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Jeff Green’s getting $40 mil (maybe) while Ray sleeps on Miami’s offer

Earlier today, I casually mentioned that a lot of the hypothetical numbers we’ve been throwing around hinge on assumed numbers.  We all assumed Jeff Green’s contract would be somewhere in the $9 million neighborhood.  Well, it’s sort of in that neighborhood.

According to Jeff Green’s agent:

One source with knowledge of the talks says it may be in the four years, $40 million neighborhood, but it is not done.

“I’m confident it’ll get done,” Falk told “I guess they got (Brandon) Bass’ (contract) done, which is great. Jeff is trying to get a sense of what the team looks like first before he makes a commitment, but I expect he’ll be there and I expect it’ll be done by the 11th (when the free agency moratorium ends). We’ve gotten a lot of interest from other teams. But as far as Boston, we’re very confident we’ll get it done.

“He wants to be in Boston. He’s excited about the moves they’ve made. He’s hoping Ray Allen comes back as well, because he feels very close to Ray Allen.” Allen is visiting Miami today and appears to be down to Boston and the Heat for his considerations.

The Celtics can give Jeff Green $9 million this year.  They’re also allowed to give him maximum raises of 7.5%.  So if they do that over four years, that’s $42 million.  So the Celtics can start the number slightly below $9 million this year and reach that number over four years.

Of course, this is his agent talking… and Falk is one of the best.  He’s alternately blowing smoke up Danny’s ass while threatening him at the same time.

“we love it in Boston and really want to stay even though we’ve got a lot of interest from a lot of teams.  I mean, they REALLY want Jeff Green… but we’ll be happy to throw this large number out there so we’re justified in turning down a significantly lower offer”

He’s a slick one.

Still, the math is right for this year.  We can debate years and overall value… that’s valid… but the math for THIS season and the current cap situation works.

As for Ray coming back?  He’s having a sleepover in Miami to think things over.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

On the bad side… he’s close enough to going there where he’s sleeping on it.

On the good side… the Miami folks might try too hard to show him a good time and it might work against them.   Ray’s a pro… and he might  not like all the distractions Miami brings.

We’ll see tomorrow, maybe.

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  • GreenerThanMaryJane

    too much! over pay! this dude just had a heart surgery! cmon! any alternatives? get anthony randolph!!

  • colaroaster

    clumsy feet and sloppy hands i’m not a fan

  • EMurph413

    10 mill isn’t completely out of question considering what’s available, but 4 years?! That’s ridiculous. No one anywhere is going to give him a deal like that. If that’s what his agent is looking for I hope Ainge makes him sweat it out a bit.

  • Brian

    Ray is spending the night in Miami because he doesn’t have to fly to LA tomorrow. He is fresh off surgery from his ankles and anyone who has had surgery will tell you a night off from flying is a night off from swelling…Johnny Ola, Fredo and Hymen Roth can all show him a good time but I don’t think he is going to sign with miami as long as he gets his no trade clause.

  • Noori

    I care about the Jeff Green signing being inked more than whatever goes on with Ray (no offense I love Ray). Jeff at his max potential could be the future of our team.

    • Jester00

      Really what has he done so far? Under size 4 and a super slow 3

  • colaroaster

    PG: Rondo, Terry, Dooling
    SG: Bradley, Ray, Moore
    SF: Pierce, Pietrus
    PF: Garnett, Green, Bass, Sullinger, Johnson
    C: Wilcox, Stiemsma, Melo

    • thetitleisours

      That is 16 if I counted right. I could see Dooling gone and I suspect Stiemsma, with his “Bill Walton Feet” will get more somewhere else although i would like him here. They must have some hope for Williams with him being on the summer team. Wilcox could be Kristic or Camby but Wilcox really got comfortable with Rondo before he left. I see them Keeping a young Kris Joseph over Pietrus too but I could be wrong.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Jeff Green has fooled a lot of people over the past 5-6 years…this $40M will be his greatest “heist” ever!

    Florida is perfect for Ray…all the “elderly” love it!

  • dwayne wade

    Quit it Bosdone we got Ray already!

  • Ruth Less

    $10 mil for 4 years?!?!? He’s gonna get more than Rondooooooo?!?!? LOL Might as well get Dwight Howard!!! He sure is gonna help the team! smh Daylight Robbery!!!!

  • kricky

    I thought 9 million a year was bad. But 4 years guaranteed too?

    Honestly, I’d just let him walk, sign Pietrus to back up PP, and target some rebounding (i.e. Camby).

    • Clone of jester

      Super like agree agree

  • Lee in Oregon

    Ray should hurry up and make up his mind, he’s starting to look like a prima-donna here. This whole trip to Miami to get tongued by Lebron & Co is stupid. He knows what the offer is and he’s been to South Beach, although maybe not the Taco Bell. Just take the 6 mil from the C’s, listen to what Rondo tell’s you. and nail some 3’s. And feel free to put a little mustard on those weak-ass passes, I’m tired of watching other teams take your return pass to RR for a dunk at the other end.

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