma or Wilcox is what I see. And either needs to start. They will be backed up by Johnson-Sullinger-Melo. There is no reason we can have a 3 headed monster at the center spot. We can’t get Erdin, he signed in Turkey. We need to immediately sign Pietrus now.

    As for Jeff, I still believe he was trying too hard to impress everyone and justify the trade, instead of play his kind of ball. Plus he was moving from full time PF to SF. Huge transition IMO. And our defensive schemes keep changing under each new “defensive” coach. IMO Jeff Green will play some real ball this year.

  • kricky

    Ainge is crazy if he is paying him 40 for 4. Maybe only the first year is guaranteed.

    I he is then this is something we will lie to regret.

  • classless

    This is the type of contract that either cripples the Celtics for years or turns out to be a bargain. IF…Green plays up to his physical talents, it’s a great deal. So far, in the small sample we have, he’s been underwhelming. I’m very intrigued by him going forward.

  • zippittyay

    I predict Gerald Green putting up better numbers than Jeff Green this season.

  • dwayne wade


  • Brick James

    His name is Dwyane, failtroll.

  • Noori

    Jeff Green never even had a chance to get used to the system. We now actually have an athletic professional scorer to run with Rondo. This FULL season will be great for Jeff just watch. I know its a big contract but no risk no reward

  • kricky

    4 yrs for 36 mill.
    Just crazy.

  • Jon with no H

    3 years may have been better than 4 but I’m fine with 9 mil. He’s more well rounded and athletic than Bass, who just got 7 and everyone seems fine with that. The Celtics could’ve probably argued that he wasn’t worth more than Bass but Green’s agent can argue that we already gave him 9 mil last year and he’s the same player only more motivated. Sure it would be better if he came cheaper but comparing him to similar people around the league, it would never have been more than 1 or 1.5 mil cheaper, so that’s kind of splittin hairs in my opinion. He’s not going to be a complete bust because he’s shown he’s better than that, I think you need to throw his small Celtics sample size out the window, that was just a weird situation he was thrown into. He’ll never be Paul Pierce, he may never even be an all star but he’s not going to be Sasha Pavlovic either. He’ll be a solid to above avg. contributor at worst and this is the type of deals solid contributors get in the NBA these days. Go get ’em Jeff!

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  • Reggie35RIP

    I don’t dislike the signing, although I do dislike the number of years in the contract. But I guess that’s what they needed to do to get it done. Greens agent did a good job of getting his client some security.

    I would have been more comfortable with a two year deal. But I guess they’ve done their homework and figure he’s going to recover fine.

    If you look at his numbers he’s decent on paper. But the numbers obviously don’t take into account the intangibles. He’s yet to have a “breakout” season and has had a very gradual progression. Last season was a set-back, so doubtful he’ll come back strong to begin with. I guess we’ll know more towards the end of next season.

    Personally I’m not sold on Green. He can probably keep on doing what he has been in terms of production, but not sure he can make the leap to the next level. We’ll see.

  • Quest

    Too much $$ for Green. Not seeing what Ainge sees in this guy. Doesn’t produce then use him as trade bait in Feb. Ainge good at that.

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