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Rumor: C’s willing do double Miami’s offer to Ray?

The Boston Celtics are clearly not as ready to move on from Ray Allen as we thought.  There was mention of the effort in today’s dump, and now Chris Broussard, if he’s correct (and let’s face it, that can be a bit sketchy), has the Celtics willing to keep Allen in Boston for $6 million per year.

Personally, that’s a bit much for me if I were running the team… but luckily, I’m not running the team.  And if the Celtics truly ARE willing to dip into the tax (I go into a little more detail here), then they can pay Ray a little more than any other good team can offer him and say they’ve made the proper effort to retain him.

I don’t know what Ray is thinking or what he wants.  If he is true to his word and has accepted that he’s a bench specialist now, then we are in business.  The Celtics have a problem with bench scoring and Ray is one guy who can provide that.

(h/t: CelticsBlog)

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  • Raxe

    I am totally good with this, and I really, really hope Ray takes it. Intangibles aside, he is a rock, and even when his shot’s not falling he’s had one of the consistently best +/- on the team. He’s been one of our most reliable players, and this past season he was playing injured. He should be in better shape next season.

    Beyond that, I honestly don’t believe that we can replace him with an equal or upgrade for next season, even if money weren’t an issue.

    I say let Ray start if he wants to start. Avery is a great player, but he was a phantom not long ago, and he’s still a kid — he shouldn’t have a problem being the first guy off the bench. He should still get plenty of minutes that way.

    • SC

      Agreed on everything…except Ray starting…

      I think Bradley has been upgraded to a must start (assuming he comes back solid from double-shoulder surgery). And with the emergence of players like James Harden (OKC), I don’t think it’s as tough of a sell to say to Ray that the 6th man spot is crucial.

      Plus, Ray will eat a 2nd unit alive with his offensive skill-set, and won’t have to defend a top-tier player on the other side of the court.

      And as far as the 4th quarter goes, whichever dude is playing at the highest level (Ray or Bradley) gets to close it out — per Doc’s choice as always.

      • Raxe

        If Ray’s not willing to come back unless he starts, let him start. If he’s willing to come back and be that huge 6th Man, that’s great.

        Otherwise, I agree, except I don’t think Avery *has* to start. I think he’s played well enough to be a starter, but I think he could live with another year playing 20-25 minutes coming off the bench.

      • GarnettsGrl


  • Quest

    The key is can Danny found the right pieces to surround these guys to make a Banner 18 run. Or do we end up with the same scenario as this year where the Bench contributed min pts and wasn’t able to sustain a lead and give the vets rest time. Not trusting Danny here. Last 3 yrs has been the same story with role players and the revolving door.

    • IanD

      They have had no money to work with over the paste 3 years. There is not many real quality bench players you can get with the mini mid level and vet min. With Kg and ray (hopefully) making half what they were there is a great chance to be slightly under the cap to chase someone real and Have a full mid level. I really like how this could work out.

  • Brian

    If you bring Ray back 6 you will still have the mid level non tax payer exception which should be enough to get a much better bench from last year. The key is Green, and how much we can sign him for. If you can get him for under 7.7 you are fine. We would lose the bi annual exception for 1.975 but the guys you would bring in would make around 1.25 ( at the vet minium) in their place because they are vets. Guys like Pitreus, Wilcox, Dooling and Delonte West who knows our system and put up good numbers in Dallas this past year. OJ Mayo can score but he takes to many plays off on defense, atleast we know Ray tries on every play, and is a much better shooter. With Bradley Healthy, and a bench of West, Pietrus, Wilcox, Allen, Steamer, Green, and the rooks and second year players will be more then enough to both give the Big 3 a rest, be a huge upgrade from Daniels, Dooling, and Hollins… Enough to win 4 games instead of 3 in the ECF for sure… OKC took the Heat to 5 games we took them to 7. We are not that far off….

    • kricky

      Sounds good. But will guys like Pitreus, Wilcox, Dooling and Delonte West be willing to play for the minimum. Some of them made more than that last year. Wilcox got the MLE. And they all upped their value (at least a bit) with their play.

  • Brian

    You could still use the MLE for guys who want more bucks, but if you follow Pietrus at all on twitter he would run threw a wall to come back to the team. Depending on how KG’s deal is structured or how much much under the 7.7 you can get Green for, then you would be able to add the Bi annual exception as well. To early to tell, but it is possible. Living in Waltham, we see the guys in and around town and they get a kick out of how well roll players are treated compared to other places they have played. It might not seem like a big deal but it actually means a lot to them.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Ainge willing to “double” Miami`s offer?!?

    Sorry…not buying this rumor at all.

  • CeltsFan54

    Assuming Ray comes back healthy from surgery he would be a great contributor. A lot of it depends on his mind set after all the rumors we have heard lately. I am not sure the Celtics would double the offer but there is a lot to be said for paying him fair market value plus an added increment for keeping him away from the Heat.

  • GarnettsGrl

    I know that at the end of the day it’s bussiness but I really hope that loyalty comes into play on both side. Like Ray said he has a lot of basketball left in those legs so it’s not like he’s just washed up. I say roll the dice & bring home banner #18!!!!!!!!!!!