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Ainge: 10 plans, 0 promises

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 27, 2012 Draft 10 Comments on Ainge: 10 plans, 0 promises

The draft is a little more than 24 hours away, and the burning question remains… did Danny Ainge make a promise to Royce White?

His answer today:  No.

“As a general rule I do not make promises,” Ainge said. “I have before, it’s been a while, and we did not make a promise, no. On draft day I’ll have 10 contingency plans and we’re exploring all the trade possibilities and if you make a commitment you’re just taking yourself out of that game. You better be sure you have a chance to get that player.”

Great… now we can move on. 

Danny did say what we basically all knew.  He could trade up.  He could trade down.  He could trade out of this draft altogether.  It’s all wide open… leading to what is sure to be a fun night tomorrow.

I keep thinking solid big at 21 (Nicholson or Perry Jones fit for me) and then taking a chance with someone whose stock has fallen at 22 (will Sullinger fall that far?  White?)  But those are no more than guesses since we have no clue what’s going to happen tomorrow night.  I don’t even think Danny Ainge does.

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  • BamaCeltic

    ive seen several mock drafts , with us taking Terrance Jones and Royce white …I’d love those picks …two very versatile skilled players……i think Fab Melo will be a bust and Sullinger is gonna hve trouble scoring in the NBA…..cant wait to see what Danny does ….then i hope Doc plays them

  • Jester00

    Sully is NBA ready Now look at his numbers. he can post up, shoot mid-range and 77% from the stripe how will he have trouble scoring??? White is a under sized at 6’7 and he goes 270 and he only played 2 years that is an issue. Give me SULLY any day!!!!!!

    • uh huh

      Jester, I think you’re wrong on White. first off, he measured 6’8″ in shoes and is 260, which is important since he’ll probably play both forward spots. He’ll probably never be a star, but he reminds me a lot of what we were hoping Antoine Walker could become during the point-forward experiments. Guy rebounds and scores well and also lead Iowa State in blocks, steals, assists, points, and rebounds last year. There’s a lot of skill and a lot to like there. He will help us if he ends up in Boston.

      I totally agree on Sullinger too. I think scoring may be an issue (he does play under the rim, much like Baby did) but he can bang down low and hit the glass hard. That’s a solid NBA role player and if scouts are right about the back and he’s outta the league in 5 years, oh well. We used the 22nd pick on him, not the 2nd.

      I will say though, I think we need a scoring guard off the bench. I’d be thrilled to get Doron Lamb or Will Barton if those guys are gone.

      In order, here are the guys I want: Perry Jones (rumors are he may be there, though I’d be shocked,) Royce White, Terrence Jones, Sullinger, Doron Lamb, Jeff Taylor (Posey 2.0, I love this kid as a defensive role player that can knock down a spot up,) Nicholson, Fab Melo, Will Barton (6’6″, 175??? Really dude? Eat a burger, kid can play though.)

      • RedsLoveChild

        Sully will be selected long before #21

      • Jester00

        I watch a lot of OSU bball this year and saw flush it quite a bit over people where is this under the rim comming from?

  • BamaCeltic

    reply to Jester00—His numbers in College? exactly ….when he was a big guy on the court at 6’9,280lb and getting alot of shots his stats don’t mean anything …..and he isnt athletic at all …reminds me of Big Baby …getting his shot blocked alot ..the NBA is an above the rim league…and with a bad back already …..I pass on him …White is versatile and would be great to run with Rondo ..or even start the break himself after getin the rebound …he is a ball player ..watched many a game and he was runnin the point for his team…i like his upside and verstility. Id really just like to see some athletic guys get drafted and the C’s be able to run more …Rondo and AB with some athletic addtions would be fun to watch ……

  • kricky

    I’d be surprised if Danny keeps the picks. I mean are we really going to have 5 roster spots taken up by rooks or 2nd year players?

  • Jay

    There is NO question Danny keeps both picks and drafts big. Regardless what KG decides the Celtics have a huge hole in the middle and there is nobody of any size to run with Rondo. It’s very important to decide on Ray Allen ASAP even if that means renouncing him. That Cap flexibility will allow the Celtics to get younger and at least make an offer on some of the protected free agent big men. Both Howard and Bynum become free agents next yr. It’s important to have cash at the ready.

  • Jester00

    6-9 268 and he knows how to win he was in the the final four last year come on… plus i will let a guy who shot 53% his time in college take as many as he wants

  • Chris

    “Id really just like to see some athletic guys get drafted and the C’s be able to run more”

    Also, yes, it is worth investing in this year’s draft. Without much to trade (Rondo is not for sale, we’d be ripped off trading AB on his rookie contract), approach free agency this year same as last year – short contracts so we come to next year’s free agent class with cash to spend. At the very least, I reckon Josh Smith would love to play with Rondo.