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Rumor: Suns serious contenders for Ray Allen

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski says there is mutual interest between Ray Allen and the Phoenix Suns:

The Phoenix Suns have surfaced as serious contenders to sign Boston Celtics free agent Ray Allen, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Ray Allen will become a free agent after spending the past five seasons with the Celtics.

Allen, 37, is willing to explore offers beyond Boston. The Suns – regardless of whether they re-sign free-agent point guard Steve Nash – interest Allen, sources said.

The Suns have significant salary-cap space, and could pay Allen more than the Miami Heat or New York Knicks. Suns president Lon Babby had been Allen’s agent for a significant part of his career until Babby started running Phoenix’s basketball operations two years ago.

Some have suggested that Allen is likely destined for the Heat, but sources indicate that while the Heat remain a possibility, they’re not currently the leaders for him. Allen has expressed some interest in still returning to the Celtics, who will have extension talks with him and free agent Kevin Garnett.

Ray Allen isn’t going to find a championship in Phoenix. He will find more money and warmer weather.

Your choice, Ray.

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  • dunn

    Ray…do the right thing…no one wants to go to Phoenix… Come off the bench and watch Johnny Rondo lob balls to Fab all day.


  • I like this. This makes it sound like he’s more likely to come back here. Obviously money is a factor to him if he’s listening to the Suns. We can match them. Heat can’t.

    Anyone but the Heat.

    • Gixr1

      Am i the only one thats sick of all these prima donnas?
      If you can’t accept your role and play it like a true professional, then go wherever you like. Same for Paul pierce who would do the team and himself wonders by coming off the bench.

      • Mike

        who exactly do you want to start in front of Paul Pierce?

        • Josh D

          I think he’s trying to say if we were in the same position with Paul Pierce then The Truth would know that coming off the bench would help the team.

          • Gixr1

            I don’t think he would! But It would help the team.

        • Gixr1

          Jeff green if we sign him, would play better running with rondo, and pierce can come off the bench and get his without disrupting the flow. This will make the team alot better suited to avoid the scoring droughts that have plagued them in the past.

          • Mikey

            You’re talking about “on-paper”. I agree, Jeff Green definitely seems to be a better running mate for Rondo…younger, faster, better athlete. But he appears lost at times when they played together. Jeff Green has none of that Paul Pierce swagger…reminds me too much of JD Drew

      • kg215

        Ray Allen is not a prima donna. He is a professional who has been insulted repeatedly by Danny Ainge, being dangled in trades every year. Now he has been demoted to 6th man status too, and there are rumors he doesn’t get along with Rondo. It is not unreasonable for him to go somewhere else, though I hope he stays. Don’t act like he owes this team a lot, that would only be true if it wasn’t for Ainge.

        • Gixr1

          Dont act like you dont know the business. He owes the team what they owe him, nothing. What you call a demotion is plain and simply being outplayed by a younger, hungrier, defensively gifted player. No shame in that, or acting like a true professional and being the best 6th man you can be.

          Acting like you’re entitled to a starting position when it’s clearly not in the teams best interest is a prima Donna move. Deal with it.

    • JR99

      It’s true that Cs CAN match Suns’ offer for Ray. But I got a feeling they’re won’t, and that Ray will therefore end up in Phoenix.

      Thing about Ray is that his game has deteriorated quite a lot from 2008, to the point where he is on the edge of becoming a real 1-trick pony. Yes, he was injured this past season, but his D was suffering before the injury, as were his numbers overall. And Ray’s handles have NEVER been good, never been even decent… seriously, the man can’t handle the ball under pressure… he’s a TURNOVER MACHINE whenever he tries to do anything PG-like on the court.

      He would fit better on a team that just wants some 3-point shooting, period. Like the Heat. Maybe the Suns. But the Cs need a LOT more from our 2 — like DEFENSE and the ability to run with Rondo. Bradley not only runs WITH Rondo, he runs right BY him sometimes (like he’s standing still!). And when it comes to defense… well, no point in stating the obvious.

      So I think this is it for Ray. He’s going to move on. And I think that’s probably gonna be a good thing for both sides.

