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Report: Ray Allen torn on whether to leave Celtics’s Brian Windhorst has an update on the Ray Allen negotiations with the Heat:

Free agent Ray Allen left his meeting with the Miami Heat on Thursday night without giving them an answer on their contract offer and is torn on whether to leave the Boston Celtics, sources told on Friday.

Allen had an afternoon meeting with Heat president Pat Riley and coach Erik Spoelstra and then went to dinner with them and other members of the team’s front office. The Heat offered Allen their mid-level exception, which starts at $3.09 million — or half of what the Celtics are offering Allen over two seasons.

The Heat’s best chance was to get Ray Allen’s signature before leaving Miami. Now he’s back in the Boston area and getting emotional.

For anyone who wants Ray to stay (me!), this is good news.

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  • Ramon

    The best news i heard all day roll out the wheel chair for Mike Miller

  • KY Celts fan

    Stay in Boston, Ray! You already know we have the greatest fans in basketball. You yourself said after our last home game. Two more years with the deepest team we’ve had since 2008! Don’t go the easy route and play with those entitled douches in South Beach. It just ain’t your style.

  • Michael

    Hope we keep the big 3 together for another run at winning another championship

  • thebantam

    Would Terry backup Rondo? As in he brings the ball up, leaving Ray at a comfy shooting guard, (and us comfortably not watching Ray put the ball on the floor?)

    • Chuck – Red’s Army


    • KY Celts fan

      which is interesting. we heard about rondo and ray had friction last year. with the team we have now, they wouldn’t have to be on the floor together except in crunch time situations.

      • I dont think it was that bad with Rondo and Ray, I think they all have had their ups and downns, its just like any other job, you are going to disagree at some point or another, I have seen Rondo and Kevin hashing it out on the sideline, then the next time the camera pan to them they are making up so im sure Ray is not that simple to uproot his entire family because he and Rondo had their disagreements. Ray re sign with Boston before because he said that his son had the best doctors in the world in Boston, when you are a parent and you find doctors that you are on the same page with, they know you everybody know your child, your child know and love everybody, you just dont take that away from your child, that kind of comfort you cant put a price on.

  • Art

    Sign on the dotted line Ray to stay green.! Or you’ll be miserable playing with those South Beach losers when the C’s are raising banner 18 next year. The money difference makes this a no brainer. Best team depth since 2008 for sure. And if Sullinger and Melo are the real deal, watch out NBA.

  • paul

    Stay, Ray!!

  • Lupo

    I think I know what is going on.

    Tomorrow night on ABC, there will be a Live Ray Allen Decision in which he will announce He is keeping his talents in BeanTown!

  • screaming jay

    I love Ray. I love his game, and not just his 3’s, dude can drive to the hoop and finish it, and when his ankles are healthy, I’ve seen him play DThug nice and tight.

    As much or more than his game though, I really dig his class. He’s a rare bird in that department, and I value having a person like that on my favorite team.

    And, Ray, you really look like shit in red.

  • Brian

    If you see Ray at the Airport, at the Mall, in traffic, anywhere…. tell him you don’t want him to leave. Red was on his way to NYC until countless people told him not to leave on the way to the airport…

  • Savannah
  • Dan

    I’d do anything just to see another 3 from Ray…

  • MARrshh

    Somebody forward this to Ray Allen. I’ve been a Celtics fan for almost 60 years, Ray, and I admire you more than anybody since Larry Bird (before that, I was fond of John Havlicek). Please come home to the green. You were born to be a Celtic. P.S. the red uniform doesn’t look good on you anyway!

  • nhcelts

    Why would anyone want to play in Miami where the fans can barely be assed to get up and cheer.

  • dwayne wade

    sign with the Heat Ray, Boston smells like a sewer

    • KY Celts fan

      yes, go play with Lebraun James and Kris Bosh and Mareo Chalmers.

    • MJ

      Don’t Ray. You won’t have to deal with dyslexic fans.

  • nhcelts

    and Miami smells like immigrants…

  • Boston smells

    Boston smells like redneck, ginger, alcoholic, woman beating rascists…. Just saying

  • Barb

    Ray seems to be gone. Check out woj’s twitter feed

    • RedsLoveChild

      Ray is gone!

  • Boston smells

    Bwahahahaha Ray Allen has taken his talents to South Beach!

  • lyra barrientos

    Ray Allen please don’t. . .stay in team Celtics.