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Celtics rookies say all the right things to the media

“Honestly, I don’t have any back problems, but it is what it is,” Sullinger said. “I’m just playing basketball now. I finally have a job, and now it’s time to take the next step and get ready to play.

Originally projected as a top 10 pick in this year’s draft before being red-flagged, Sullinger described the adversity of falling to No. 21 overall as reflective of his path in basketball up to this point.

“If you consider me landing to the Boston Celtics a drop, then I’d do it all over again, without a hesitation,” Sullinger said. “I mean, honestly, it’s been like that all my life. When I was younger, everybody said I was too big. Going into high school, they said I wouldn’t be able to play that fast, going into college, I wouldn’t be able to keep up. It’s just the way I live my life, obviously, so I’m just ready to get started.”

“I want to learn from him (KG),” Melo said. “He’s an energy guy. I have a lot of energy for the game, too. So, with my passion and his passion for the game, I think we’re going to do great things.”

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Jared Sullinger sounds like a guy with a chip on his shoulder. I hope he plays like one. That mentality has worked fairly well for Paul Pierce.

Fab Melo wants us to know he’s flexible, coachable and willing to learn.

Kris Joseph said… do we really care what a 2nd round pick who won’t make the team has to say?

Danny Ainge said, yet again, that signing Ray Allen remains a priority. It looks like the Celtics have the best offer on the table.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    The more I think about it, the more I do want Ray back. This team needs to win one more championship…any way we can get Perk back?

    • colaroaster

      the thunder are committed to resigning james harden and it has been assumed perk w/be amnestied after the season.. btw danny already tried trading back for perk.

      12M for ray is flat out dumb. he just had surgery and prolly needs a year to get back his strength.

      • JJ

        12 mil over 2 years…6 mil per…show me a list of free agents wanting less and banging down our door…you won’t. The fact is ray has been here and is a part of the team…no acclimation required on a team that doesn’t have time for that. I would rather overpay ray a little than way overpay some scrub that may not even fit the team.

        • Jester00

          Point Larusso!!!!!!!!!!

  • KY Celts fan

    yeah, I think Joseph is a long shot to make the team as well. I’d like to know where DA stands with regards to E’Twaun Moore though.

    • zippittyay

      I have a good feeling about this kid. But I’ve been wrong a lot….

  • RedsLoveChild

    The Celtics did better than any team in the draft last week…..and that includes New Orleans!!!

    Ainge did what Red did for many years….he took full advantage of the extreme stupidity of most NBA general managers.

    Now, as for a back-up guard to RR & AB, he already has it. E`Twaun Moore has exactly what it takes, including poise.

    Forget Ray Allen and Jason Terry {both too old}, OJ Mayo {not worth the drama}.

    Do consider Nick Young.

    • Alex

      I have to say HELL NO to Nick Young.

    • WinstonSalems

      1. Celtics did NOT have a better draft than the Hornets. They simply couldn’t move up in the draft, so they took what they thought were the best available players. They needed a low post scorer (Sullinger), and they also thought Fab Melo’s upside was more valuable than the uncertainty of PJ3’s knee. I can’t sit here and say that Sullinger and Melo are better than Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers.

      2. Extreme stupidity of most NBA general managers? There’s a few GM’s in the league that make most people want to jump off a bridge, but that has nothing to do with this year’s draft. A stupid GM would’ve traded a top 10 pick for 2 late 1st rounders. Last time i checked, that didn’t happen. Sullinger dropped all the way to 21 because he has no athleticism. He’ll be wearing those same lead boots that Perk wore. Trust me, i’ll shut up and admit my poor judgement, if he is leading the pack on fast breaks.

      3. E’Twaun Moore is not the answer to the backcourt issues. He can’t dribble and he is a shoot-first guard. He’s worse than Avery Bradley in every facet of the game. Avery is solid but he’s no All-Star, First Team NBA player. Give him a few more years and he might get All-Star consideration. E’Twaun needs to go to a team where he’ll get playing time. This leads me to Number 4….