  • happenstance

    Ray always seemed like a guy that didn’t really care about the money. Maybe he does.. But I rather he go somewhere (like Miami tho he’ll burn us for sure lol) where he can chase another ring instead of the dollar bill if he’s not coming back here (which seems highly unlikely at this point)

  • colaroaster

    Griz issue qualifying offers to Arthur, Speights, making them RFA. Won’t issue QO to Mayo or Hudson.

  • kricky

    Doesn’t make any damn sense. Why woudld he wan to go to a lottery team? And why would the Suns want an old guy if they are rebuilding? Brain farts all around!

  • paul

    I really can’t wait for Allen to be gone. He had a golden role waiting for him, as sixth man, as the offensive powerhouse off the bench. He’s turned his back. Well now my back is turned. That works both ways, Rayo.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Ainge has no plans of making Ray an offer of any kind.

  • thebantam

    Man, folks are really going either end of the spectrum on this one. Ray should do whatever he wants. Chase money, chase pride. He’s earned the right at this stage in his career and as DA said, doesn’t owe anyone anything and vice versa. He’s been paid $170m over his career and always been an A+ example of a professional.

    At this point, it’s about him enjoying himself if he wants to start, if he wants to come off the bench, or getting paid top dollar and being a mercenary. He has a ring, he has the 3pt title, is a stand up citizen, an aspiring politician. If he wants to be a 6th man with the C’s, I’d be psyched. Clearly the Heat would be my last choice, both for the competition and also I would hope he simply wouldn’t have fun in that pre-school locker room. But in the end, if he wants another ring he’s earned that right. If he wants to earn another $10m to rebuild instead of $3m to contend, whatever makes him happy he’s earned.

    Do whatever you want Jesus.

    • kricky

      Absolutely agree. He’s earned the right to do what he wants. We should be grateful to him for the memories. And for playing through some serious pain in this year’s playoffs.

      Still I think these rumors are all BS (maybe designed to up his value) and I think he comes back for another run if Danny gives him a reasonable offer.

    • Grandad434

      Amen. Let Jesus do what he wants. He helped bring another ring to Beantown and the city and team are grateful for it. He has declined greatly since that ring though and admirably played through some serious meat hanging pain last season. Hats off to him and hopefully he’ll do what’s best FOR HIM moving forward. If he thinks he can still contribute as a starter, then with Miami moving Lebron to the 4 and Bosh Spice to the 5, well, let’s just have Jesus right on in there. It is blasphemy for a Celtic fan to be saying this, but clearly he’s given his all here and again, now it’s time for him to do what’s right for his future. AB is the man running with Rondo and has earned a starting role on that squad.

  • KY Celts fan

    If ray decided to leave the team, I wouldn’t mind if he ended up in Phoenix. They aren’t a team we would be competing against in the playoffs, and they aren’t a rival. I can accept Phoenix a lot easier than I could Miami or Chicago.

  • Chief

    Phoenix really……don’t see it happening, at this point of his career he should be chasing another ring not money.

  • Chuck Conti

    It’s pretty obvious it’s not as much as about the money or another ring for Ray. It’s about respect and stability. Read Wojo again- Lon Babby was Ray’s agent and would probably agree to NOT trade him. One move to Phoenix and play til he retires.

    You know, if Ainge offered Ray a pay cut and a no-trade clause, I’m thinking Ray might take it.

    • Chief

      Plays til he retires, for a below average team with no chance to win anything, I guess your not 37

    • Grandad434

      Absolutely right about the no-trade clause. Jesus should have pushed for that 2 years ago if he was getting tired of all the trade rumors.

  • Dan White

    If its between the Celtics and the Suns, how could Ray ever choose the Suns? I say pay the man and hes 6th man of the year If his ankles recover and surgery goes well. But I wouldnt even hate Ray on the Suns because how could you ever hate the Suns? Its better than the Heat and it will make moving on from Ray much easier. And Ray’s legacy in Boston will be so much better if he ended his career on the harmless suns as opposed to the Heat.

    • Grandad434

      HAHAHA! Yes, those pesky harmless suns. Such a shame they can’t get it together.

  • paul

    Tanguay says Allen and Rondo hate each other.