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Ray Allen visiting Clippers, Heat

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) July 3, 2012 Free Agency, Ray Allen 15 Comments on Ray Allen visiting Clippers, Heat


As confident as Doc Rivers might be that Ray Allen will be back, Ray will make the Celtics sweat a bit and give other teams a shot to secure his services.

The 36-year-old free-agent guard will visit the Miami Heat on Thursday and the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday, according to a source, and listen to their pitches.

Allen is also being pursued by the Memphis Grizzlies, who are seeking a replacement for free agent guard O.J. Mayo. The Grizzlies didn’t tender Mayo a qualifying offer last week, making him an unrestricted free agent. Memphis will offer Allen its $5 million exception.
Allen had conference calls on Monday with the Grizzlies, as well as the Heat, Clippers and Minnesota Timberwolves, according to the source. But Allen is not currently scheduled to make visits to Memphis or Minnesota.

Ray is a free agent so he’s well within his rights during this moratorium period to talk to every team in the NBA.  Each team has its own little selling point.  Obviously Miami is the champ, and they’re the heavy favorites to do the same next year.  The Clippers could make Ray a starter, but they’re in that second tier of contenders at best. 

Then again, so are the Celtics right now.  We’ll have to see if Ray likes what these teams have to say.

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  • paul

    I look forward to us beating him on another team next year.

  • ddS

    Yep, Ray’s gone and He should leave. All I’ve read are Celtics fans bashing him. Calling him washed up and daring him to leave. They want Mayo a guy the Celtics have no chance of getting because he won’t take the mid level. Jason Terry?? Him and Ray are the same age and one of them is a hall of famer. And This JET has shot 45% or less the last 3 seasons. Ray hasn’t shot that bad since his first season in Boston. I hope he leaves so we can all see just how awful Rondo and Bradley will look on the floor together the entire season with no one guarding them and Paul and Kevin being double team because the C’s have no shooters.

    • Jayfox

      That’s funny dds I could have sworn that Avery Bradley had around the same numbers as Ray during the season as far as FG% and 3PT%. Ray’s number took a huge dip during the playoffs which made him a huge liability, not only on defense, but offense too. The fact is that Ray doesn’t want to be bench and wants put himself in a position to win at least one more. Bradley not be the three point king, but the guy is not a huge liability either. Great defender and great slasher because of all the double team on KG and PP.

      • ddS

        #1 AB played well for about 15 games. Let’s see him do it for 82

        #2 AB was nowhere near the scouting report last season. Teams will be ready for those slashes and we will see how good that Jumper really is.

        #3 there is no doubt that Ray Allen was hurt the entire Playoffs. I will take a Healthy Ray Allen in A Heat or Clipper Uniform over AB playing big minutes in 82 games next season. We will really see if he’s ready to be a starter. I really don’t think the Celtics are convinced or else they wouldn’t be pressing to get Ray back so badly.

        • Jayfox

          I like Ray. I think everyone does, I like him better off the bench then starting. One we need the bench scoring. Two Avery can move well without the ball and the offense runs better with him in the starting five. Ray is great and it would hurt to see the guy leave for another contender especially the heat, but I think it would be a good start to let go and move on. Ray is 36 so hes got maybe two years left of being somewhat effective. I rather have more money to improve our SG position just in case Bradley can’t hang instead of spending it on Ray. It’s too bad O.J. doesn’t want the mid level cause I’d spend it on him in a heartbeat.

  • josh

    What did we do to Ray to put him in this position? Seems he’s intent on getting the hell out of here despite us offering good $$$ and familiarity with the system. Did Rondo bang his wife??

  • Carson

    With Ray Allen I don’t put them in the second tier. He gives them a shooter to keep the pressure off Blake and Chris. That would be a nice starting line up.


    Odom on the bench. The Clippers would be contenders.

  • kricky

    Funny how so many fans want to run him out of town.He’s justifiably upset because Danny has used him as trade bait the last couple of years. That the Cs would even consider trading him for OJ Mayo back in April is just an insult to a player of his stature.

    I think he wants to let management sweat it out a bit, and then he’ll come back (for more money than he’d get if he didn’t talk to other teams).

  • Brian

    Haters are out today that’s for sure. ray will be back. If you listen to Doc Boston is the best fit for him. He will get 6 million, and come off the bench but still play 30 mins.

  • Zack

    F Ray, he should have known whether he was staying or going long ago, and KG resigning should have sealed the deal one way or the other. Instead he is making us put our offseason moves on hold while he checks the market. What a D-bag

    • Jayfox

      If you are 36 with your playing days closing would you rather be on a team that is willing to trade you in a heartbeat or at least be on a contender that will at least have a better chance at winning and him leaving on top? Not say the Celtics aren’t contenders, but the Heat have a better chance of repeating.

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  • greentea34

    “The Clippers could make Ray a starter, but they’re in that second tier of contenders at best. Then again, so are the Celtics right now.” Smh. lol

  • Quest

    Hope Ray gets the best deal he can for his last career contract and that no trade clause he seeks. He has worked hard and sacrificed for the Boston Celtics Organization the last 5 yrs. He’s a free agent, its a business. Man I think people on this site just love to be negative and look to smash whenever they can.

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