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Your Morning Dump… Where Green, Allen AND Terry might be signed

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers made his first phone call on Sunday, the official opening of free agency in the NBA, to Ray Allen. He said he does not think the call was in vain, despite a variety of reports that have the Celtics’ guard ticketed for Miami, Memphis or ABB (Anywhere But Boston.)

“It’s a stretch for me to see him go somewhere else,” Rivers said after completing a morning round of golf in the Boston area.

As for fellow Celtics free agent Jeff Green, Rivers said, “We’re going after Jeff. We’re going to get Jeff. I believe that, yes.”

ESPN Boston

The Celtics, according to sources, are increasingly optimistic they’ll be able to re-sign unrestricted free agent forward Jeff Green to a new contract, and are also more hopeful now they can keep Allen in the fold instead of losing him to the Miami Heat. The final decision is Allen’s, of course, and he’ll weigh offers from several teams. including the Heat and Grizzlies, in the next few days.

But Boston is hopeful that the last few days’ worth of events, including Garnett’s decision to agree on a three-year extension, combined with the selection of Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo in last Thursday’s Draft, combined with the team’s strong showing through Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals, will convince the 36-year-old Allen to accept the team’s two-year, $12 million offer.

[…] The Celtics will also have their mid-level exception to use to pursue another guard who can play both positions and help ease the burden on Rondo. Dallas’ Jason Terry is one of Boston’s top targets. Hang Time Blog

We’re at a point now where if the Celtics DON’T sign Jeff Green, I’d be shocked.  The Celtics won him over in December with how they handled his heart issue.  Now the question is, how much will he sign for?  If they can get him closer to $7 million, that’d be a steal considering the money being thrown around today.  If they get him for $9 million, that’s about right considering that’s what they were going to pay him last year anyway.  I’m hoping Green gives the C’s a break financially so they have a couple of other options for signing players with the cap exceptions.  Green’s agent is in town today because he’s also Jared Sullinger’s agent, and the rookies are meeting the media.  So we might get some news later, especially when Green’s agent says things like this:

“He’s developed a very good relationship with Doc (Rivers, the head coach). And now that Sullinger is up there, as the Garnett era winds down, I could see the two of them as bookend forwards,” Falk said.

Jason Terry has emerged as a possibility, and it’s looking like the Celtics will have their full, non-taxpayer mid-level to play with ($5 million for contracts as long as four years).  I’m not saying pencil him into the lineup yet… but it’s starting to look like the other options we’ve been hearing about are falling out of the Celtics price range.  OJ Mayo is going to get more than that, as is Jamal Crawford in all likelihood.  So It might come down to Terry signing for all or part of that $5 million over a few years.

Does that mean Ray Allen is coming back?  Well, the Celtics can offer him more money, and there’s a chance he could be a starter to start the season since Avery Bradley won’t be ready to go right away… plus his family is here and moving is a pain in the ass… it all adds up to him staying.  As long as the money is around what he’d get somewhere else, the situation in Boston just makes the most sense for Ray.

One other note in the Aldridge column on… he does note the Celtics hope to re-sign Greg Stiemsma.  However this breakdown of salaries suddenly changes the landscape for Stiemsma, and might price him out of Boston.  Still, the Celtics could be a couple of steps away from getting the band back together.

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  • Alex

    You guys gotta admit, Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers are putting an immense amount of effort to bring back the team AND include valuable pieces to make this team better.

    Great stuff and Red’s Army has been fun to read with all these updates about the offseason going on.

  • Mike

    will contract discussions with ray involve him accepting his role as a bench player?

  • chris

    I’d be shocked if Green or Ray didn’t return after playing for Doc, seeing this years strong showing which is a chance again next year with the injury to D-Rose plus the fact that KG took a cut so guys like them could be resigned. Unfortunately I’d also be shocked if Terry left Dallas, though I think he’d be coming to a better opportunity in the Eastern Conference.

  • Jester00

    um love it all but Jeff Green what has he done? OKC got better without him. The road to success is always under construction.

    • Lee in Oregon

      It made no sense last year and makes none this time around. Jeff Green has done nothing in the NBA to deserve anywhere near 9 mil a year. This reminds me of the Scal signing years ago.