      4. OJ Mayo. He wants starters minutes. He won’t get that here. Guys like Mayo, they want to get paid, they want to start, they want to score. If he comes to Boston, he won’t get paid, he won’t start (he would up until Bradley gets healthy), he won’t score as many points as he’s used to. He’s given no evidence that he can sacrifice his game for the betterment of the team. Jason Terry would be a perfect fit. He thrives in coming off the bench. He’s loves the 6th man role. What better place to end his career than the team that created the 6th man role?!?! JET makes perfect sense in every way. I just don’t think we can afford him.

      5. Nick Young. Come on, man. Really? I don’t even want to waste your time or mine.

      • JJ

        Jet doesn’t make sense, really. On paper, maybe. And if we couldn’t afford him, he is not worth it. He’s 35 and a “shoot first” guy. His attitude also doesn’t really mesh with the Celtics. Looks are deceiving…Mayo is garbage because he wants the world handed to him. Moore is not the answer to any backcourt issue, but if Nick Young is in the conversation, I’m taking a chance on Moore for the price.

      • RedsLoveChild

        1} Austin Rivers will be the biggest bust in the draft! He thinks he`s Kobe, because he`s an arrogant ball-hog whose daddy once played in the NBA. As Doc`s son, he`ll be wearing a bulls-eye on his back. Too bad he doesn`t have 5% of Kobe`s talent!

        Davis is a big, defensive minded center, with few scoring skills. Sounds a lot like Fab. Melo made enormous progress this past year, playing a game that is still new to him. He hasn`t even begun to tap into his potential!

        2} Sullinger dropped to #21 because moronic GM`s found out that he may or may not develop back problems—once he reaches 46 years of age!

        No wonder the franchises that drafted Fournier, Beal, Waiters, Lillard over Sullinger never win!

        Not saying he`ll be an All-Star as a rookie. However, the “asses” he kicked in college will eventually become the same “asses” he kicks as a pro!

        3} The “crime” Moore committed last year was that of being a rookie, something Doc Rivers hates. All Moore did as a rookie was come off the bench, and do a very credible job the few times he was called upon, especially the Orlando game in Jan. He hit a higher % of 3-pointers than Pierce or Pietrus this year.

        4} Jason Terry is older than Pierce. If the goal is to sign washed-up guards, who cannot guard a piano, just re-sign Ray Allen.

        • JJ

          I think you’re way off on Rivers and Davis, but only time will tell. If you’ve listened to or read anything about Rivers, I honestly don’t think he fits your description of him. Make a short list of guys in the league today that can create their own shot the way he can…he’s had Doc in his ear his whole life, and he’s built his game around the NBA, not college. I also think Doc would level him if he acted that way. 5% of Kobe’s talent, please…he is in no way Kobe, but you’re obviously letting personal feelings get in the way of actual real life.
          And I won’t even comment on Davis.
          I’m sure the majority of the professionals that handle scouting, workouts, drafting are wrong though, and you’re right.

          • RedsLoveChild

            I`m not knocking Davis. I`m just saying don`t be too shocked if Melo eventually winds up being just as good.

            Melo is an athletic 7-footer, and a defensive minded shot blocking machine. No wonder Ainge is smiling so much in this picture!

            I`ll stand by what I said about Rivers…Overrated.

            Forget Kobe…He`ll be extremely lucky if he winds up being as good as Mike Bibby.

          • JJ

            I agree with Melo…not many do. He has only been playing basketball for 5 years, and he seems pretty confident in himself. I like that. He and Sully obviously want to prove something to everyone, and I am willing to give them that shot. Mike Bibby is and always was ballsac. If Rivers doesn’t eclipse Bibby by the end of year 2, I would be stunned. I don’t think he’ll ever be mentioned with Kobe, but he honestly was not drafted solely based on his name. If that was the case, his older brother would be in the league right now. I think he will surprise you. I honestly don’t really care for him either way, but I do think he’ll be pretty good.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Let me just say this….as a Celtic fanatic, no way would I trade Sullinger for Austin Rivers straight up.

          • JJ

            I agree with that. The value we got at 21,22 is tremendous. People can knock it now, but it paid off to stick. I don’t think Rivers would have really fit on the Celtics, so there is no way I would do that either. That’s why I hope we don’t resign Bass. I want Sully and Melo to play because they will do well. KG had an impact on the draft. If he signed on for 3 more years, he knows something. I think Sully will be better than Bass by next year. I do like Bass and his attitude, but I will let another team pay him.

