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Report: Ray deciding between Clips, Heat. C’s eye Nick Young

Because we’re all waiting on pins and needles for Ray to make a decision.  Here’s the latest speculation.

Allen hasn’t ruled out re-signing with the Boston Celtics, who have made him a strong monetary offer, but signs are pointing to Allen choosing between James’ Miami Heat and Paul’s Los Angeles Clippers.

On Thursday, the Heat will host Allen for a visit as they try to convince him to accept less money and perhaps a lesser role to join their bid to repeat as champions. Friday, Allen is scheduled to visit the Clippers, who have more money to offer and a clear role as the starting shooting guard.

James and Paul, sources said, have been actively recruiting Allen to join their respective teams. Earlier this week, James tweeted a photo of Allen wearing a Heat uniform. Wednesday,Dwyane Wade sent out a tweet describing Thursday as a big day for the franchise.

This is pure speculation, I think, since there is no solid source behind any of it.  “Signs are pointing to” something is code for “I think this is what’s going to happen, but I don’t really know.

My sources say signs are pointing to an aneurysm if this keeps up for too long.

I can’t say for sure where Ray Allen is leaning, but I do know the Celtics don’t have many options when it comes to filling his spot.   Which is why this report makes sense:

The Celtics, one way or the other, will be over the cap within a couple of weeks.  They have already reportedly committed their mid-level exception to Jason Terry, which leaves them virtually no money to sign free agents.

Enter Nick Young.

The Celtics and Clippers can each sign-and-trade Ray Allen and Nick Young to the other team.  And the Celtics, if they’re so inclined, can very likely sign Young to up to 150% more than whatever Ray makes.  I’m not saying they should or would, mind you, I’m just saying they could.  Consider Ray Allen’s potential departure a second mid-level exception that can only be used on a player on the team Ray chooses.

Personally, I’ve come to terms with Nick Young off the bench.  He is what he is:  a scorer.  And he can score a lot if he gets hot.  He’s not shy about shooting (or anything else, really).  But still, how much different will Ray be for this team?  Both will shoot the ball.  Neither will defend.  But one guy will be 37 in a few days and one is 27.

Of course, this “report” could be wrong, Ray could re-sign, and then the Celtics can get on with the rest of their offseason business.

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  • RedsLoveChild

    C`mon Ray, hurry up and sign with the Heat or Clippers before Danny does something really stupid—-like throw even more money at your washed-up, slow moving, 37 year old body!

    • Jean GR

      STFU Moron

      • RedsLoveChild

        I`ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you are a Celtic hater.

        If not, you are a total idiotic D-Bag!

        • KY Celts fan

          actually, he’s pretty much right

          • RedsLoveChild

            My comments to “him”….apply to you, too.

    • dwight

      I really hope ray comes back. we have the team just need to stay healthy and play hard. I know alot of us would not want to see him go, and to the heat of all places no way. But if he does so be it then we need to move on and find someone to fill his shoes. Oh and yes i will have to get rid of my allen jersey if he goes to heat………

  • CoachBo

    That report is from Windhorst, who has made a career out of slobbering LeBrat’s knob.

  • chris

    I’d be thrilled to have Nick Young – proven, youthful scorer who knows his role. For those who tirelessly bag him, keep in mind – he has played for a woeful Washington and a team “coached” by Vinny Del Negro. Put him on a team run by Rondo and coached by Doc and he’ll thrive

    • JJ

      Proven? Nope, sorry. Next.

  • zippittyay

    I’ll take Gerald Green over Nick Young. They had near identical stats last season playing for bad teams. GG had a much better shooting % though. GG’s PER rating ranked 11th (!) in the league at his position, Nick Young 44th.

  • Rob H

    I love ray in a celtics uniform but i wouldn’t mind watching him in a clips uniform. That’d be a fun team to watch and if he’s going anywhere I’d prefer it to be the clippers, even though it would make beating the heat that much more satisfying if ray left us for them.