      As for Ray and Terry, they’re both so old, I’d rather just get Ray back and sign another shooter whos not as close to collecting social security,

      • RedsLoveChild

        Jeff Green : $7-9M for a guy who was ridiculously overrated even before he suddenly became a major medical question mark?

        Ray Allen : Boston wants to double the offer he`ll get from Miami? They are fighting over a washed-up 37 year old guard, who gives away more points defensively than his declining skills will ever be able to score, and whose ego sees him as being too good to be a 6th man?

        Ainge had a great week last week…now he seems determined to have an awful one!

        • dwayne wade

          Ray Allen is not wash up, check his stats! even with an injury his stats is better than OJ Mayo. If the Heat gets Ray, Heat will be unbeatable. just imagine the space will DWade and Lebron will get with Ray Allen in the team. so long Bosdone once we have Ray, you won’t be seeing the Finals for quite some time.

          • RedsLoveChild

            As a Celtic fan, I`m praying Miami does sign Ray Allen!

            Ray had a great career, but all good things come to an end.

            He is 100% washed-up. I wouldn`t take him if he played for free!

      • colaroaster

        i thought i was in the minority about uncle jeff. unfortunately he doesn’t fit this system, plus he has terrible footwork= travel prone and slippery hands. 7-9M is crazy!

      • WinstonSalems

        Scalabrine and Jeff Green don’t belong in the same sentence together. Scal got a 5 yr, $15 mil deal in 2005, back when he was the only player the C’s could overpay that would come to Boston. Other than Deron Williams, Jeff Green is arguably the next best free agent available. I think he’s worth at least $7 mil/year. He’s a starter on most teams. Worst case scenario, he’s out of shape and he’s rusty from not playing ball for a year. It’s not like he doesn’t know how to play or he’s not familiar with Doc’s system. I think he comes back and signs a 1 yr deal for $7-9 mil, proves himself, becomes a free agent again and signs a multi-year deal.

        • Lee in Oregon

          The best free agent available? Are you Danny Ainge?

        • Jester00

          Green is like a tweener version of Larry Hughes and if he comes back will jacked in a bad way. let some one else sign him please Danny Ferry will over pay him what team does he run.

  • Allan

    I’ve been a Ray Allen fan since he was a Buck… But seriously, let him walk. The $12 mil needs to be spent on OJ Mayo rather than Ray who’s got about a year before he becomes a complete liability. Don’t try and bring him back and screw the team’s future because of sentimentality. I say offer him the same amount as the Heat, and let him choose the team he’d like to play for. Offer Mayo 8 mil and our back court will be unreal with rondo/Bradley and mayo/Allen. That, along with pierce/green, bass/sullinger and kg/Melo will be a deep and very good team

    Of course, I am just a fan and not a GM so the logistics of the above may be completely unfeasible

    • colaroaster

      good point about RA’s contract offer. for a veteran coming off ankle surgery.. yes that money w/be better spent somewhere else.

  • gaia

    it will be crazy if ainge get camby+ray+green+jet in C’s…..


  • JJ

    Bass is long gone at this point…we drafted Sullinger and after signing ray/mayo, there won’t be enough money or playing time. I like Bass, but he is an undersized big and just doesn’t fit anymore. Plus, KG is sliding back to the 4 with the presence of Melo in the middle. Bass $$ will be spent on ray, green, steimer, pietrus, dooling…

  • colaroaster

    danny thinks big. there’s prolly a few other things happening that could be game changers. i’m hoping he fiddles/diddles for an all star slashing/wing defender.

    “talent wins in this league” donny marshall

  • kricky

    Wow! That Asik deal is just ludicrous. 8 million a year for a guy scoring 4 points a game off the bench and shooting less than 50% on his throes??

    We’ll be hearing about them being desperate to trade him and his contract in a year or two. LOL

    Didn’t these GMs learn anything from the lockout?

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      It’s back loaded too…I didn’t even think you could do that. But the 3rd year salary is supposed to be more like ~15 million.

      Rondo made ~10 million this year (82 game rate).

      Bwahahahaha! Enjoy, Houston.

  • Tdog

    Why not leave KG as a 5? I know it’s not his favorite, but he thrives there! No center can guard him…he can guard any center and come off easily for help defense…plus all his numbers went up after the change. Fab isn’t ready to start. Leave KG as your 5 and this team will again go places! Go Celts!

    • JJ

      I agree! Unfortunately, KG does not…he hates playing center and I have to think drafting Melo had a part to do with it, and his coming back.