          • RedsLoveChild

            We agree!

          • JJ

            I knew we’d get there!

    • Lee in Oregon

      Usually don’t agree with you on much but I’ve been sayin for a couple weeks- consider Nick Young. He might be a guy who DA has to wait till the dust has settled and can pick him up. He can score, no doubt about that.

  • Rondoing

    I do agree with you that Nick Young would be the perfect plug here for winning now and building the future! he outplayed Mayo in their playoff series! can run the floor and light it up from downtown!

  • colaroaster

    KG is not an “energy guy”

    He’s a once in lifetime legend that has dominated his position.

    • Jean GR

      That’s waaaay too complicated for Melo to say dude… Cut him some slack!

    • Brick James

      Agreed, cola. I don’t think this fits the description of “right things” being said by a rookie.

      More than one interesting soundbite there. “…my passion and his passion, I think we’re going to do great things.” WE? To me this shows he considers himself an equal to KG. Not even close.

      That’s without going into the fact he’s a chump who can’t ball either.

      • Brick James

        The right thing to say would have sounded something like: “I am extremely eager to start working with Kevin, who can teach me a whole lot about what it takes to be successful in the NBA”

        • JJ

          Why do you post if all you’re going to do is hate on every single player? When you qualify to be a player in the NBA, you can make comments like “The right thing to say would have sounded something like: “I am extremely eager to start working with Kevin, who can teach me a whole lot about what it takes to be successful in the NBA”.” Oh, and I’m sure he believes he’s equal to KG…right. That is just waste of brain cells to write that.
          “That’s without going into the fact he’s a chump who can’t ball either.”
          Dude has been playing for only 5 years and he’s a rookie who is making an effort……and I bet you think you’re a baller.
          I’m not saying Melo will be anything, but your comments are absurd to say the least.

          • JJ

            Also, that “chump” is a pro athlete making a hell of lot more than you are. Do something productive, then you can blast your ignorant mouth off.

    • JJ

      Only the greatest fans pick apart every word of a rookie’s first statement, and bash the hell out of him. You don’t like Melo? Go after Danny Ainge. When you start attacking people just because they are who they are, there is something seriously wrong. Did he make those comments like a cocky jackass? No. Dude is trying to fit in, and he can’t get past the intro with all these fair-weather fans. So let’s just judge a person before they’ve had a chance to do anything…awesome way to live your life.

  • banner18comming

    Wait lets get a stronger bench let ray ray ealk bradley was great running 2 with rondo

  • Brian

    Kris Joseph said… do we really care what a 2nd round pick who won’t make the team has to say?

    Ouch that was cold… If you Bring Ray back, who would make a better back up point guard, Terry or Delonte West? I’d say Delonte West. He isn’t the shooter Terry is, but is a much better defender/rebounder. If Ray gets hurt you can have Delonte to play some back up 2, do you really want Terry guarding 2’s. As for OJ Mayo the guy doesn’t want to play here and with his effort level I don’t know why anyone would want him here either.

    • JJ

      Delonte will never be back…there is a reason he wasn’t brought this time again. Terry is older like Ray and I doubt he has much left. He’s getting a lot of credit because it’s a weak FA class. Nick Young is absolute garbage. Moore is already better and under contract. Ray will be back because he’s not an idiot. Green will be back because of loyalty, and I’m guessing he will work with C’s on $$. Pietrus should be back at a minimum cost, as well as Dooling. Dooling’s influence on Rondo is understated.

      • Jean GR

        What are you about Terry man? Have you watched him play this season? Im sure you did last year (12 months ago?) when he WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP! The Jet has at least 2 really productive years ahead of him. Moore was ok afew times last season but he’s clearly not ready to get backup mins at the combo guard positions. I’m not comfortable givin him this kind of responsibility.. He should go to Maine and work on his game this year…

        • JJ

          Last year is a long time ago…and Jason Terry was by far not the most important piece to that team. Why the infatuation on a 35 year old guard? If he was such an upgrade on Ray I wouldn’t be against, but he really isn’t. I again bring up the fact that Ray already plays there and is acclimated. Jet would need time. Not bashing his career, just don’t think he fits very well or makes much sense. Also look at his minutes in Dallas…he’d be lucky to get half that in Boston. With decreased minutes, stats go down. I can’t see him buying into Ubuntu either. He is only good with the ball in his hands…and I would rather the ball be in someone else’s hands.

