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Celts make Stiemsma qualifying offer

The Boston Celtics have made a qualifying offer for roughly $1 mil. to Greg Stiemsma. This ensures that come July 1st (this Sunday) the Celtics will have the opportunity to match any offers made to the Big Stiemer. Stiemsma has the option to sign the offer, or try and hammer out a longer deal with Danny Ainge and Boston. The Celts will have 3 days to match any offer other NBA teams throw at Stiemsma. Despite being hampered by a foot injury in the latter part of the season, Greg Stiemsma played very well for Boston last year-specifically on defense. He blocked 85 shots in 55 games for the green during the 2011-12 season.

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  • thetitleisours

    Like it. I think that injury will probably mean he is not going anywhere

  • Chief

    I like this as well, hope to see him healthy for us, but then again some bonehead GM will probably offer him a big contract.

  • screaming jay

    I really hope we sign the steamah!

  • GarnettsGrl

    I really want Stieeees to comce back I like what he was able to give us all things considered…..Yes we got some young talent in the draft but how long before they find their place, so in the mean time let Stieeees do what he do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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