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Report: Ray Allen will sign with Heat

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 27, 2012 Free Agency, Rumors 41 Comments on Report: Ray Allen will sign with Heat

I’m still skeptical.  “General consensus” is based on nothing besides what everyone thinks will happen.  And the source doesn’t tell you anything besides the scary possibility. 

“Barring a change”? 

Well, barring a change, I plan on joining the Celtics coaching staff and Chuck will be dating Adriana Lima. 

See?  It works with everything.

“Barring a change, Greg Oden plans to come back and have a fruitful 10-year NBA career”
“Barring a change, The New York Knicks plan to make competent, fiscally sound moves that will make them a contender”
“Barring a change, Kobe Bryant plans to become a facilitator next season, refusing to take 25 shots per game while ignoring his teammates for large stretches.”

I dunno, maybe Ray will join the Heat, but that would fly in the face of everything we’ve heard about him.  If he wants to start, it won’t happen in Miami.  And if he wants to be paid fair value, it won’t happen in Miami.  If he wants to chase championships and be a hired gun?  THAT will happen in Miami.

And that’s his right.  I won’t begrudge him that.  He’s a free agent and he’ll have every right to join whatever team he wants for whatever reason.  Call me nuts, but I think there are other places Ray can get what he’s looking that work for his family.

“I have a great realtor. Just remember not to make direct eye contact with LeBron and you’ll be fine here. See you in September”

(H/T: Celtics Blog)

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  • IanD

    This will be hard to take if it is true

    • WinstonSalems

      why is this hard to take? he’s turning 37 in a month, he’s got bad ankles, he can’t even guard his position anymore. Avery Bradley is the future, not Ray. If Ray signs with Boston, great. If not, time to move on. Miami doesn’t make sense for Ray. He won’t start, he won’t finish the game. He’ll play about 15 minutes/game, as long as Wade is healthy. They’re bringing him in as a bench scorer, who can hit the 3. Honestly, at this point in their careers, i’d rather have Derek Fisher than Ray Allen.

  • Jester00

    If he goes, there is always Michael Redd, Carlos Delfino, Delonte West, Steve Novak, and JR Smith.
    Any thoughts on those guys? P.S. Please not J.R. Smith

    • colaroaster

      Jamal Crawford and Bradley w/be a nice tandem.

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      J.R. SMITH!!

    • Lee in Oregon

      Of the guys u mentioned, Redd or Delfino would help. Novak will be back in NY. West is a nutcase, I’d rather have JR Smith, who I can’t effing stand.

      I will begrudge Ray if he heads to Miami, especially if he’s already made up his mind without listening to offers.

      • uh huh

        come on, Lee. I can’t begrudge Ray anything. You forget but we had traded him (to Memphis too! Not LA or somewhere super nice and ready to win, but Memphis) and THEY backed out of it. If he chooses to go be a backup somewhere else after that, that’s fine. I’d begrudge him and think less of him ONLY if he went to a losing team to be a backup. If he goes to a crap team so he can start and play as much as he wants his last few years or to a different contender, good for him. I hope he never wins anything again (only cuz that’d mean we didn’t) but I have nothing but good things to say about Ray regardless of how this shakes out.

  • colaroaster

    With 2 yrs left on a HOF career this is how he wants to ride out? From elite icon status to journey man. Ray Allen, I thought you wanted to be a classy professional..

  • This makes the incident in the 2011 All-Star Game where when Doc asked who the ball goes to at the buzzer and everyone answered “whoever is open” except for Dwayne Wade, who answered “Ray Allen” seem a lot smarter. He probably thinks they respect his value, whereas he certainly doesn’t seem to think the C’s do anymore (which is fair enough given the trade rumors). I’d be sad to see it happen, but I understand why it would.

  • classless

    I don’t get it. He’ll get the same playing time and probably less $ in Miami. Obviously, he’s butthurt over the initial benching and has lingering issues with Rondo. Why else would he leave for a place that isn’t offering him anything more?

