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Ray Allen is taking his talents to Miami

Heat owner Micky Arison broke the news several minutes ago. For anyone hoping Arison is drunk tweeting, Yahoo! Sports Marc Spears has also confirmed the news.

Hard to fault a player for taking less money. I believe Ray had some type of grudge against the Celtics organization. Must have been those attempted trades and the demotion to the bench. Or maybe it was his beef with Rajon Rondo.

According to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

One source close to Ray Allen said in past few hours, “Ray’s thinking about another ring, golf, sun as a way to end his career.”

Privately, Ray Allen had insisted to people that he didn’t believe the city of Boston would be too hard on him for signing with Miami.

Allen believes the capital he’s built up playing for UConn and the Celtics would supercede signing with Miami. He’s probably misjudged that.

Deterioration of Allen’s relationship w/ Rondo played significant factor in his leaving, several sources tell Y!

How about this zinger from Wyc Grousbeck’s wife, Caroline:

I guess he was “South Beach”, after all. #goodbye#20

Thanks for the memories, Ray. May you never hit another 3-point shot again.

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  • Weez

    Man, now I know how the Phoenix suns felt about Nash.

    • Frank Rizzo

      It is different with Nash though. They traded him cause they were going nowhere next year and wanted to send him to a team he can win with. Ray left a legacy in Boston and I hope he never hits a 3 pointer again.

    • Vitalii
  • Frank Rizzo

    Wow. Truly cannot believe this. I instantly have the emotion of betrayal and anger as he decided to uproot his family and life and leave the big 3 to go to the team that just eliminated his. And just like that Ray Allen has gone from one of my favorites to easily one of my least favorite players in the league. GOOD RIDDANCE

    ps. Well done adding Jason Terry. Danny saw that Ray was on his way out and made it a lot easier to move on.

    • John Battle

      Stop all the WHINNING ! PLease, you didnt appreciate him now he is gone you want to cry. Take your beatings whipping as they come. #1 HEAT FAN. BY the way CHAMPIONS. Bitches

      • pj

        Shut up! You CHEAT loving idiot.You are a typical bandwagon CHEAT fan who worships Lapuke James,Mario”Crack Head”Chalmers,Dwhine Dirty Play Wade,Chrissy “Mega Mouth”Bosh, “Broke Back” Miller,Shane”Prune Head”Battier,and Uscumlus Hasbeen.

  • abone114
  • colaroaster

    no need to weep. give it 6 months and he’ll be one miserable bastard. then again journey man have no shame.

  • A.D.

    it’s really hard to take emotion out of it because we’ve all experienced joy watching that beautiful shot drop 50% of the time…
    but, at the end of the day… In Danny we trust (not to give 37 year-olds 3 year contracts)…

  • Claud

    Wow. Did not think he had it in him. I really didn’t want to hate Ray Allen, but I do. What a dick move. He definitely underestimated how the city of Boston will view his departure. Especially to the Heat? Ridiculous.

  • Danno

    Well, that settles it then. No retiring #20 in the TD Garden. You don’t go to a Conference/Playoff rival for less money whining about personal beefs with teammates and the organization and get that kind of honor.

    Have fun being a frontrunner, Ray. Tell Delonte’s Girlfriend we said hi.

    • JJ

      Retiring #20 was a stretch, anyways.

    • KY Celts fan


  • Jeremy

    Awesome! Now when we play the Heat there will only be 4 defenders on the court!

  • Frank Rizzo

    I am glad that most of you agree with how outrageous this situation really is. What an ass. I’ll remember him more for this than helping in 2008. And if he doesn’t win one in Miami, then he can thank himself for the worst basketball decision he will ever make. Anyone else burning their 3 point champion shirt tonight?

  • Aingelives

    Wow I just puked in my mouth..

  • Tom

    No chance that the #20 will hang in the Garden now. To me that would be worth more than a ring anyday! Ray Ray was my favorite but now I wish him well in life but I hope his shooting is terrible next year.

    • JJ

      He played here for 5 years….that was a real stretch, anyways. The rafters are reserved for Celtics greats, not 5 year players that betray us.

      • Tom

        My comments were assuming he played for seven. I think you will see #5 hanging up there at the end of KGs contract.

