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Sullinger and Melo’s Celtics Draft Kicks


The C’s took Jared Sullinger with the #21 overall pick.  Sullinger wore all types of Jordans during his days at Ohio State, including the Air Jordan 13 “Playoffs” (pictured).

The C’s took Brazilian big Fab Melo with the 22nd pic.  Melo wore Kevin Durant’s signature shoe the Nike KD2 in the “Creamsicle” colorway.

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  • classless

    Over/Under: 50 DNPs for Melo

    • Put it this way, he’s going to get to know Portland, Maine very well.

  • zippittyay

    Scott Machado?

  • colaroaster

    word on the street KG put his concord home on the market

  • Bkoldy

    I have a feeling now that we have a center even though he’s a rookie KG will come back at the 4 spot. KG will work directly with him on playing defense.

  • WinstonSalems

    We all knew they were going “big”with their picks. Obviously, if the C’s had the 10th pick, they wouldn’t have gone with Sullinger. That said, he was the best available at number 21. Fab Melo was a surprise but I think he could learn from KG. However, he could be worse than Baby when it comes to learning the ropes, especially from someone like KG. He’s more raw than Stiemsma, but has the potential to be an outstanding defensive center (Big East Defensive POY). A poor man’s Kendrick Perkins.

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