  • WinstonSalems

    JET might not be a sharp shooter like Ray but he can create his own shot and play the point, Ray can’t do either. Ray’s best move would be to sign with Miami. I really don’t see the Heat becoming an even greater team with him on it. During this playoff run, their guys hit all the big shots. From Chalmers to Miller, Bosh was even hitting three’s. Mike Miller was more on point in the Finals than Ray ever was. If the Heat were missing those open 3’s, then i could see them wanting to go after Ray, but that wasn’t the case. This signing (if it does go down) would be about the Heat trying to demoralize the Celtics and their fans. They don’t need Ray. They just want to take him away from the Celtics. However, Ray’s time is up. The C’s don’t need him as much as he needs the C’s or any NBA team for that matter. He had a great run in Boston but it’s time to move on. If, for some reason, he decides to sign with Boston? Great. If not, there’s no crying over spilled milk.

  • sev

    I think people are judging ray on how he played INJURED. Remember how in the beg of the season everyone was saying that Ray was the only one playing good. He missed a lot of threes in the playoffs, but he could have simply decided to get surgery, and it was clear he was hurting as he couldn’t even make free throws. However, he shot 45% from 3’s this season before sitting until the playoffs. He isn’t your average 36-37 year old, and I believe he easily has 2-3 years left, especially when we won’t have to play him 35+ a game. Without allen the Terry signing helps, but does not look nearly as good. Rondo needs outside shooters and Nick Young’s shot selection does not get me excited. If we have to move on, I would much rather have OJ Mayo(simply because he plays D, and might have untapped potential/still very young), even though I know he may not be in our price range. OJ could make that leap with Doc and the Vets in his ear. I still have a hard time believing Ray will leave and if he was that mad about not starting, he would have opted for surgery when he knew he couldn’t play well and was actually hurting his value, cuz don’t forget he was willing to play before Bradley needed surgery. Its one thing if he was taking a home town discount, but we will pay the most and he has all his teammates in his ear. He knows what this team is capable off with new players and healthy players.

  • Nick

    Gerald Green J.R Smith Nick Young. Give me any one of these young idiotic freaks. Ray has been on the verge of leaving since the 2nd year of the big 3 era. We are making a effort to get younger. Melo, Sullinger, Green, Bradley, Rondo, (Hopefully Bass) with a solid vet presence in Jet, Pierce, and K.G. Ray and Terry are a bit redundant. Out of all those names I’d take J.R Smith. He reminds me of Nate Robinson who played hard under the watchful eyes, of KG, Pierce, and Doc.. Talentwise Smith is a monster

    • Lee in Oregon

      Would love Nick Young or Gerald, but I cringe everytime I hear the name JR Smith (who by the way is supposedly wants to stay in NY). I agree when you compare him to Nate though….

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  • michael

    Ray is not replaceable, but we more or less already have a replacement in Terry. Any targets other than punk as* nick young or smith? I wouldn’t mind Gerald Green I guess.

    Let me throw the name Dennis Horner out there. At 6′ 9″ he’s more of a SF than a SG, but can shoot lights-out, defend, and rebound. I saw him play for Springfield Armor last year right before he got called up to Nets on a 10-day. He’d be super cheap and looks ready to go to another level.

  • JJ

    Ray stated he would always do what’s best for his family. If he leaves, he lied. His family is here (son’s medical care) and the $$ is here. If he goes elsewhere, so be it, I won’t hate him for it, but his words obviously mean nothing. They have a better team than last year, he already fits with them, and can make more money. He just doesn’t want to be in Boston anymore, and his ego is taking him away. If that’s his attitude, then he can watch us lift Banner 18 without him.

  • GarnettsGrl

    What’s up with this? I thought this was a Celtics fan site? Why all the bashing?????? When Ray’s back in green next season doing his things its going to be all love so show the man the respect he deserves while we wait for his decision