        • JJ

          Ray’s had a great career…and I didn’t mention KG. That’s stating the complete obvious. He’s been our heart and soul, and Ray’s been the third wheel. Even at 7 years, it would have been a stretch…unless they won another ring with him. He was great for us while he was here, but he didn’t even spend his prime in Boston. I’m at the point of vomiting with all of this jersey retiring talk. Compare the men in the rafters of the Garden to Ray’s career in green…it would be an insult to all of them.

  • Nands

    kinda like giving the middle finger to doc who was really open about wanting to bring him back, I’m pretty sure doc did what he could to try and get him back. But ray was like ‘fuck you guys’ and left…

    Sad day

  • Jason

    So, the C’s offense can stop standing around for 20 seconds while four different screens don’t get him open and then Rondo has to force a running floater from the free throw line? And we don’t have to watch every other 2-guard in the league blow by him like topiary? And all that for the low, low price of six million a year for a 73-year-old with a long history of ankle problems? Sign me up.

    In all seriousness, I like Ray. A lot. But he’s simply not an asset anymore. Basketball-wise, this is for the best. Personally, I’m a little peeved. How can you espouse family stability then opt to move your family?

    • Tom

      This is true. Ray worked off of several screens and had trouble seperating to get a shot. He was not a great shooter off the dribble either.

  • Red

    So what exactly is this beef with Rondo? Does Ray think Rajon doesnt pass him the ball enough or something?? Someone please elaborate

  • Lee in Oregon


    • Frank Rizzo

      Sadly this isn’t even far off.

  • Scott

    I wish I could be objective about this, but I think this is too tough to swallow. It has the feeling of ray trying to spit in our faces and expect us not to react. I love ray for all he has contributed and being a great pro, but this is a slap in the face and really damages all the good he has done in Boston. If you ask me now, I’m booing him hard when he returns.

  • Tom

    $6 million dollars just got freed up. Who do we spend it on? Ideas?

    • Chris

      We can’t use the $6 million, because he’s joining the Heat as a free-agent and not in a “sign-and-trade.” We only have the bi-annual exception now for other free-agents. My opinion, if we can’t find a good back-up 2 guard, re-sign Pietrus

      • JJ

        Peaches will be back, and probably will make our bench more well-rounded.

        • Tom

          Do we need another big?

          • JJ

            KG, Bass, Sully, Melo, JJJ, Jeff Green, and possibly Steimer…I like Wilcox added in, as well. The Heat just won a ring with no one playing center…literally. Great 7-footers are a thing of the past, so most teams have adapted, and play a mix of small and big lineups. I like Peaches’ versatility with who he can guard.

      • Tom

        You’re right Chris. I corrected my comment below. The CBA is a mess trying to figure out. It must have been written by lawyers : )

  • Danno

    Judas Shuttlesworth
    Benedict Allen

    • JJ

      Perfectly said.

    • Hahaha

      Only traitors leave for less money

  • Lupo

    I find it hard to believe that his motives for leaving are cause of Rondo and trade deadline. He had to realize of the big 3, that his 10 mill $ would have been the easiest to sell at the deadline. I believe the Jason Terry signing was what pushed him out the door in my opinion.

    I for one have been a Ray fan since his UConn days and it is tough to swallow.

    But with that, I read somewhere if he doesn’t sign with us, this helps us out big time within the luxary tax and will allow us to match Steamer and bring in another player now or at least be a spender next year.

  • GarnettsGrl

    Man I was sure he’d stay, just goes to show that you never know…..Best wishes to Ray and his family!!!!

  • Jon L

    As much as it taints his reputation, which is does surely, I think it’s best for the Celtics anyways. We were/are in no shortage of another 2 guard (much less one who is a serious defensive liability), especially with the JET signing. If we resign Pietrus, he can fill that role (not as well), but at least he’ll contribute to our defense.

    Ps does Ray think Spoelstra has the coaching prowess of Doc, if he does he’ll soon realize that he doesn’t. The offense won’t be designed solely to get you open shots anymore. And if you had problems with Rondo good luck with DWade and LBJ.

    • MARrshh

      Good point, that last part.

