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Video: Sullinger & family’s reaction to being drafted

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 29, 2012 Draft, Videos 3 Comments

This is pretty cool.  I love seeing these because we always tend to forget how exciting these moments are for these kids.  Remember, they’re young… some are still teenagers, some are in their early 20’s… and as much as they’re big-time college players, there’s a dream being realized here.  No matter how big a player you are, hearing your name called is special.  This is a great moment.

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  • afd

    apparently they didnt know wojo was tweeting out the picks 5 mins before each

  • Sam

    There seemed to be too much excitement before Stern actually announced his name for them to not be in the know a few minutes beforehand.

  • Dan White

    Love is a strong word. But I love this kid on the Celtics. So coachable and so much upside for a 21st pick. I have high expectations. Lets hope he can handle NBA size and athelticism down low.