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Your Morning Dump… Celtics still pursuing Jason Terry, out of hunt for Mayo

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Celtics continue to position themselves for a run at Jason Terry, though they will likely sign their own free agents first.

The former Mavericks shooter — the 2009 NBA Sixth Man of the Year — reportedly is open to signing for the full mid-level exception, or approximately $5 million in the first year. The Celtics, who expect to be over the salary cap, which will be set at about $56 million, would qualify.

Terry, who earned more than $11 million last year, has not ruled out playing for the full mid-level, according to a league source.

But for now, anyway, the Celtics are not in the hunt for free agent O.J. Mayo, who has informed teams he’s not interested in a mid-level deal, according to the source.

Herald – Focus now on Terry’s exceptional shooting

I’m on record… I like Jason Terry on this team. The guy can shoot, handle the ball and he’s not afraid to pass (3.6 apg last season).

He’s a small guard (6-2, 180) with some defensive liabilities, but Doc Rivers will make it work.

I’m conflicted with Mayo.  He’s younger (24) and more diverse offensively than Terry, but something about his character rubs me the wrong way (See fight with Tony Allen and drug suspension). There’s a reason why Memphis, an up and coming team, is letting their #3 pick from 2008 walk away.

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  • Claud

    I agree. I like terry on this team. Can never have too many people hitting corner 3s.

  • kricky

    Agreed on both counts.

    Mayo is still getting by on his potential. Someone will overpay him an live to regret it.

    Terry is still a clutch shooter. He has a couple of great games against OKC in the playoffs this year. They eventually shut him down but it took Westbrook playing amazing D to do it.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Right now, if it`s between Jason Terry and Ray Allen….I`ll take Terry in a heartbeat!!

    However, the thought of signing any FA who is older than Pierce {such as Terry} is not very appealing.

    OJ Mayo is a coach-killing, locker-room cancer, drama queen…who will never be the superstar he thinks he is.

  • Mike

    Sigh, I really had my hopes up for Mayo. Really think he is a GREAT fit for this team at this time. I love Ray, loved what he’s done for the team in the past 5 years, but I’m ready to let him go. I was okay with signing KG because without him this team is nothing. Ray isn’t nearly as indispensable. We need to get younger, ESPECIALLY at the 2 guard position. He is the one that slows down the offense. I just feel that signing Ray is extending our misery as it comes to the age of this team.

    Terry doesnt really excite me.

  • Brian

    The cs are looking at Terry and Allen, not one or the other. If they sign Terry it will be as a back up point. You don’t want terry playing the two. Thank god Mayo is no longer an option. There is a reason they are letting him walk. He doesn’t want to play in Boston anyways.

  • Ben

    I’ve heard a story about Mayo from my friend who was at the same club in which he and his posse beat someone up for having rims that were too small.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Besides the fact that I think Terry is too old (and not wanting 2 geriatric shooters on the team)- I think the full mid-level is too much for Jason Terry.

  • Rondoing

    I said it and I will repeat it again: the solution is Nick Young!
    Let Ray and Terry go! Too old!
    Let’s get Nick Young and an experienced back up point!