  • Tom

    I was wrong folks. We didn’t free up $6 million. The way thing work, we only have $2 million extra which sucks!

  • Frank Rizzo

    As of a couple days ago, Air France was waiting for a call from the Celtics. Hopefully that phone call is happening right now.

  • Lupo

    Well at least we can match Steamer and we are still going to sign Jeff Green.

    Danny will do something, he always does.

  • Tooooooool

    Cant wait till one of my past favorite players gets boo’d at the garden. Had to go to a rival?!? Hate him right now. Might be a good time to point out how bad he choked during our championship playoff run. Cold streak starts again next year.

  • David

    Welcome back, Peaches!!! 😉

  • Zack

    F Ray, he knew all along he was leaving and played us wasting time. I hope both of his ankles fall off that POS

  • JJ

    You lied, Ray. Have fun coddling Lebron’s balls. Mama Allen better not set foot back in the Garden. It was 5 years and this is not Pierce, so I’ve moved on. Ego, ego, ego….

  • Sam Cassell

    I hope the whole Garden boo him when he comes back. A move like this doesn’t deserve our respect. Hope he watches from his TV when number 34 and number 5 rise to rafters.

    • Michael

      And there’s #20 being raised right alongside… uh wait a minue… Is that a flamethrower?

      – insert charred RA jersey here –

      wow – that was a bit harsh boys, and not very classy – but much more stylish than Shaq in a luxurious Buick

  • Danno

    Lebron’s going to love it every time Ray gets the pass in a game deciding final shot and ends up dribbling the ball off his own foot out of bounds for the Loss.

  • kricky

    He could have competed for another championship, instead he wants to have Lebron and Wade do the work for him.

    I never figured him for a punk, but that’s what he is.

  • JJ

    A grudge against us? Wow, that’s laughable. If he has a grudge, his ego was too big for us, anyways. Ainge entertained trades for Rondo, is Ray Allen too good to be traded? He seemed to think we should have been shining his balls this whole time when he was an employee. A well paid employee, at that. He’ll retire a loser.

  • GarnettsGrl

    Come on guys you have to admit Danny have treated him kinda shabby these last couple of yrs so he just beat him to the punch this time…..We’ll be ok. I still got love for Ray…

    • JJ

      Have to admit….lies? Ray Allen was treated spectacularly by Boston. Were we not allowed to talk to other teams about Ray? Didn’t realize he was the golden child. These are professionals. Part of the reason they get paid so damn much is to deal with these issues. We are FAR better off without him, and his negative energy.

  • Brian

    Good for ray. He wanted a chance at another ring and now he has it. With mike miller and his back issues ray will get plenty of mins. We get to see Bradley play more then 30 mins with rondo in the backcourt. 6 million is just to much for a guy who is only going to get 20 mins. Now we have the extra cash to match any Greg steamer deal. Its a hell of alot easier to get a sg then a center. Who does everyone want with the bi annual, gerald green? Anthony randolph, or do we just bring back peaches and call it a day?

    • Nora

      um he had a chance for a ring in Boston! Whats wrong with you?

  • vivek NJ

    i think it is a blessing in disguise for celtics. they need to get over this Big 3 era smoothly. First is Ray Allen to go.

  • Gixr1

    Because you are a character, doesn’t mean you have character. F$&k Ray and his. Total Sellout. Where are all the ball washers now????

  • Paul

    I can somewhat understand what he did, but I just wished he would have written something or gave a statement to all Celtics fans about his decision and not pulled a Lebron!!!

    I also agree and hope he never hits another 3!!!

    • Paul

      Do I hate Ray now, no but I don’t like him anymore!!!

  • If Ray had ego conflicts with Rondo, I can’t imagine he’s going to have a great time dealing with LBJ. Not to mention, as has been above, that Spoelstra is not half the coach Doc is.

    This really sucks. I’m not going to boo Ray Allen, but I’m certainly not going to cheer for him ever again, either.

  • Scott

    Oh and if his mom shows up to a celts game in a #20 heat jersey it could get really ugly. Just saying.

  • Adrian

    This saddens me because “the band” / Big 3 / Big 4 could have 3 rings right now. Instead, they got 1, traded Perk & lost Ray-Ray to a rival. Ironically, The Association: Celtics was on NBATV tonight. That 3-point record seems like 100 years ago right now. Love you, Ray Ray. May Avery Bradley bother every single J you take against the C’s next year.

