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With the 21st pick in the NBA draft…

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 28, 2012 Draft 25 Comments on With the 21st pick in the NBA draft…

The Boston Celtics select… Jared Sullinger

Sullinger is the first of two medically red flagged guys due to issues with his back.  But the Celtics weren’t scared off by the Ohio State power forward.

He’s a big boy.  He’s a top 10 talent.  If this back issue is no big deal, this is a steal

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  • Vince

    Considering who else was on the board, I like the move, especially if the Celtics aren`t afraid of his injury being serious.

  • Jester00

    Yep all praise the great and powerful JESTER00HOF SULLY is the man

  • Mike

    Al Jefferson 2.0

  • BamaCeltic

    Damn Danny! Both bad picks……neither one of these guys can score……fab melo?? Really?? Yeah he is tall……but what else?? And jester….ur man crush on sullinger…is funny….he is big baby all over again…..another under the rim , non athletic short big man …….but at least former Celtic great knows talent , Mchale with the rockets ….awesome picks………I guess we will see, I hope I’m wrong….love my celts !!

    • Reggie35RIP

      The “Big Baby all over again” talk is just pure BS. Have you watched any of Sullinger’s highlights? He may be undersized but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in footwork, post moves and mid range game. We’ll see what happens with his back.

  • TampaCs

    These picks address the height and youth the C’s need. BamaCeltic is drunk. The point wasn’t to get offense. Rondo will be able to set these guys up with easy dunks and lay-ups and did you forget who else is still on this team? Perkins wasn’t relied on to score and neither will these guys. Play D and guard the paint and the rim thats their job. Plus Sullinger can score the ball. Did we almost forget he prob was a top 3 pick if he came out last year?

    • Jester00

      yes Sully can score the ball all great points Tampa

      • TampaC’s

        So 17.6 PTS Per, 9.3 RPG, and you’re trying to tell me he can’t score the ball? What planet do you live on? This dude was a top three pick last year if he came out. Get your head out of your ass and realize they got the best available player at 21.

    • BamaCeltic

      Height ?? And youth?? Everyone in the draft has youth…there all kids……so youth as a point is null……melo has height ….but that’s about it……Ned I remind u … Pat obryant was a 7 footer too and he was horrible….. At least sullinger can seem to score .. Hope he can against NBA players, when he won’t be able to bully everyone on the court as the biggest man ….this is the nba….not horrible picks …but I bet they get traded….just watch…….plus how is it not about offense ?? Its who can put the ball in the hoop more …..we needed athletic guys who can run and score……oh we’ll……still pull for my Celts

      • Alex

        Dude, is your ‘period’ key stuck or something? I can’t take anything you say seriously with you spamming periods and your inability to spell ‘well’ right.

        • BamaCeltic

          I will say both picks could make Danny look like a genius. I hope they do. And to Alex the English major fag on the site. Go do a term paper or something , this blog is about basketball, ya douche

          • OBTV

            How about fuck off with your homophobic bullshit? And “go do a term paper” makes you look like an idiot.

          • BamaCeltic

            Man please !! Talk Basketball ! This is a Celtics Basketball Blog. Not a English class or a forum on political correctness. So spare me your “homophobic bullshit” comments. Im cool with it , but if you want Alex number , just ask him ? its cool , just do it somewhere else , this blog is about Celtics basketball . Sensitive thugs …u all need hugs !

  • Lee in Oregon

    Had to take him, bad back or not the best player left on the board. This kid can score and if not for the back issues would have gone much higher. Galinari had some back issues his first year, so maybe DA made another excellent pick in the low 20’s.

  • hebertofnh

    Sullinger can rebound the hell out of the basketball, has great hands, and will make effort plays. For a Bass backup, he’s gonna fill the role very well. Not sold on Melo, but you can’t teach height. Danny Ainge made off fairly well considering our draft position/ white and nicholson going early.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Chances are…other GM`s overreacted to Sully`s back problems.

    This was a “gamble” well worth taking!

  • Tyler

    I am so effin disgusted with DA! He blew it again! instead of trading up for Rivers he got could feet. I’m going to go for a loooong walk.

    • James

      You’re a retard.

  • Abcd

    omg anyone who thinks sullinger is a bad pick can die.

  • Tyler

    DA screwed up again! F’d it away! Sullinger is a poor man version of Big Baby except with a bad back. Fab Melo could F*** up a cup of coffee he is soo bad. This is horrible. Just horrible.

  • pete

    First off, thank the heavens that they weren’t able to pull off a trade to get Rivers. What a huge setback for the franchise that would have been: losing the chance to get an actual top prospect like Sully, the horrible production Rivers would have provided (along with a significant amount of continued playing time and chances he would undeservedly get), stealing time away from the massive positive effect that is Avery Bradley, putting a continued strain on the team both from within and from the media/fanbase, as everyone would start to realize what a mistake we had on our hands, should I go on?

    (but tell us how you ‘really’ feel, ya?)

    Anyhow, great get on Sullinger (easily one of the most productive guys in college, highly refined post game, very good rebounder) but that was a no-brainer. Following that up with a stiff like Melo and a non-factor like Joseph does not bode well for the process. They even worked out Kevin Jones and skip him over for the 51st, while the Spurs game the league once again and grab one of the top guys (Denmon) with the second-last pick of the draft. At least the Bulls ended up with Teague, lol.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I really think that getting Rivers – no matter how talented Austin is -would have been an ugly move for the kid, the Rivers family and the Celtics.
    I don’t know anyone of the draft picks, so let me trust Danny.

  • Boogie

    I don’t see an undersized (6’9) PF being successful in the NBA as a post scorer. His shots are going to get swatted everywhere. He’s TOO small, ala BBD, ala Antoine Walker. This is the NBA. Where most PF’s and C’s are GIANTS!! I hope he developes one hell of a running hook shot, otherwise the league is going to turn him into yet another jump shooter for the C’s. As if we need another one of them. I don’t see why DA likes these undersized PF’s. On top of that, word is he’s got a potential back issue (disc). lol…. as if we aren’t injury prone enough. I’m not coming away excited about this draft at ALL! I just hope I’m wrong. Trying to trust in DA’s track record here.

  • TampaC’s

    All these Big Baby comparisons. You guys act like BBD was the worst player to ever brace the parquet. People’s expectations with these picks must have been really high. Did you really expect DA to have Anthony Davis fall into his lap!?!?!?!?

  • Tyler

    DA could have traded up for Anthony Davis by adding Rondo to the deal. Then we could sign Jeremy Lin.