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Your Morning Dump… Where we’re all still waiting for Ray

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Miami, already sexy enough as a destination, is the supermodel asking Allen to run away with her. Boston is the old ball-and-chain.

Oh sure, the Celtics have lost some weight, gotten a haircut and are promising to get their figure back to where it used to be. But you get the feeling the Celtics are fighting a bit of an uphill battle, even if they shouldn’t be. They put themselves in this position, their actions last season perhaps making Allen uncomfortable enough to wonder if the grass is greener somewhere else.

Boston is doing all it can to ease Allen’s fears. The Boston Herald reported this week that the Celtics would consider offering a no-trade clause (only two others exist in the league) or a trade kicker (giving Allen a salary boost if they trade him away). You can’t help but wonder if the Celtics will resort to adding a third year or more money to further prove their desire, though they are starting to dance dangerously close to the tax threshold and it’s hard to imagine them paying too much more when their offer already is double that of their presumed chief competitor.

At some point, Boston has to ask itself a question: Is it worth fighting for someone who just might not want to be here any more? Are the Celtics willing to spend $6 million on Allen next season just because they can and because there’s no easy way to replace his value? Would Boston be this interested in retaining his services if it wasn’t their main Eastern Conference rival trying to woo him away?

ESPN Boston: Is Ray Allen sold on the Celtics?

Chris Forsberg absolutely nails the Ray Allen saga in those four paragraphs.

At some point, if Ray Allen is insistent on leaving, you just have to let him leave.  If he wants to go to Miami that badly, don’t screw yourself by going overboard to sign him.

Still we await the dramatic conclusion of this soap opera.  And to add suspense, here are grainy photos of Ray Allen meeting with Heat reps in some restaurant:

via Twitter. allegedly this is Alonzo Mourning, with Ray Allen to his left and then Erik Spoelstra. Photo via:


This is Pat Riley at the same table. Photo via

OMG!! (cue dramatic hamster!)

Like I explained yesterday, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world financially if he leaves.  Yes, it would suck to watch him go to the Heat, but at this point we should probably just hope they don’t know how to use him and he gets pissed off.

But nothing’s a done deal yet… so we wait.

The rest of the links:

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  • kricky

    I hope he’s just trying to make Danny sweat a little in payback for all the trade rumors in seasons past.

  • josh

    The Lemonheads saw the coming. Must have been a 20 year prophecy.

  • gloofie

    what players have no-trade clauses?

    • gloofie

      Dirk and Kobe

  • Savannah

    A picture is worth a thousand words…

    I don’t like this picture!! Please stay, Ray! 🙂 We need you

  • Savannah
  • Adamn

    I would say this:
    1 – acc. to photo above – checked shirt is a bit disrespectful for my taste
    2 – if he stays – OK
    3 – if he’s heat – fair well/no tears (i love him, he brought me to celtics nation) but we have enough knowledge/experience/tools to expose his weaknesses and we can play exactly against them

  • jack

    I’m a big Allen fan and a bigger Celtics fan… I can’t help but to think Allen may have already made a decision but he just wants the Celtics to sweat it out like he did during the trade rumors. Hope he stays…

  • Jon L

    Ray leaving is the best for both parties I think. He’s not going to usurp AB at the 2, and he’ll be fighting with Jet for the backup 2. Sure, Terry might play the 1 from time to time but I doubt a back court of JT and Allen is going to happen for a long period of time given they’re defensive liabilities. Him leaving will give us more room to re-sign Green, Stiemsma, and Pietrus.

    It’ll suck that he’s going to Miami, but from his perspective it makes sense because he’ll get more playing time, and in addition he can just sit and wait for either James or Wade to slash and dish for a three.

    His time in Boston has been great and has brought us banner 17, but let’s not overpay a veteran, especially one who’s position is already pretty set, let’s focus on our needs and look ahead to the future. Best of luck Ray.

  • MrFixit

    I’ve loved Ray and I very happy he played in Boston and that he broke the 3point record in a celtics uniform. That with #17 will be in the history books forever. But honestly I think he should be let go at this point. KG wanted back in Boston, but he knew he had to take pay cut to do it. KG wants to be a part of the team that is the Celtics. And in that KG become a legend in Celtics history. In my mind, and the mind of many I believe, KG is right there at the top with Russell in terms of honor. With the obvious exception of Russell, from what I have read and seen and from my perspective, no one has been a better teammate, a better inspiration, a more driven winner than KG.

  • GarnettsGrl

    I want him to stay, this group together knows how to win, everyone is so quick to point out Rays flaws….what about the rest of the team????? With that being said they always figure it out. I want Ray in green next season!!! So we’ll beat the Heat on this trade as well as in ECF next season that’s if the bulls don’t knock them off first…lol

  • Chris

    Why does everyone insist on this Ray – Terry backcourt. I think it more likely that Ray gets his precious starting role but Avery plays more minutes. Ray and Jet could each see good court time without their time overlapping once AB returns from injury. P.S. I’d say E’Twaun will need to prove himself before AB gets back or face another season of garbage minutes