  • It’s all good, Ray averagd what, 9 pts per game last season?? I love the way Boston is looking for next season, rondo is hitting 3s, AB, hits the 3,Jason Terry hits the 3, Paul hits the 3, Pietrus hits the 3. , we’re good, trust me!!!!!

  • GarnettsGrl

    When I tell you I’m cracking up on the comments, maybe I’m masking my feelings by laughing but if you read some of these you’d laugh too…..LMAO

    • JJ

      That’s what people do mental asylums, right?

      • GarnettsGrl

        I wouldn’t know. you seem to know what they do….hum??????

        • JJ

          Ouch…you’re a sassy one! You’re pre-meditated comeback doesn’t even make sense, but I’ll leave you to figure that one out…if you can muster the brain power.

          You continually write comments with no merit, that apply to no one in particular, and have no facts, basis, or point being on here.

  • Sean

    Let’s all break out the Wilfred Brimley chants when he comes back to show him how much capital hes built up

    • JJ

      It’s so cute that Ray thought that…

  • Walk

    If I have to see him kissing that whore Ms. James during half time, I’m goign to lose it.

    Furthermore…totally expect the C’s organization to be classy and give him some kind of video tribute, but his ass still deserves to get booed.

    Hope Rondo tears him a new one.

  • paul

    Sheesh. Had he signed somewhere for more money you’d have said we shouldn’t fault him for that. What the hell is wrong with you talking heads? I’ll tell you what, pal, we’ll think what we want, and we’ll feel what we want, and I say ^^^^ you, Ray Allen.

    • JJ

      Did anyone say that? Who are you referring to when you say “we?” Who here agrees with you? And do you realize how hypocritical your comment is? Your only issue is that everyone here is saying the opposite of you because we’re all thinking and feeling, same as you, pal. But, yeah, there’s something wrong with us, and you’re 1000% right and perfect.

  • Noori

    1.) Thank him for what he’s done

    2.) No hard feelings

    3.) You are no longer a Celtic, I will boo you to ends of the earth and hope you brick your way into retirement.

    The most satisfying thing to me would be the Celtics knocking the Heat out this year! I hope we get them 1st round!

    • MARrshh

      Well said.

    • Nora

      it’s hard not to have hard feeling when Ray pretty much spit in Boston’s face. He did it out of spite and I have no love for him at all

  • ShawnCVD

    Intellectually as fans we’ve all considered Ray Ray the most expendable piece. What hurts most is the Celtics organization DIDNT TREAT HIM THAT WAY by offering him TWICE/year what he got from MiScami. Boston fans not gonna like this one bit.

    I’m saddened that I won’t be able to see his sweet j and confident swagger anymore.

    I’m maddened that he’s siding with a hated fledgling rival of ours.

    This could be a blessing in disguise and Ray proves washed up and becomes Michael Finley.

    Seriously if Ray shits the bed in Miami I’d see it as he didn’t feel right taking the C’s money so decided to go to Florida into semi-retirement.

    • JJ

      Yup. I guess the $70+ million we paid him over 5 years here was a slap in the face? As well as offering him more money than anyone else this year, and stroking his ego one last time by added a no trade to the deal…

  • emurph413

    Can’t fault Ray for his decision. I loved having him, but he was getting long in the tooth. Can Ainge make a run at Lou Williams?

  • Chief

    Would have loved to have ray back but if it’s not happening then I’m not gonna lose sleep over it, really can’t understand why you would chose the heat, we took them to 7 games with half the team injured, I like our chances this year.
    I hope we face the heat in the ECF and kick their arses.
    And ray as much as I appreciate what you’ve done I hope you brick every three from now on.

  • JJ

    We could have Pietrus and Jeff Green coming off the bench next year…I think Green’s new nickname should be Cream…

    • Frank Rizzo

      Cream for three. BANG.

  • JJ

    I just can’t get Peaches & Cream out of my head…how do you beat a team with that coming of their bench?

