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LeBron continues to recruit Ray Allen, troll Celtics fans

LeBron James doesn’t like the Celtics.  He basically said so in a tweet after Jared Sullinger was drafted. In another tweet that same night he said:

While watching the draft my son Bryce ask “Is Ray Allen gonna play for Heat”. I said “I don’t know, I hope so”.

The possibility of Ray joining Miami has been hanging over Celtics fans since the Finals ended.  Its one of the teams he’s visiting before making a decision about his future.  We get it.

But LeBron won’t stop at just recruiting the All-Time 3 point king.  No… he’s going a step further and trolling Celtics fans while he’s at it.

That hurts.

I’ve always said Ray is a free agent and he’s free to go wherever he wants to go.  I won’t hate him if he goes to Miami, but I won’t like it either.

As for LeBron… I’m actually happy that he’s doing this.  I love a good rivalry, and personal hatred from a player towards another team just adds to it.

Miami’s the favorite next year.  They’ll be defending a title.  And I can’t wait for the Celtics to be the team that keeps them from doing it.

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  • dwayne wade

    once we got ray ray! Boston will be eating dusts

    • Celtic4Life

      Do you mean dust? I knew Heat fans were dumb but come on man.

    • JJy

      FYI you spelled Dwyane wrong.

    • celtics4life

      lmao you are so dumb. you just completely embarrassed yourself with your incomplete sentence and incorrect spelling, please go spread your filth on miami referee websites

    • Monk

      Your name should be DWYANE (not Dwayne) and your comment should actually read “Once we GET (not got) Ray Ray, Boston will be eating DUST (not dusts).
      Although it still doesn’t make much sense, you can at least speak correct English.

  • F that!

    I’ve loved Ray since his days on the Bucks. But if he bounces town for south beach….. I think I might hate his guts. Maybe not that far but he will lose a lot of respect from me and I’m sure Doc, KG, and The Truth.. Hope it doesn’t happen.

    • Dee

      Yes I have loved Ray for a long time. He better not go to Miami. What Miami need to do is try to get Bosh to stop being a dead beat dad and take care if his child by his ex. With his millions they should not want for anything, no matter if the girl was a groupie-he knew that when he slept with here so Miami while you are trying to steal the C’s players get your own players in check.

  • paul

    I understand Ray making Ainge sweat a little, but if he really is planning to leave town, it will be obvious that it’s really about revenge for him, and for what? Because he and Rondo had a little friction? Because Ainge is a well known idjit? Come on Ray. Let’s get the band back together, as Doc says.

    • Yeah, I agree with you, I really think Ray is eating this up right now, if he goes to the heat it really is revenge, but i hope that isnt the case. Rondo was also in trade talks for the last 3 years and he stuck it out. Ray knows its a part of the business, but to be brutally honest, the only threat Ray has been is in 4th quarter clutch time with a 3 here and there, he hasnt made a real impact for a while, I mean thats all Boston needed was some 3pt fire power in the playoffs and we didnt get it. It takes Ray to long to get hot, and sometimes he never does. I think Jason Terry and Ray are going to be like the Baby and Bass trade, its going to be better for Boston. I think Nick Young would be perfect for Boston, this kid can shoot, and what better place to go and develop then Boston where they have the best coach in the league. Nick young, Jason terry, and Mickeal Pietrus coming off the bench, Boston should be able to shoot everything including the lights out in TD Garden.


  • thetitleisours

    Well it was only the ref’s and injuries that allowed Queen James to win, so if he needs to earn a ring next year he is going to be eating his words. Hate in sports is fun though isn’t it? Unless you are a Dodger fan

    • Anonymous

      It’s funny how Celtic fan complain about injuries when Chris bosh could not play in the series until game 5due to an abdominal strain, when Dwyane wade had knee injuries that slowed him down to the point that he now needs surgery, when mike miller is so broken he couldn’t even walk. But you don’t see heat fans complaining, You guys are just sore losers who can’t admit defeat two years in a row

      • thetitleisours

        Sore losers? Jeez, you want fans to be happy about losing!? Lombardi was a sore loser!

        • Anonymous

          But if you’re going to complain, don’t complain about something that we had worse (i.e. Injuries)

      • Dee

        No the heat just cry when on the floor to the refs. They act like big babies that need to get their pampers changes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    That picture makes me want to vomit.

  • Quest

    Please Ray any team except the Heat!

    • He needs to go to the Heat so he can screw up like he did in the 2010 nba finals when Boston Played the Lakers, Ray filed Kobe at the 3pt line and Kobe got 4 free throws, he did this twice, his defense on Kobe was terrible, it was Rondo who told Doc to put Tony Allen on Kobe and he didnt and thats how they lost that game, That was the last season to me that Ray played well, its been down hill every since. Boston needs a younger, shooting guard with killer instincts.

  • screaming jay

    PLEASE! Ray looks like shit in red…can’t believe nobody has mentioned that yet.

    He looks so much better in green Celtic uniform.

  • Anti

    this photo: it’s simply wrong

  • GarnettsGrl

    Ray will do the right thing……..What ever that is???? Either way I will always Love him!!!!!!!!

  • Monk

    “While watching the draft my son Bryce ASK “is Ray Allen gonna play for Heat”.
    Bryce actually ASKED if Ray was gonna play for THE Heat. Maybe LeBron should have gone to college and taken an English course.

  • dwayne wade

    Boston Fans still dreaming how good the Celtics are? wake up! your team has been irrelevant for years now. One fluke championship, lol.

  • DJisintheHall

    If Ray goes South he is dead to me and should be to the rest of you.

  • Ray Alleb

    I just want to win another ring …

  • Ray Allen For 3333

    Just To Let You Know Anonymous We didnt have Avery Bradley Who Would stuff your Dwyane Wade We didnt have Jeff Green all year we didnt have Jermaine O’Neal and didnt have Chris Wilcox And Wade didnt have surgery Miller wasnt hurt and bosh was only out the first 4 games ray and pietrus had to have arthescopic surgery or what ever it was so we would have won we still won 3 games heat suck!!! This year were also gonna have Fab Melo Jared Sullinger Kris Joseph and Jason Terry!!!!! Goodluck NBA!!!!!!!

  • Ray Allen For 3333

    17 trophies record u heat fans u guys only have 2 hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NBAfan

      Ray allen for 3333 How many championships do the cletics have in the past 25 years? 1… How many do the heat have in the past 6 years? 2. You weren’t even alive when the cletics won 11 championships so don’t act all high and mighty…

    • and how long have the celtics been around?????? Exactly!!

  • BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Allen Signs with heat for two years!!!!