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Your Morning Dump… It’s a big day for Heat Nation

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Boston Celtics free-agent guard Ray Allen is scheduled to visit South Florida Thursday, with the Heat among five finalists for the veteran 3-point shooting specialist, who also has attracted interest from the Los Angeles ClippersMemphis GrizzliesMinnesota Timberwolves and Celtics.

 The Heat’s bid is a three-year package built off their $3.1 million taxpayer’s mid-level exception for 2012-13, their only available free-agent funds beyond minimum salaries. The Celtics have a standing two-year offer starting at twice the Heat’s bid. Allen is scheduled to visit Friday with the Los Angeles Clippers, who have the full $5 million mid-level exception available, but who already have spoken to Portland Trail Blazers free-agent guard Jamal Crawford about a contract utilizing those funds.

Sun Sentinel

All signs point to Jamal Crawford signing with the Clippers. That leaves Boston vs Miami for Ray’s services (spare me the Wolves, Grizzlies talk).

I believe Ray is going to take the Heat offer and it’s because he’s sick of the mid-season trade rumors. If the Celtics’ season sours, Ray becomes trade bait, again. That is highly unlikely to happen in Miami.

The rest of the links:

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  • Dwyane Wade

    It’s done! we have ray ray. Bostinks just give up, we’ll be collecting rings for many years to come! KG, Rondo, Paul Pierce should enjoy their one ring while Ray Ray and the rest of the Heat collects more! lol

    • kricky

      Nice job “Dwyane”!


    • yher

      Why dont u get kobe or pierce…??? all sg’s & sf’s….??pathetic for chris bosh, thats why, he’s always complaining abdominal pain to catch rebound all those missed shots of heat’s sg’s & sf’s….. Hahahaha…Its all yours even Allen…his shooting percentage dropped astoundingly….. Congrats!!!!

  • paul

    If Ainge is too stubborn to give Allen a no trade, then I don’t blame Allen for leaving.

    • Alex

      I agree… at this point, Ray Allen is going to the Heat if Danny doesn’t provide a no-trade clause… Unless Danny does have something in his sleeve. Who knows.

    • Gixr1000

      F&@k him. Total Prima Donna. The thought about a no trade and being a starter is laughable. He more than anybody knows this is a business, and the only guarantee is his contract.
      Pack your shit then, if it’s so bad in Boston. Let’s see if he gets the love we have showed him anywhere else. Even his mother gets treated like a Rockstar at the garden.

      • kg215

        Lol Ray is not a Prima Donna, he has an ego but it is smaller than a lot of other players. He is good enough to start in the league still, he is just not necessarily better than Bradley. He absolutely deserves a no trade clause and many apologies from Ainge, who has offered him in trades for 3 years. He will have no issues getting love from other places if he does leave. Stop being such an ingrate.

        • Gixr1000

          Many apologies? A no trade clause? Why don’t you just wash his Balls while you’re at it. He deserves to be paid for his skill set at the present time and nothing else. The love and respect that us fans have shown him and his family is gravy. Good luck to you if you leave. I’m a Celtic fan before and after Ray Allen.

          • JJ

            True and true.

  • I think we can all agree that “Heat Nation” is not a thing.

    • Chris

      GREAT COMMENT. BandWagon nation is more like it, 75% of these heat fans jump around each year to the best team, boston had a good chunk of these “fans” in 08

  • Astarot

    Still hope Allen will stay. 2yr 12mln deal is better than any other He doesn’t need to change anything in his life and I thinks he knows best that this team is fighting every year. That Rondo – Allen conflict bother me the most right now if it’s real it can be decisive for his decision.

  • Frank

    Hey Dwyane Wade, if you’re such a big fan of the Heat how come this morning on another site we had to tell you how to spell Dwyane Wade…. You spelled Dwyane Dwayne

  • Frank

    Throw in a 3rd year for 3 million… 3 years 15 million because the heat are offering 3 years. Tell him you’re sorry for trading him every Feb. and it won’t happen this season.