  • Sev

    Doesn’t matter if he was worth 6mil or not cuz now that money disappears, so ray would have been better than nothing. Too many injuries to think we couldn’t have used a guy that shot 45 percent before sitting w bone spurs. Now terry and Allen cancel each other out essentially, but at least we will have green and Bradley hopefully(both health issues). This wasn’t about a ring cuz w Allen we would be soon deep. Still good but we have nothing to show for that 6mil. Everybody was in trade rumors and I swear ray was trying to help rondo through his rumors. What a slap in the face. I think he got caught up w the grass being greener, and may regrett this….go play for a half empty building where in Miami your just the olf guy. We had a deeper respect for you. As far as money, the no property tax negates the 3 mil difference.

    • Frank Rizzo

      “go play for a half empty building where in Miami your just the olf guy. We had a deeper respect for you.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Left one of the best fan bases in the league to what is certainly one of the worst fan bases. Just classless.

    • JJ

      I agree. He was definitely part of Plan A, and if he ultimately ends up being the only one we missed out on, we’ll have done pretty well. We should definitely be under the luxury tax now, as well.

  • Brian

    What’s going on with OJ Mayo….did anyone try to sign him yet?

  • skj3309

    CCant wait for bardley to punk his ass on D i cant hate the guy but theres nooo love for him he can go fuck jonny damon for all i care

  • TJames

    I’m sorry, but I don’t blame Ray for leaving. Ray just wants to play where he feels valuable. It isn’t about money, it isn’t about winning. It’s about being respected and being valuable to your team. We had him on the trading block all last season pretty much. Then he lost his starting job to A.B. Ray takes pride in what he does and he feels like he is a valuable asset to any team, and he’s going to play for the team he feels appreciates him more. That’s really what it comes down to.
    I don’t blame him. He’s more than a bench guy who can make 3’s, and once he recovers from surgery he’s going to show it.

    • Savannah

      You are absolutely right!

    • JJ

      Oh, and we didn’t appreciate him at all…Paid him $70+ million over his time here, offered him more money and a no trade this year, and treated him and his family like rockstars. He was WELL RESPECTED. Your comments are extremely ignorant and off-based. He’s 37…he IS a bench guy now. He won’t start in Miami. Every comment Ray made was the opposite of what he did in this case. You cannot dispute factual evidence and truth. Rondo was on the block…but Ray is a god and better than Rondo, right? More valuable? When did everyone decide Ray Allen was this untouchable god-like creature? Yes, he was great while he was here, but there was obviously another side to him that we did not know. He was only here 5 years, after all. If he felt he wasn’t respected here, then he is what was holding us down…

  • Fuckthatguy

    Absolute tool! Fuck the prick. I love the celtics more than him and I get paid zero dollars. Break another ankle you old bitch. Miami?!? Any other team and u get respect.

    • Grant

      What an absolute stupid comment

      It’s just a basketball game

      Geez in the big picture it won’t even matter 3 years from now

      It’s time to move on-someone else will step up

  • Truth

    Miami’s best chance of a championship was this past year, which they did. I strongly doubt they’ll ever win again. Can’t believe Ray Allen’s decision. I see him playing minimal minutes for Miami.

  • Anti

    when he come back to TD silence would be better than boo

  • Alex

    f this. “professional” isn’t all sport is about. if that was a case we wouldn’t be watch it. he had right to made this decision on emotional grudge against BOS and we have right to hate him for it, because… heat.

  • blanco bronco

    If we had him on the trading block for three years and never traded him, then we value him more than any other team did. Every member has been dangled these past years and its been realized they’re more valuable to us than the rest of the league. Even Pierce, a Celtic lifer doesn’t hold any hard feelings about it. Its part of the business. I guess he’s where he belongs now with the prima donas.

  • Chris

    Shattered. Never picked Ray to take the easy option. Honestly hoped he’d retire rather than play til he fades out. If he wanted a starting role, fair enough. But he’s taken the soft option – same role, less responsibility

  • ShawnCVD

    None of us have mentioned how Doc, KG, Truth and Rondo must feel. Considering the love PP/Doc had for the guy and the hatred Rajon/Ticket has for the Heat, I’m very interested to hear what they’ll be saying.

    • alex

      Didnt hear pierce and kg attempt to talk to ray Allen.

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