          • WinstonSalems

            Your hatred for the JET blinds you. The dude can ball. Obviously, he can’t carry a team the way LeBron or Dirk or Kobe can. He doesn’t need to. He just needs to be able to score the ball, while coming off the bench. He can do that just as well as anyone in the league. If Moore has a bad Summer League, he’s gone. Most first and second year players NEVER get playing time in Doc’s system, unless there is an injury. Avery Bradley happened to take advantage of Ray being injured and he played his ass off. Doc will trust in his veterans before he trusts his young guys. The C’s will have the depth that they haven’t had the last few years, but i don’t expect a lot of contribution from the rookies. The biggest piece to all of this is Jeff Green coming back. If he comes back, that will limit Pierce’s minutes and give Paul the break he needs.

          • JJ

            Easy, chief. If you’re going to make things up to win an argument, go somewhere else. My “hatred” for Jet? Did I say that, idiot? I said I like him, but he is not a good fit. Dude can ball? Wow, man, wow. He is 35 years old, and you mentioning him with LBJ or Kobe shows your knowledge. JT was NEVER near their level, even in his prime. He has been a good player, but never averaged more than 20 a game. That was with big minutes and his selfishness. Baller, huh? Jason Terry is so insignificant in their success moving forward. Let’s just add another old dude to our team, and hope he fits. Yup, worked out so well in the past. You act like if this was a few years ago, Terry would have been part of the Big 3. Your ignorance is bliss, eh?

          • Jean GR

            Hey JJ, Terry can catch and shoot with the best of em… You must have missed that part of his game (remember the 9 threes against the Lakers last year?). Also he can get in passin lanes and steal the ball time and time again. I have absolutely no doubt that he will excelt if he play for the C’s coz he is used to play in a very similar system (screens, unselfishness and a deadly pick n pop big man). As for if he was essential in the Mavs success he was the second most important reason they won that ring after Dirk. Him and Chandler was B1 and B2 IMO. Look, I think you got me wrong. I want both Ray Ray and Jet in Boston next year. I want him to back up Rondo and get sum time as an off guard next to RR..we need three point shooters badly… This year all we had was Ray and Paul and a 3 every other game from Dooling. 3s (& D of course) win championships…

          • JJ

            I would put Chandler and Kidd ahead of JT on the Mavs championship team, and I would bet they would do the same. Guy’s been in the league how long, and you pull out one game where he hit 9 3’s? I have watched Terry since U of A, and I know his game. I am not a fan. I respect him, but I am not a fan. He has put up average stats for his career…actually look. If you took out Chandler, no ring last year. Don’t tell me an aging guard was almost as important as Dirk. That’s incorrect. To me, Kidd was even more important than Terry because of his all around game. He is also not the defender he once was. If you’re living in that world, Ray is still awesome defensively. He is just honestly not nearly important enough to spend this much time on. If this was a few years ago, sure; but it’s not. Just ask Ray, Paul, and KG. If he was that good still, a lot more teams would be banging down his door, and the Celtics wouldn’t even be in the mix.

  • kricky

    Like I said before I have a really good feeling about Sullinger. I hope Doc gives him a chance and doesn’t bury him on the bench this season.

  • Jean GR

    This is not fair for the rook… Joseph can impress with his Summer League play and earn his way into the lineup. I don’t get why hating on him before we even see him in his 43 jersey…

  • Lee in Oregon

    I hope I’m wrong but I don’t expect much outa these rooks. Maybe one of em turn’s into a decent role player hopefully. Melo is certainly a project, but he can possibly replace Steimsma if he gets too expensive. I havn’t seen much of Sully, but everyone says he’s not as big as listed and plays well below the rim…a la Baby. Go C’s!