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Free agency update: Ray taking his time, Nads wants back in

In this free agent frenzy, “take his time” could mean 24 hours. These teams can’t wait too long on guys. Doc Rivers told Marc Spears the Celtics “want to bring the band back together.”

Remember Nenad Krstic? He is leaving CSKA Moscow. The Celtics still hold his Bird rights. If Brandon Bass were to leave, Nads could fill that role of jump shooting big.

Sherrod Blakely says the Celtics could have interest in Gerald Green. Hmmm… not really sure how I feel about that one.

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  • kg21

    yes yes please come back!

  • Alex

    Would be great to have Nenad back. The more Centers we get, the merrier. I think Kevin Garnett will agree with me.

  • NorthernGreen

    I wonder what he did in Russia, stat wise.

    • Alex

      Check out his Wikipedia page, shows his stats on the Moscow team there.

  • colaroaster

    for the vet min nads could be a good body for practices

    • Lee in Oregon

      He’s not a vet min guy. He just had a great year in Europe and won’t be coming over for what he would consider peanuts.

      I’d say yes to Gerald after what I saw from him in Jersey last year- the kid has grown up and can score. This would be a cheap signing.

      • Jester00

        My god if they bring back GG I will quit watching the Celtics my goal in life is to make more money then that turd I hate him more than vin baker

        • kg215

          Don’t worry he didn’t just hurt the Celtics by being a wasted pick, he hurt himself a lot more. A guy that talented being where he is now, is pretty sad.

  • colaroaster

    pls don’t compare euro ball with the nba. nad’s is softer than vanilla ice cream, altho gerald green could challenge rickie davis’s roster spot w/the maine lobster claws.

    while we have the chance.. lets look at other, more established players ie jeff green, ray allen, crawford, mayo, etc

  • RedsLoveChild

    Whatever it takes…keep Nads away from Boston!

    Krstic does NOT have NBA talent.

    • kg215

      He is not that bad, though I agree we don’t need him. Not sure if KG is playing center, but we could start Sullinger and have Stiemsma come off the bench. Or if Stiemsma plays well start him and have sullinger/fab come in off the bench. We should give minutes to JJJ too, gotta play our young guys and see what they got. Adding a decent backup big will just take away their minutes.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Danny Ainge is far more predictable than people would have you believe.

        Trust me on this one…Krstic will never again be a Celtic!

        Steamer, Melo, and Sullinger will all get plenty of minutes next year. That`s a given.

        JJJ is a bit of a question mark. I am not convinced the Celtics are “sold” on him.

  • zippittyay

    I would definitely take GGreen back. I think he has matured greatly and has channeled his athletic talent well.

  • Eric

    I prefer Steisma & Erden.

  • Robin

    Go Celtics
    Keep Ray