    • Alex

      Offering a better chance at winning a title… unless Danny Ainge pulls something out of his hat that makes this team even more stronger.

      Seriously though, if the Celtics were healthy in the playoffs, they would have won this year. Just Bradley and we could have won it all. It pains to see such bad luck plaguing the C’s.

      • gloofie

        Seriously though, people like to forget that if Derrick Rose hadn’t injured his knee, the C’s wouldn’t have made it out of the second round.

  • gaia

    please dont…..why the heat….why…………………

  • We shall see. I know he’ll definitely be staying on the East coast because he wants to stay as close as possible to Joslin Diabetes Ctr. But it would sting a little if he goes to the Heat…

    • Danno

      A 4 hour flight from Miami to Boston for the Joslin Diabetes center isn’t much different than a 6 hour flight from LA. It’s not “staying close” by any stretch of the imagination.

  • The Flash

    If Bradley was fit you would have won it all, dont make me laugh… If only Bosh was fit you would have been swept!

    • Danno

      The Heat were :37 seconds away from being swept had game 2 not been gifted to them by suspect officiating.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Ainge never intended to make an offer to Allen.

    This works out best for both of them.

  • Danno

    Regardless of anything that has been discussed re: Ray Allen’s legacy in Boston, this is reason #1 why his #20 should never be retired here.

    • uh huh

      BS! He was a key player on two finals teams, one of which got a ring. He’s been nothing but classy and took his demotion to the bench with a professional attitude that someone like Ricky Davis wouldn’t. So he’s gonna wind down his career somewhere else? So what? It’s a business. Would you have been saying Ainge was a punk had we actually traded him? No, cuz that’s the business. Sucks sometimes, but it is what it is. Ray never demanded a trade, never complained (publicly anyway) about being benched, handled himself with class, and, again WON A TITLE FOR THE CELTICS. He was definitely the best of the big 3 in that 2010 season that was oh so close to an out-of-nowhere title. Now he wants to leave when his contract’s up and he’s being phased out of the plans and we’re supposed to begrudge him for that?!? I don’t buy it.

    • KY Celts fan

      If Ray leaves, I gotta agree with Danno. Ray was essential to Banner 17, but having your number retired is of the highest honor a team can bestow. If he leaves of his own free will, he doesn’t deserve that honor.

      • uh huh

        He was traded and it was the other team that vetoed it. The second that happens, he gets a pass on leaving, to say nothing of the fact that this kinda thing happens all the time. Had he not won anything, sure, don’t retire the number, but he did.

  • 54

    I may be in the minority but I wouldnt give him a warm reception when he comes back. If he got traded there its different, but he is choosing to go the Celtics biggest rival in the east.

    • uh huh


  • All this talk of him playing for the Heat makes me queasy. And it’s puzzling after what he did in the postseason. Yeah, he might not have looked like the Ray Allen of 2008, but he did what he could to help the teams despite injury. His FG% and FT% dropped but he kept finding ways to contribute. I salute him for that and hope he’ll keep his talents in New England instead of taking them to South Beach.

  • 54

    If Ray goes to Miami what does their starting lineup look like and could we pull off a sign and trade? The only name I would be interested in is James Jones, but apparently he is thinking about retirement.

    • Jean GR

      We could trade for their 1st pick tomorrow…

  • Vince

    Ray, go to Chicago, go to OKC, go wherever you want…..except Miami and LA. You go to Miami and Celtics national will hate you.

  • Rondo To KG

    Barring a change, the Celtics will receive Dwight Howard for a old, half-eaten bag of potato chips found wedged in between the seats of the team bus.

    Orlando staff are reportedly thrilled with the thought of building a team around it.

  • Jester00
  • Wil Reyes

    I hope the Celtics drop the heat (well, even more) if Ray Allen signs in with them.

    imma hate allen really bad if he choses the heats

  • Brian

    This guy didn’t hear anything from a league source. He’s just been listening to the ESPN campaign to get Ray Allen to Miami.

