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How Good is KG’s New Deal? Compare it with Other Deals and Laugh

Just for fun (as well as a reminder of how absurd some NBA GM’s and owners can be) take a look at the following list of players who will be making just about the same, or in some cases, a crazy amount more than Kevin Garnett next season:

Joe Johnson – $19.7

Corey Maggette – $10.3

Luol Deng – $13.3

Ben Gordon – $12.4

David Lee – $12.7

Richard Jefferson – $10.2

Andrew Bogut – $13.0

Kevin Martin – $12.4

Kobe Bryant – $27.8

Zach Randolph – $16.5

Rudy Gay – $16.5

Emeka Okafor – $13.5

Carmelo Anthony -$20.5

Amare Stoudemire – $19.9

Hedo Turkoglu – $11.8

Elton Brand – $18.1

Andre Iguodala – $14.7

Stephen Jackson – $10.1

Jose Calderon – $10.6

Andrea Bargnani – $10.0

Rashard Lewis – $21.1

Nene – $13.0

Two other notables are Gilbert Arenas – $20.8 (amnestied by ORL, still being paid by them) and Baron Davis – $14.9 (amnestied by CLE, still being paid).  Obviously some of these players are good or even great as in the case of Kobe.  But for the next two years would you rather pay KG $11 mil per or Kobe nearly $30 mil per?  With the new hard cap/tax era the NBA lives in, I think that answer is easy.  So yeah, Danny Ainge and the C’s got a steal.

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  • colaroaster

    after these 2-3 yrs has KG played long enough (here) to retire his number?

    • Sam Cassell

      I think so. You can see he really embraced the Celtic tradition, is proud of being a Celtic and brought us a ring after 22 long years. I’m all in for the organization retire number 5. Ray’s too if he chooses to end his career here.

  • thebantam

    And the GMs and Owners wanted to make the players the bad guys in the lockout.


  • Mike

    What do you think about a sign and trade bass for gasol?

    • uh huh

      I think you’re an idiot and shouldn’t be allowed to comment before understanding how trades work. BOTH TEAMS would need to want to make it. Jesus Christ…

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