  • thebantam

    Wow, a lot of talk about Melo seeing time as a rook. I don’t see it happening with Doc but here’s to hope.

    I don’t get the talk of KG playing 5. The dude re-invented the 4, and has only played the 5 b/c DA has gambled and lost the last two seasons on filling the 5 spot, and it arguably cost us trips to the finals both times. It takes twice as much energy for ‘lean’ KG to play the 5, it’s more foul prone, and it’s harder on his body. Regardless of whether he wants to or not, I think it’s better for the C’s if he keeps dominating the 4, especially in the East.

    Does Ray really have issue leading the bench as the 6th man? That would be the case at the C’s, Miami or other contenders wouldn’t it?

    I’d be fine bringing back everyone, I see zero reason why Green would demand money or people would pay it. I simply haven’t seen it, it might be there but he hasn’t shown it.

  • sev

    kg may get more banged up at the 5 but he has played his best ball in a while at the 5 because he is quicker than almost all of them. There are not a lot of bulky 7 foot centers in the league anymore….a lot of undersized ones. We also needed rebounding and KG gets pulled away from the hoop when playing the 4. He can’t keep up with a lot of the 4s out there anymore and that’s why Doc put him there. Doc likes him there because it suits his physical talent at his age not because they needed too. It also opens the paint for Rondo when KG can take his defender out as well as Bass(that was a huge reason for their success. Go over in your head some of the top 4’s in this league and tell me if KG is still wasting more energy. Keeping him down low allows him to conduct the team D better and stay close to the hoop for help D as well as rebounds like I said. Sooo many 4s in this league now are running around the 3 point line and can take their man off the dribble as compared to centers who’s moves are more back to the basket….yes he gets banged around, but endurance wise and lack of foot speed….the 5 is better just like flip Saunders said to KG when he entered the league that he will dominate at the 4 but end his career at the 5.

  • sev

    that dude isn’t the same dude that reinvented the position. Doc was even quoted as saying he was thinking about making the move to C before any of the injuries occurred. Watch KG tear his ACL or some other injury because he’s getting juked by some young, quick 4. I think less running around is a better chance KG won’t get injured and at this point in his career, his team D is more impressive and effective, than his on ball D. Think about KG trying to run up and down the court with a Jeff Green because that’s what this league is made of now….hybrids that play SF and PF or are just as quick as many SF. Id rather KG play hybrid C/PF. Its a smaller, quicker league now, and us almost getting to the finals demonstrates that. KG at C and undersized Bass at PF with NO BIGS off the bench.

    • JJ

      That’s all well and good on paper, but real life isn’t played on paper. Why draft Sully to overpay Bass? Just to stash him on the bench? I like Bass a lot but I am 100% against resigning him after the draft. It doesn’t make sense financially and only inhibits the growth of two bigs that we NEED to turn out good. Bass wants long term security. We drafted long term security for a fraction of the cost.

      KG is the dictator. Doc may want him at center. Flip may have said he would end his career at center. He is better at center, but talk is cheap, and KG does NOT want to play center. And he has a little bit of influence. KG is the same guy who is actually 7’1″ but forced them to put 6’11” his whole career because he hated the idea of being know as a 7 footer. Give The Kid what he wants at this point. We would still be chasing Banner 17 if it wasn’t for him.

  • Brian

    KG will be at the 5, but the celtics view the 5 and the 4 as bigs not as center and PF. Danny said jared would play some 5 this year which is a stretch but he also said jared and Fab would be on a crash course this summer to get ready for the upcoming season. I think jared will be a nice player. His agent, who is the same as green sees Green at the SF and Sullinger at the PF for years to come for the C’s. Green is getting a bad wrap, and he really tried to do to much on the offensive side of the ball when he got traded. He is a solid SF and held SF’s to a 7.9 per which would put him on the all nba first team if he did that for a whole season. Allowing Paul to play 32 mins and not 35 or more in a tight game will be huge for our vets. If you keep KG, and Paul’s mins down it will both get your bench guys some time to Gel, and will keep the miles off the guys you need to play in crush time. This team will be much better then last year. Spread out schedule, better bench. Now if we can just sign and trade Bass for Erasova we will be all set.

  • Dan

    I like this lineup to start:


    3rd team:

    Totally doable…