  • Nick

    Yeah this is inexcusable He is willingly choosing to go to the Celtics biggest rival. There are 29 other teams he could sign with but going to Miami is a complete slap in the face of all Celtic fans and no one can tell me differently.

  • Jean GR

    I’m so disappointed in Ray Ray if this is true… I mean, I love the guy so much as a player and personality but this is really a slap in the face. I won’t hate on him but he will really fall in my eyes. Why go to the defending champions (and most hateful rival of the C’s) when u have almost all contenders in the league linin up for ur services? I’d love to see him go to chi or lac or okl but please not these arrogant heat bastards…

  • uh huh

    Here’s the thing, guys: where can he go to play for a true title contender?

    San Antonio: Has Ginobili in that role and Kawai Leonard starting, not to mention they probably topped out where they are at this point

    Chicago: Rose tore his ACL; they’re not title contenders next year and Ray’s too old to be thinking about 2014

    LAL: screw ’em, but they’re not title contenders after they dump Pau (unless it’s for Dwight,) like everyone seems to think they will.

    LAC: I don’t think they’re quite ready to win a chip and they need perimeter D from their 2, which Ray can’t do.

    OKC: Has Harden in the same role and needs to extend both him and Serge Ibaka, so they won’t be able to give him the $$$ he’d want and he’d still be the 3rd 2 guard (Thabo starts for D, Harden closes games, Ray seemingly gets 10-15mpg. Doesn’t add up to me)

    Miami: Has Mike Miller and (UFA) James Jones in that role. He’s better than both of them.

    I’m not saying it’s fun to think about, but if he’s gonna leave for a contender, Miami’s the only one that makes sense to get the PT he wants. Just remember, he’s 38 by the time the season starts. He’s essentially Kyle Korver at this point, which is fine, but is definitely replacable. I refuse to begrudge the guy for making this decision even though it will SUCK.

    • WinstonSalems

      He’s 37 by the time the season starts. I disagree about Miami being the only contender that will give him playing time. OKC could use Ray. Harden is a good playmaker but as you could see in the Finals, the guy couldn’t hit a 3. Hell, the whole OKC team struggled from the arc.

      The Heat situation is no different. Mike Miller is a combo 2-3 player, he can play either position. He proves to be a valuable backup at both positions. If D Wade is healthy, he’ll play around 30-35 minutes/game. I could see Mike Miller relieving him, like he did much of this past season. That would give Ray around 10-15 minutes/game. Maybe he feels like Miami gives him the best opportunity to win? Repeating Finals appearances is a difficult thing to do, especially if injuries hit. Also, if LeBron doesn’t continue to play like the best player ever to touch a basketball, the Heat will not repeat. I think this rumor is bogus but even if it was true, it wouldn’t bother me that Ray is on Miami. He’s no more of a threat than Derek Fisher.

  • uh huh

    I agree w/ the Fisher comparison, but remember, Mike Miller’s got a back injury that’s making him talk retirement if he needs surgery (and seeing him walk around like my grandpa during the Finals, he probably needs that surgery.) If that happens, suddenly Ray’s getting 20+mpg.

  • michael

    If Ray will stay here for 3 million, we can’t/shouldn’t pass that up. I suppose his “worth” (I hate putting it like that) depends on how the ankles heal up, so yeah there is risk, but there ALWAYS is.

    Why would Ray choose Miami if the money/years are the same? I’m pretty sure he’d rather stay here with his family. Do they have the MLE to offer him?

    As for retiring his # – He’s the all-time 3pt leader, helped end a 20 something year title drought, and don’t forget – without Ray we probably don’t get KG!

  • Quest

    Danny has been dangling Ray as trade bait last 2- 3 seasons so even if Ray re-signed no quarantees how long Ray would be wearing green. So why not look else where if they treat you better.

  • vivek NJ

    i am ok with chuck dating Adriana Lima as long as he doesnt double team kate upton.

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