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Report: Bass signs 3 year deal with Celtics


More details to follow…

Update:  It’s a reported 3-year, $20 million dollar deal.  Pretty much puts him in Glen Davis contract territory, which is about what we expected, really.

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  • hebertofnh

    Welcome back Brandon! Loved his demeanor, winning attitude, and willingness to do the dirty work. Let’s get Jeff and Ray back and go to war.

  • I want Pietrus back, too. I don’t care that we have no use for him if we get Ray back and we have Jet. I love that guy.

    • zippittyay


      • JJ

        I agree. He brought energy and a great attitude when he came on last season, and he did things the right way. He stated he wanted to retire a Celtic, so we’ll see.

  • LA Flake

    Oh Gawd…I hope his deal isn’t for more than $4 million per. And I hope he has no illusions about starting on this team ever again unless everyone else on the team needs a heart surgery next season.

    This guy has one of the LOWEST BB IQ I’ve ever seen in my life! Never anticipates passes. Hesitates all the time. He just makes game harder than it has to be! And he absolutely CHOKED his way thru the playoffs!

    Ugh…This signing makes me sick. I really hope they didn’t overpay him.

    • I’d bet this is for $5-6 million per.

    • SeaHawk

      $20mil/3 = $6.66 mil

      He averaged 12 & 6. Not a flashy player but he contributed…

      • zippittyay


    • WinstonSalems

      this is a good signing. Bass was not the reason they lost to the Heat in the ECF. The dude can shoot and help spread the offense. He can also rebound. Don’t expect Sully and Melo to do too much this season. Doc never trusts rookies and Jujuan Johnson is the next in line. Finally, the C’s have some depth up front. On their depth alone (barring injuries), the C’s are a top 3 team in the East, this just solidified that. Doc doesn’t have to rely on a 6 man rotation anymore. Even if Ray signs with the Heat, i like the C’s chances.

  • Kristovar

    Sweet! Would the Celtics website please start selling Bass jerseys now?

    • zippittyay

      They will custom make an authentic one with any name and number you like. I have an Avery Bradley jersey.

      • Kristovar

        The authentics are painfully expensive, so I try to stay with swingman jerseys unless I *really* love the player, like Pierce or Bird. I have an Heinsohn and Auerbach jerseys that were custom made swingmans… but at $100 a pop with iron on letters and numbers I really prefer the $80 swingman ones with stitched names and numbers.

        • Kristovar

          not “an” Heinsohn…

          Jealous of the Bradley one. I went to UT while he was still playing for us, so I want to get his jersey and stitch a Longhorn patch between the shamrock and his name on the back.

          • zippittyay

            got it on eBay for cheap! 🙂

          • Kristovar

            Actually an is correct, in old English they didnt pronounce the H so they used an instead of a.

          • Kristovar


  • piecz

    C:Garnett, Melo,Wilcox
    Guess it’s hell of the team. Hope Ray and Jeff will sign with us. Also want to see ‘Cox in green again. That leaves us 2 free spots in roster so we can sign some veteran in february? How do u think guys?

    • TheRealAC

      JJ is going to be on the team…for the last spot it is going to be either going to be kirs joseph or a veteran guard..maybe dooling?

      • piecz

        Yep, I forgot about JJJ.

        • TheRealAC

          Yeah but i totall agree with you though, if ray and green can sign, then this team would have a great mix of young guys (bradley, sully, melo, jjj, moore) veterans (kg, pierce, allen, terry) and players in thier prime (rondo, green, bass). with everyone healthy and a full preaseason im really excited about this teams potential

    • sev

      terry will be back up pg if ray comes back….he has played a lot of point in his career, including the whole 06 season at dallas. That is the only way they will be able to work out the min. Moore will not be playing haha.

  • Hudson

    Bass…please catch and shoot…don’t dribble in between.

    • zippittyay

      Actually, Brandon has a very good drive and finish to his left of which we saw far too little of last season. What I would like to see the most from Bass and I am not joking here, is to learn to just make a lay up. Many times you can effectively use your body and your off arm as a shield to lay it up with either your right or left. BBD learned to do this and so should Bass. Quit trying to dunk everything.

