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Danny Green: “I wouldn’t mind playing for another winning organization”

The Celtics will be considering all available options when it comes to helping rebuild.  We’ve seen a number of names thrown around already.  But one interesting option has largely flown under the radar since an early report of interest nearly a month ago.  Danny Green.

Green is a restricted free agent, and it will be tough to pry an up-and-coming young player who can play both the 2 and the 3 from the Spurs.  They have the cap space to match offers, and they’ve seen him be productive enough to warrant a raise over the $850,000 he was making last year.

But the Celtics can still make a run.  And if they do, there is some mutual interest.  I caught up to Green briefly at Steve Nash’s charity soccer event last week in New York City.  And he said

“They’re a winning organization, and I wouldn’t mind playing for another winning organization.  Of course San Antonio is my number 1 so hopefully come through.”

Part of what would make the transition easy is how similar both franchises are.

“[they’ve] got a lot of veterans… Kevin Garnet, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce.  San Antonio the same with Tony, Manu and Timmy.  They’re a winning organization. They’re tough every year and a championship contender.”

The Celtics could do a lot worse than Green on the market.  The Spurs made a qualifying offer just north of $2 million for him, but if the Celtics’ other targets fall through, they will still have a $5 million mid-level exception to play with.  And remember, that exception can be used in full, or it can be split up, for contracts up to four years.  So if the Celtics’ top targets pass on Boston, they can turn to Green and try to lure him away with offers ranging from $3-$5 million annually for four years.

For a 25 year-old athletic swing man with a decent shooting touch (44.2% FG last season, 43.6% from 3) and a lot of room to grow, the Celtics would be justified in throwing a little of that money his way.  Besides, it’d be nice to see them throwing a mid-level exception at someone under 33 years-old for once.

Below is my very brief interview with Danny Green.  Turn down your speaker volume because the audio is pretty loud.

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  • michael

    From what I’ve seen this kid can really D it up and hit the 3. I dismissed him because I also don’t see the Spurs letting him go. If we lose Allen, we could offer Green a much larger role than what he had is SA.

    $3-4mil seems reasonable for Green, but I wouldn’t be upset with a 3-4 year mid-level deal either. I’d be very happy replacing Allen with Jet and DG if it’s financially viable under the lux tax threshold. I’d be happier with Allen and DG. What’ll it be Ray?

  • Brian

    From a defensive standpoint green would be a much better fit then terry. We would still need a back up point guard.once they figure out what they are doing with Allen and bass then we will know what we got for mle. Worst case you can bring back fooling for the vet min or part of the bi annual exemption if they still have it. It’s a wing league so the more athletic wings you got the better.

  • Gio

    all players with the last name of Green should play in Boston…

  • kricky

    I think he’s pretty good in transition too and can see him hotting some big transition threes on the break with Rondo.

    Nevertheless, the Spurs would be stupid to let him go. And they aren’t a stupid organization.