    • JJ

      Tell him you’re sorry? This is a business, man. The guy is 37 and we’re offering more money than anyone. Ainge was doing what’s called “due diligence.” It’s his job to do what’s best for the team. If he’s not entertaining trades, he’s not doing his job. I’m sorry to say it, but all of your comments are just so off base it’s laughable. I love your sentimentality, but really…

  • screaming jay

    yesterday there was talk of the Celtics upping their offer to a 3 year @ 6 mil per year.

    Was that not true?

  • yher

    Golden slumbers for the Heat…..Cry baby Cry…..Good for you Allen…Your turning heat the Celtics…..He’s too old for the C’s….until now, he couldn’t imagined how Rondo and Bradley rising to stardom…. 🙂

    • alex

      What are you even talking about?

    • yher

      Ray should go to Spurs not the Heat…..even his percentage free throws showed a big downfall….Additional Green for the C’s….its Danny!!!!

  • zippittyay

    I just don’t see Ray having that big of an effect with Miami. I love the guy, but if he wants to make less money down there and let E. Moore get some minutes I’m fine with it.

    • Jake

      I think you may be the only person in the country that thinks that. The heat have probably the two best penetrators in the game. Adding the guy with the most 3s made in the history of the league would be a DEVASTATING blow to everyone around the league, including our Celtics. Ray isn’t like their current 3 point shooters. He can even hit tough shots, especially clutch ones. A lot of the Heats problems would be solved in late game situations. I do have to say though, the fact that he would leave because Avery Bradley is starting is kind of upsetting. 1. Bradley is out half the year 2. Bradley isn’t BETTER than him, it just makes the team better to have Bradley play with the starters and guard the other teams best 2, and have ray off the bench to help that unit score.

      • WinstonSalems

        I agree, Ray would be a much better fit for Miami than he would for the Celtics. On the Celtics, there isn’t a penetrator to command a double/triple team to free up an open Ray on the perimeter. In Miami, he has that in Wade and LeBron. However, the Heat’s struggles in the playoffs weren’t with the lack of 3 point shooting or clutch shooting, it was with poor performances from Wade along with the absence of Bosh. Battier, Chalmers and Miller did their fair share of shooting from beyond the arc. Sure there were games where Miller was ice cold but that plague hits everyone in the league. The Heat thrive on fast breaks, mistakes and turnovers in the open floor. They don’t rely on waiting for a guy to run through screens for 10 seconds to set himself up with an open shot. As far as clutch shooting, I don’t believe that the Heat need Ray’s clutch shooting to win. I think LeBron proved this year that he is clutch. He hit all the big shots when he needed to and he was composed in doing so. The C’s will miss Ray’s clutch shooting more than they’ll miss Ray. There’s a big difference.

      • zippittyay

        They already got THREE guys coming off the bench who are or have become 3 pt shooting specialists. So no, I don’t see Ray having much of an impact on that team.

  • Frank

    If Ray leaves I would love to see Boston goes after Billups, “Mr. Big Shot” would be great off the bench at the point and Terry at the shooting guard, that’s a good bench along with Green that’s a good bench.

    • Jake

      I kind of agree, but they don’t really need anymore guards. As it is, rondo, Bradley, and Terry can account for all 48 minutes at the 1 and 2 pretty easily. I think that might be why Ray leaves as well.

  • NOYB

    question; How often has Ray been effective in the playoffs?

  • deezy

    I don’t even want ray back. We have JET who is a 2 year younger version of ray. We’ve filled his spot and I wish him well in miami.

  • skj3309

    The signing of terry is only good if we do get ray back them on the court together will open up each others shots so we dont have to throw 3 differnt screens to open them up without ray were in same spot but little worse terry isnt half the player ray is but with bradley healty ray terry green off bench will be great

  • Any chance Ray Allen walked into the meeting with the Miami Heat and said, “Just wanted to tell you to your face that I’m a Celtic.” !???

    • JJ

      I think I would actually pay to see that…I would.

  • GarnettsGrl

    I can’t beleive some of the things I’m reading, Ray has been a stand up guy not just with the Celtics but his entire career. I can understand him listening to other options, like someone said its a bussiness and Danny has no problem putting him on the chopping block at will. So cut Ray some slack he’s a good guy! Besides I think he’ll be back in Green next season……..