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Celtics, Bass reps, have “great conversation”

Brandon Bass turned out to be a great addition to the Celtics in exchange for Glen Davis this past season… but his post season contribution can be accurately described as “spotty.”   So while we all know that Bass can be a pretty good contributor to the Celtics, there are flaws that he has.  Some say a sign-and-trade with him is a good idea.  But, considering the talks between the Celtics and his reps today, it’s looking more like Bass will return to the Celtics next season.

“We had a great conversation and we’ll continue to talk,” said Dutt. “Everything was very positive.”

Dutt said that six other NBA teams have expressed interest in his client, who at the age of 27 is entering the prime of his career. It helps that he excelled during the Celtics’ recent playoff run. He will be in demand, likely for more than mid-level (approximately $6 million) money.

“We understand that they care about him, but we have to look at all of our options,” said Dutt. “It’s our job to look at everything and make good decisions.”

I, for one, am all for a Bass return.  If he’s open to a multi-year-deal at the right price (say… 3 years, $18 -$20 million)… I think he can continue to be productive for Boston.

As for his playoff performance… it’s possible a team keying on him can be disruptive to his game, thus rendering a key piece to the Celtics puzzle ineffective.  It’s also possible that this learning experience, plus the tutelage of Doc Rivers and the Celtics veterans, could change that this upcoming postseason.

Stay tuned.  If I had to guess… Brandon Bass will be back in the Celtics fold soon.

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  • Chuck

    Forget 3 yrs. he’s gonna get 4, just like Glen Davis.

  • screaming jay

    Like BB a lot. He does need to work on the speed of his shot release though. I think that’s why he didn’t produce in the playoffs, he was being defended quicker, which made him shy about releasing his shot and getting it blocked. Seems he should be able to speed up his release…right now its like molasses.

  • colaroaster

    last season was filled w/great quotes. besides kg’s “grit and balls”, bass had a beauty of his own “the only reason i want to come back is because of Rondo”.

  • Isai

    sign and trade him for josh smith

  • Isai

    sign and trade him for josh smith…

  • KG21

    Hopefully he will be back…

    Im more curious about Nenad Krstic though..He’s a good center…

  • Joel

    I hope We sign n trade him. All he did was spot up n shoot for the celtics he couldn’t even crash the boards. Trading for smith is the best option rondo n smith = greatness just like in highschool.

  • WinstonSalems

    Signing Bass should be a no brainer. They need to bring him back. Ask Belichick, you can never have too much depth. They drafted Sully, he won’t play a lot but he’ll get his minutes. That said, if he gets injured, they can always rely on Bass. Plus, Bass and Sully complement each other. Bass loves the perimeter jump shot, Sully loves the post. BRING HIM BACK

  • CeltsFan54

    I hope they sign him. I think he brings a lot to the table. Hard worker, lot of heart, he has good chemistry with the key players. Also, loved the KG signing!

  • Shane

    For those of you saying that we should try to sign and trade Bass for Josh Smith… that’ll never happen. Smith is worth WAY more than Brandon. We would have to give up much more than just BB to get a guy like J-Smoove. Personally, I would rather see a sign and trade of BB for a microwave guard or back-up small forward. With the drafting of Sullinger and Melo, along with the qualifying offer to Steimsma, I’d rather give the roster spot to someone who plays a position that isn’t C or PF. That being said, If GangGreen can bring BB back for a reasonable price, I wouldn’t be opposed.

    • Brian

      The only way to make it work is to sign and trade green and bass for smith. I like smith but it kinda kills your depth. Having green is going to be a huge help for pierce, and when we got a small lineup at the 4. I still think ersova for bass is the best option out there. Because both teams are under the cap, we can be off by 1/2 million which gives us a better chance to sign ray and still be under the luxury tax.

      • Lee in Oregon

        Nice post Brian, I would do that in a heart-beat, and for Joe Johnson too. Jeff Green has done nothing in the NBA to worry that losing him wrecks our depth. We were the 2nd best team in the NBA last year without him. Love Illyasova too but I’d be surprised to see him moved.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I hope he’s back too. The guy is pretty solid. Agree with Chuck though, 3 years aint gonna get it done. I want him back so KG plays the 5, and think he can improve on what I’d agree was a spotty playoffs.

  • Jay

    Bass stands a better chance of returning now that KG is back. There’s no question he showed hs defensive liabilities in the postseason – and matchups proved to be a problem at time over a 7-game series (Philly most notably) as was the case with Big Baby vs. the Lakers. Bass has to learn and COMMIT to playig team D – no exceptions! The same goes for the rookie bigs coming to the Celts and that’s where KG really is the key.

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  • JJ

    I really like Bass, but I really don’t like resigning him. I fully understand Doc’s system, but at some point you have to play the young guys. I am not a huge fan Johnson or Moore, but Sully will be good and Melo will surprise people. KG didn’t come back for the same team, he came back because of the help we got him in the draft. KG needs them to take the pressure off, so they will play. Why pay Bass, particularly, so much when we need to transition to Sully at some point. Bass is not the best rebounder, so Sullinger should be able to rebound at or around the same level, and his scoring is better. Again, I do like Bass, but I like Sullinger better for the Celtics, financially and future-wise. And Green is back, so if we play small, he will be there. Where is this $$ and playing time to give Bass?