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Ray Allen’s Top 5 Celtkicks #5

Celtkicks June 27, 2012 CeltKicks Comments Off on Ray Allen’s Top 5 Celtkicks #5

Ray Allen’s free agency could mark the end of an era in Boston.  When Ray joined the Celtics, it marked the first time since Dee Brown pumped up his Reeboks that Boston was excited about a Celtic’s players shoes.  During his time with the C’s Ray dazzled fans with his amazing shooting skills and incredible Air Jordans.  Celtics green when mixed with classic Jordan silhouettes was the equivalent of sneaker magic.  Over the next few weeks we will count down the Top 5 Jordans Ray wore during his time with the Celtics.  Ray may wind up with the Heat, but their is no question that over the past 5 years Sugar Ray has rocked some serious Celtics Heat.

We start the with #5 the Air Jordan VIII (8) Away PE.

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