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Report: Memphis to offer Ray Allen full mid-level exception

According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal: 

The Grizzlies have made veteran sharpshooter Ray Allen a prime offseason target and planned to contact him late Saturday night in the first step of what promises to be a strong pursuit of the NBA’s all-time leading three-point shooter.

Memphis, according to sources familiar with the team’s plans, will offer Allen its full mid-level exception ($5 million) in hopes of luring him away from other suitors — such as Miami — with only the mini-mid-level ($3 million) to spend

Well then… this is an interesting turn of events.

Yes, most contending teams will be pursuing Ray Allen as aggressively as they can.  Miami has made Ray Allen a top priority as well.  So Ray will have plenty of choices.  This is the first I’ve heard of Memphis getting into the mix.

And this raises a question that I’ve been debating on Twitter today… how much is Ray Allen really worth?

The fact is, he’s little more than just a shooter right now.  He’s a hell of a shooter, but he’s also a soon-to-be 37 year-old coming off ankle surgery who can’t dribble or pass nearly as well as he used to, and can simply guard no one anymore.   As much as I hate to say it because Ray Allen has been the epitome of professionalism throughout his entire time here… $5 million a year for multiple years is too rich for my blood.

And… then there’s this…

If the Celtics are REALLY intent on getting OJ Mayo, and the Grizzlies are REALLY intent on getting Ray Allen, then we have ourselves a nice little formula for a straight-up sign-and-trade.  If the Celtics want to give Mayo more than the $5 mid-level, and Memphis is willing to go higher than the mid-level for Ray Allen… then they can find a comfortable salary range that works for both teams, and one that works in the trade rules.

By the way, under the trade rules, the Celtics can send whatever Ray Allen’s salary would be, and receive 150% of that, plus $100,000 IF they are not a tax paying team.  So they can take back a number much higher than mid-level in this scenario.  So if they signed Ray for $6 million, they could bring back OJ Mayo at $9 million.  If they are a tax paying team, they can take back 125% of the outgoing salary… which would be $7.5 million.   The determination on what the rule would be whether they are under the tax level at the time of the trade.

So the Grizzlies’ interest in Ray Allen is both shocking, and possibly convenient.  Stay tuned on this one.


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  • Lee in Oregon

    You nailed it. They can have Ray (I love him too, etc) and we get OJ, AND get to possibly use Bass on another sign & trade (I would want him back).

    Doesn’t seem like Memphis has alot of love for Mayo though.

  • Jessica

    I don’t think Mayo can fit better than Ray in Celtics. Ray was perfect for our system, and still is. After the surgery, I believe in his recovery. So don’t let Ray go. Just sign him!

  • sev

    i like ray too, and he did fit our system to a degree, but whos to say that some other guard can’t fit our system and make it look even better(OJ Mayo is intriguing because of his age and that supposed untapped potential, but worse case he could give you 15 easy). Doc would make him believe he was the superstar intended to be and the unselfish celtics stars would be in his ear telling him hes the man and be aggressive. Memphis had other players that took bad shot and/or didn’t pass much(rudy gay and zack randolph). Therefore if he is ever going to be that superstar I think the cast in Boston would bring it out, while also adding that Rondo would be feeding him the ball too. Ray was a great compliment when healthy as far as spreading the floor, but towards the end I didn’t like how there was less ball movement and too much waiting for ray to run around picks…predictable(changed during his injury of course). Thats when Rondo is limited a little, but I would still love to have him off the bench, but too my point before, look at avery bradley as an obvious example that sometimes change makes our system better.

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      That’s what I was thinking, OUR system was to set 3 picks for Ray to get his shot, OJ can get his own shot. Get him 25-30 minutes, he can average 15+. Love getting younger too, haven’t watched him enough to know how good he defends, but almost anything is an upgrade from Ray, and our team defense is pretty damn good.

      f that would allow us to sign and trade Bass for a big man (Kahman, Okafor, etc.) plus we sign Green, our team will be better than this year, and Paul and KG can get some rest (ala Spurs), and retire together in 2-3 years.

      AND Miami doesn’t get Ray!

  • GarnettsGrl

    I want Ray back myself, Let them finish what they started. I think we’ll be fine with the other pieces that we have in place. I know we are thinking long term as we should be, We have young talent on the bench that could be a big part of what we do 2 or 3yrs from now…..Show Ray some Love he deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alex

      You shouldn’t care about three professionals ending together. You should care more about what the Celtics should do to WIN championships. If Ray has to go to make the team better, I would go for it.

  • screaming jay

    Every time I hear OJ Mayo’s name I get feeling nervous…

    Maybe its the OJ part…

    I’ve heard some folks mention his negatives and those are worrying to me as well.

    • screaming jay

      and I think that Ray will look like a new man after he has his ankle repaired. Well, maybe a newer man.

    • RedsLoveChild

      With Mayo…be careful what you wish for.

      He goes to USC and wears uniform #32, just like Simpson.

      Memphis seems a little too eager to get rid of him…he is no longer a starter…and his FT% has been under .410% each of the last two years.

      Still, Ray is 37….it`s time for him to go.

  • Josh

    Hey Ray Allen was a great for us but I think it’s time for him to go.. But I think is proper replacement should be Lou Williams he is a better replacemnt and he would take less money (since he is a FA, and was 2nd in voting for Sixth Man). With him taking less money we could go after a sign and trade for Ersan Elyasova who I think is going to have a breakout season and be as an impactful player as a future star. Also try to sign Wilcox, Pietrus, Stiesma and Dooling for minimum and we got ourselves a serious contender believe me

  • Josh

    That sign and trade would be with Brandon Bass, of course as someone already mentioned. What do y’all think?

  • Alex

    Mayo says he doesn’t care about banners. do you really want him HERE?

  • paul

    Nine million for Mayo?!!!

    That sounds crazy to me.

    • kricky

      Agreed. The guy has been in the league for 4 years an is still living on his “potential”. He barely shot 40% from the field this year.

  • Jim

    Injuries and health issues have hurt this Celtics team.A fit and healthy Celtics could have raised one or two more banners.I thank Ray for what has given the Celtics as a player and a man,but I think it is time to let go.Paul ,Greg,Avery,Wilcox and Green and two of the draftees have health issues,mental and physical. I think that is quite enough to be going on with.

  • Vince

    What does all of this high level free agent talk mean to Bradley? I thought he had a break out season. Don`t we want him to start and bring in a sharp shooter to balance things out? If so, don`t we have this already with Pietrus if he resigns? Or, don`t we certainly have that with Ray Allen? If we can get OJ Mayo as this article describes, then I agree we should do it even though I love Ray and everything he stands for. At least he won`t end up in Miami.

  • Go Celtics

    Ray is not going any where, but back home in Boston.