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Report: Hawks ship Joe Johnson to Nets for expiring contracts

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has the details:

The Hawks and Nets have agreed to terms on a trade that would send All-Star guard Joe Johnson to Brooklyn for multiple players with expiring contracts and a first-round draft pick, according to a person with knowledge of the deal.

Trades can’t be officially consummated until the NBA moratorium ends on July 11 but the person said the Hawks and Nets have agreed on the framework of a deal. The person said in exchange for Johnson, the Hawks would receive Jordan FarmarAnthony MorrowJohan PetroDeShawn Stevenson and Jordan Williams. Atlanta also would receive the lottery-protected, 2013 first-round draft pick that the Nets acquired in a trade with the Rockets.

Williams is meeting with the Nets and Mavericks today. The Nets plan to pair Johnson with Williams and re-sign free-agent center Brook Lopez to form the core of the team when it plays its first season in Brooklyn in 2012-13.

How bad did Atlanta want out from under the $90 million remaining on Joe Johnson’s contract? Real bad. They took back a pool of mediocre players with expiring contracts. The lottery protected draft pick (via Houston) is mediocre, too.

This likely takes the Nets out of the running for Dwight Howard (suck on that DH).

Josh Smith has to be the next domino to fall in Atlanta. He wasn’t happy before the deal. Might Danny Ainge be interested in Smith and his one year, $13 million contract?

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  • Brian

    Bass and Green would work… numbers wise, but an extension would be a must… I’d love to have a PF who plays D like that who can run the floor with Rondo and grab more then 6.6 boards a game… probably won’t happen though….

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      I would absolutely do Bass and Green for Smith with an extension. Almost 20/10 last season, a top shot blocker/alterer at his position, high flyer for Rondo fast breaks (something Rondo hasn’t had yet), and can play some of Paul and KG’s minutes. Would need one more piece from Atlanta though (a big?), just so we don’t give up depth.

    • LG

      If the Celtics are going to chase yet another forward, I’d certainly take Josh Smith at this point. The Celtics certainly need someone young that isn’t allergic to posting up. I know Danny drafted Sullinger for that; but, I’m not willing to put my faith in a rookie on Doc’s team. We know the positives: he can rebound exceptionally, play terrific defense, is athletic, and loves to play with Rondo. My concern lies in his chemistry with KG and Paul, his position as a starter, as well as his shot selection. If Boston does snag him, hopefully the change of scenery would help him evolve.

  • Lee in Oregon

    DA loves Josh Smith, this would be a helluva move if he could pull it off.

    I’m still slightly bitter we let go of Johnson all those years ago. They basically gave Johnson away down there and if the Nets get Howard they will be a force, Hell, they’ll be ok without him at this point, at least as far as starters go.

  • Astarot

    Smith would work for sure but remember Boston would get the best out of that deal if Smith would re-sing with them and I’m not sure if that would happen.

  • Throwdown

    Ferry isn’t trading Josh Smith. He is creating cap room for his new contract next season. Marvin Williams is on his way to Utah for Devin Harris. I think Ferry will deal with Boston but Horford and Smith will not be included in any deal. Sorry

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      Or they may be dumping salary to aquire Dwight? Trade Horford, ZaZa, Teague or Heinrich (just got Harris), plus a any of the guys they just got for Joe Johnson. Smith and Dwight and a younger core…

  • colaroaster

    during next season the nets can offer a sign/trade for dhoward and so could very other team, including the celtics.

  • Brian

    Yea idunno what ATL is doing. I know Joe Johnson was not a 20 million dollar player. I think they are just trying to dump salary and start over. I don’t think howard well end up there but who knows. Good thing for NBA2k.. I’ll just make the trade ( bass/green for Josh Smith) go threw 😉

  • kricky

    Kudos to Ferry. He just got rid of two “millstone around your neck contracts”. I’m sure he’s keeping J SMoove. Now they will also have cap room next year to pay him and pursue FAs.