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Pietrus could leave if Ray returns

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) July 6, 2012 Free Agency, Mickael Pietrus 13 Comments on Pietrus could leave if Ray returns


A lot of us are waiting for word from Ray Allen… including, apparently, Mickael Pietrus.  But Peaches might be rooting for Ray to head south.

If Ray comes back, the C’s will have four guards and two wings.  And while I think Pietrus could help as a third forwards, that means that he’ll be more insurance and less contributor.  If Ray leaves, he can find a niche as a big 2 guard… which we could kind of use. 

I think Pietrus can help, but he’s no missing piece or anything.  If Ray coming back means Pietrus leaves… so be it.  I’m sure the C’s will try to retain him regardless… but they may just decide to let him walk.

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  • classless

    Piertrus can’t shoot, but he’s an effective defender and athletic. Allen can shoot the lights out, but is a corpse defensively. Hmmmm.

  • Double P

    I want pietrus back regardless. I see Jeff green as the starting 4 on this team with bass backing him up. We need a consistent backup to pierce but I understand he feels there is a logjam. Still nothing on Chris kaman? From what I remember he liked the idea of coming here.. I prefer him over camby, would he accept a mini midlevel though?

    • screaming jay

      Jeff Green, based on statistics from his career so far, is best used as a SF. Somebody did a comparison last year, and it was quite a significant difference, he had much better numbers as a SF. His PF stats were pretty crappy.

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      I like Peaches too, but Green in the more natural wing to come in for Paul. Ray comes in for Avery and the Jet for Rondo-that’s pretty good offense off the bench.

      I still want Kaman here too! Even Perk, lot of players will be amnestied on July 11, and we are under the cap so we have a chance to grab a veteran center, which puts KG back at power forward and Bass as his backup.

      Pretty nice 2nd unit:
      Terry and Ray backcourt
      Green, Bass and Sully/Melo/JJ/Steamer/Wilcox

  • Lantrell Walker

    I would love to keep Pietrus even if we resign Ray, having him & Green ready to spell Pierce can’t possibly hurt at all, and whether he plays a ton of minutes at the 3 or not, depth is depth. Not to mention I love Pietrus’ energy and defensive prowess, regardless of what happens, I want Peaches to stay green.

  • WinstonSalems

    they need scoring. best defense in the world can’t stop lebron or wade from getting to the basket. pietrus wants to play. he won’t get too much playing time as the 3rd guy coming off the bench. i’d take marquis daniels over pietrus for that spot.

  • kricky

    I understand his thinking. Ther ereally won’t be much PT for him if Ray and Green sign. And he can definitely play. I wouldn’t be surprised if he signs with another contender.

  • GarnettsGrl

    It’s a shame we can’t just keep them alll:-(((((((

  • Brian

    He probably wants to make more then the vet min.

    You got

    C Garnett Steamer Melo Sean Williams
    PF Bass Sully Johnson
    SF Pierce Green Joseph
    SG Bradley (hopefully Allen) possibly Moore
    PG Rondo Terry

    I guess you could dump moore or williams but they are young and cheap. I love peaches Dfense but we have a better guy in that spot now, Green. I like the team above to start. Maybe add Gerald Green, or Anthony Randolph? YOu could get them on the cheap, Green grew up a lot this past year. http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/8133142/gerald-green-nick-young-free-agent-sleepers-nba

  • SamR

    Why does everyone want Pietrus back? Guy cannot shoot a lick, and yet becomes disengaged at the defensive end when his player doesn’t have the ball, even when he’s guarding LeBron James! Gave LBJ at least 1 and I believe multiple dunks on offensive rebounds where he failed to keep track of him.

    • play

      First of all, pietrus is a very good spot up 3 point shooter, just look at his %’s over his career. About Lebron, I mean, you are talking about defending the best player in the world here. Can’t even name one guy that can shut him down, or even slow him down really. It just doesn’t happen.

  • Eric

    Now Ray’s gone welcome back MP!

  • Kivanc

    I’d definitely want MP back. He can defend both 2’s and 3’s, can shoot the 3-ball (when healthy, and hopefully he’ll be), CAN PENETRATE AND FINISH (which’s very important for us), and most importantly, nows our system and understands the C’s spirit. He’ll be had for $1.5m/year, and that’s a bargain price. Comeback MP!