      • sev

        i agree, Bass cannot finish at the rim, but yet he has a nice first step. No post game, but if teams guard against his shot, he has the opportunity to drive to the basket, but that two handed flush is way to predictable. I’ve seen him attempt drive and lay-ups and everything looks good except for the ball going into the hoop. He needs to lay it up softer. Despite little hops and short arms, that was something Davis was able to do at a higher level. Either way, if he can just keep that jump shot consistent, I’ll take an improvement in the rebounding department over offensive game. Also when he stuck down low he pulls the Kendrick Perkins move where he holds the ball down so low and tries to mini pump fake a million times before dunking. With that athletic ability and long arms, you would think he could improve, and maybe he will being only 27.

  • colaroaster

    PG:Rondo, Keyon Dooling, Moore
    SG:Bradley, Terry, Nick Young
    SF: Pierce
    PF: Garnett, Green, Bass, Sullinger, JaJuan Johnson
    C: Wilcox, Stiemsma, Melo

    • alex

      Nick young? Pierce on his own as PF…


      • JJ

        Jeff Green will be back. Nick Young will just disappear hopefully. Trade JJJ because, what is his purpose at this point?

    • Lee in Oregon

      Steimsma may be lost depending on what Green gets. Wilcox is still a FA and would be a great signing if DA gets him back.

  • good news, Doc really meant what he said about bringing the band back.

  • Noori

    Excellent signing! This Celtics squad finally has a chance to prove itslef with a full NORMAL season with practices etc. Everyone knows a championship in a lockout season has an asterisk to it. We are looking pretty deep if you ask me. If Ray doesn’t resign DEFINITELY go after Pietrus, and I still think we could use another veteran big off the bench as insurance.

  • JoDy

    Zip…. Sooooo true about bass and the layups. He needs to seriously spend all summer doing layup drills and agility workouts. Great athlete but he is kind of stiff and straight line. If he work on that it would make him a beast!

  • Jody

    What about the steamer? We giving up on steamboat???

  • Lee in Oregon

    Well done Danny and a fair deal if those numbers are accurate.

  • Jody

    Now we need in this order:
    1 Jeff Green
    2 Ray Allen
    3 Chris Wilcox
    4 Pietras

    Dooling or Moore?

  • Andrew

    PG- Rondo, Moore
    SG- Bradley, Terry, Allen
    SF- Pierce, Pietrus
    PF-Bass, Green, J Johnson, Sullinger
    C-KG, Steisma, Wilcox, Melo

    The Second unit would look like this tho…
    PG- Terry
    SF- Pietrus
    PF- Green

    Gonna have a lot of flexibility with line ups

  • kricky

    Good stuff! Though I also hope we find minutes for Sullinger and JJ.

  • nhcelts

    Should let Wilcox go, He was a nice player but its time to get JJJ Sullinger much more potential.

  • nhcelts

    And sign steamer for sure. A 26 year old 7 footer is much more valuable on the bench then another aging power forward.

  • Jody

    I liked how wilcox ran the floor with rondo finding him

    • zippittyay

      I do too, but it’s time for JJJ to step up and prove his worth and if it comes to a choice between Steamer and Wilcox, I vote for Steamer.

  • kyle

    i would like to see KG at power forward and see how this works out.
    PG- Rondo, Terry, Dooling
    SG- Bradley, Allen*, pietrus
    SF- Pierce, Green
    PF-KG, Bass, Sully, JJ
    C- Wilcox, Steimsma, Melo

    Thats a pretty big team with some depth of the bench

  • Jody

    Ray is spending the night in Miami. Sick

  • ShawnCVD

    Ray was to meet with Clippers Friday and Crawford wound up in his spot. No need to travel so he’s spending the night. If Boston throwing in a non trade clause it seems like a no brainer…

  • Jody

    Good point. Hope u r right. Ray to heat just doesn’t seem right.

  • Jody

    Think about what could be the celtics future…..rondo, Avery, j green, and bass…not bad