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Kevin Garnett’s New Anta Lifestyle Shoe

Kevin Garnett is sponsored by Chinese sports brand Anta.  Anta must be happy that KG re-signed with the Celtics, as they just released these two new Celtics themed KG Lifestyle shoes.  Unfortunate for American KG fans, Anta has no US distribution at the moment.  The only way to obtain these rare kicks is to travel to China or have a Chinese friend ship them to you.  If these were available in the US would you buy them?

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  • Shyam

    you actually might be able to get some of his shoes around here–check out this site:

  • Celtkicks

    I’ve seen that site, just doesn’t look a site I would put my credit cardd info in. I have seen some Antas on Ebay from time to time. Overall they are tough to get and they only come in smaller mens sizes.

  • Jess

    I can get a pair probably. I have a close family member who works in Southern China.

  • Kris

    I’m in Shanghai right now and I was at the Anta store moments ago. I wanted to cop another pair of KG kicks, but they didn’t sell any shoe larger than a size 11 (and they didn’t even have that in stock). C’mon… you’re selling basketball shoes.
    It’s a shame, cause it’s a really slick sneaker, way nicer than most other Chines kicks I’ve seen on my trip.

    (Haven’t been able to find any store – Nike, Adidas, Anta, Li-Ning – that sells size 12 and up) C’mon… you’re selling basketball shoes
    C’mon… you’re selling basketball shoes