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Clippers cancel Ray visit after signing Crawford, Billups

Ray Allen’s options have just dwindled after the Los Angeles Clippers signed Jamal Crawford and Chauncey Billups. 

The Clippers were informed on Thursday that guards Jamal Crawford and Chauncey Billups intend to sign contracts with the team when the NBA’s moratorium period is lifted for free agents to sign deals, according to NBA executives who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

Crawford, an unrestricted free agent who opted out of his $5.2 million contract with the Portland Trail Blazers, has been offered a spot by the Clippers. He is expected to sign a three-year, $15.7 million contract, according to the executives.

Billups, who played in just 20 games last season with the Clippers before suffering a season-ending left Achilles tendon surgery, will sign a one-year deal that could be worth up to $4.3 million if he reaches bonuses, the executives said.

With Crawford and Billups reaching deals with the Clippers, L.A. cancelled the visit they had planned for free agent shooting guard Ray Allen on Friday.

I guess we can forget the Nick Young sign-and-trade idea, then.

So it looks like Ray Allen will have a choice:  Go to Miami for $3 million… or come back to Boston for $6 million and, according to the Herald, either a no-trade clause or a trade kicker.

A source close to Allen indicates the Celtics are making a heavy push to get this done, attempting to answer his issues along the way.

Allen told the Herald months ago that he didn’t want to have to sweat out another trade deadline after nearly being moved in the past, and word is the Celts are ready to comply with either a no-trade clause or a trade kicker that would get him a good sized raise in salary if he does get moved.

If this is true, I don’t see why Ray would leave.  They’re clearly trying to make nice with him and ease his fears of being moved mid-season.  The trade kicker might not be as big of a deterrent since it basically amounts to a 15% raise on the remainder of his deal if he’s moved.

Still, it’s an incentive to stay.  If Ray truly leaves $12 million the table plus a trade kicker or a no-trade clause to go to Miami, then the stories of how pissed he’s been at Boston’s management will have actually been understated.  The money is in Boston.  The incentive is in Boston.  The comfort level is in Boston.  The only thing Miami has is a better chance at a ring.

It’s really up to Ray now.  To me, the choice would have to be Boston.  But I can see the lure of another ring.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • qq

    We can’t forget about Ray’s familly. They live in Florida and I’m sure it’s strong argument for him.

    • Ray’s family lives in FL? Ruh-roh. I didn’t know that. That makes this look very bad.

    • KY Celts fan

      No they don’t. Doc’s family lives in Florida. Ray’s family all lives with him in Boston, which is where all his son’s doctors are.

  • Noori

    If Ray stays with Boston and we win a title he will always be remembered as a major pillar in raising up the two banners. If he wins with Miami he will just be a cog in the James-Wade-Bosh wheel.

  • Brian

    Ray has a house up here as well. The most pressing factor dealing with his family is the health of his young son, and the team of Dr.s they know and trust in the Boston area. It might just come down to mins. Depending on Mike Miller’s back ray might get more mins in mia, but if mike is healthy then ray would get the same mins here in Boston.

  • paul

    Why is a ring in Miami a lure when it is chiefly based on being a hanger on to The King?

  • MJ

    Bass is coming back guys!!!!!!

  • skj3309

    The only way the heat have a better chance to win again is if the refs gives james more free throws then the entire other team again for the 3 year in a row soo the nba golden boys can finally win so they wouldnt get broken up and the leauge can still bank on them we had a old broke down squaid that should of won in 5 if it wasnt for king jackass gettin 28 freethrows a game and celts getin 19

  • skj3309

    Yea he might get more min in mia def when bradleys back but alot less shots he will see how fun it is running up and down court watch jamess throw up everyshot or wade throwin himself into every deffender trying layups

  • RedsLoveChild

    Thanks for nothing, Clippers.

  • sev

    With how the celtics played Miami with half its roster and the other half injured, I expect Ray to have a better chance with the Celtics than Miami, assuming they get Jeff Green(already have Terry, bradley) and I really believe that. After losing Bradley, I did not think the Celtics had a chance to put away the Heat with an injured Pierce and Allen and especially NO BIGS coming off the bench. Rondo is the game changer, and with all these weapons around him, he will only be better. In the playoffs, aside from James, its hard to argue that any other player has more of an impact on the game than Rondo, although KG surprised me as well.

  • dwayne wade

    Sign with the Heat Ray, Boston will need 20 years to get a fluke banner. Heat will get a new one next year, and a year after that. Heat will rule the NBA for many years to come! Join the winners and leave the loser

    • Jesse

      You’re so stupid. Do you remember that your team that “will rule the NBA for many years to come!” took us to a 7 game series with some of our core players injured?lol okay kid. just get out. you’re on a Celtics blog..

  • Lee in Oregon

    That no-trade clause oughta do it. Does Ray want to retire a C, be a guy who possibly gets his # retired someday and always be remembered as a Celtic , OR go chase rings down in Fla for half the dough. Does he hate Rondo that much?