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Report: Celtics pursuing Jamal Crawford

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 26, 2012 Celtics News, Free Agency, Rumors 33 Comments on Report: Celtics pursuing Jamal Crawford

The Celtics have a lot of needs.  They really could use some size to help their horrible rebounding situation.  I mean, imagine how different things would have been if they could have been at least an average rebounding team? 

You can also say “imagine how different things would have been had they had a reliable scorer off the bench?”  Which is why the Celtics are among the teams showing interest in Jamal Crawford:

The Portland Trail Blazers are fielding trade offers for guard Jamal Crawford and the Philadelphia 76ers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Boston Celtics are among the teams actively pursuing the scoring specialist intensely, a league source tells

Other teams who have shown diminutive interest are the Los Angeles Clippers and the Phoenix Suns according to a person familiar with the situation.

Crawford CAN score.. there’s no doubt about that.  But he made $5 million last year and he’s sure to be looking for AT LEAST that… and that’s working on the assumption that he’s opting out of his deal just to get the hell out of Portland.  The more realistic belief should be that he wants more money, which immediately makes me want to pass on him. 

Also, he’s not the most efficient scorer out there and, let’s face it, this Celtics offense is built around guys who can hit the shots they take.  The C’s aren’t getting 100 shots up on a nightly basis.  They’re lucky if they get 80 up sometimes.  And no matter how you slice it, Crawford had his worst shooting seasons last year since his Chicago days.  The ony thing that saves his advanced numbers is the 92.7% clip she shot from the line.  The only time he shot worse from the field was his rookie year and he never shot worse from 3.  And to top it off, he’s 32 years old and he’s probably looking for one more good contract before he really slides down the back side of his career.  I just don’t like this equation for Boston.

Call me nuts, but if Boston is going to spend $5 million on a bench scorer, I still say that guy should be Ray Allen.  Even if we assume he’s not here, I’d be less than thrilled about over-spending for volume scorer who is sketchy defensively.

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  • classless

    I never understood the obsession with this guy. Overrated beyond belief, volume shooter, and has never played in a winning situation. Think Corey Maggette.

    • sev

      yea that’s is a good comparison, but I’d rather have crawford over Maggette….I was about to comment on how he is similar to J.R. Smith(then I saw similar posts, but read some points of mine that nobody has mentioned yet), who I WOULD actually like on the team because he is younger(by quite a bit/26) and I think he would respond better to Doc and improve his game. Kind of like how Nate Robinson tried to shoot within the flow of the game, but having the burden of playing pg made it more challenging and Smith can REALLY get it going. Not to mention I get the feeling that Smith isn’t that concerned with the amount of shots he gets as he has played along side some ball hogs who may have kind of forced him to force shots because he wasn’t being found in the right spots(Rondo and the older core for that matter would help). He also played for coaches in a free flow offense, but with hall of famers in his ear telling him, “hey we need you young fella, be aggressive and don’t worry about making the STARS happy(carmelo/amare). With Doc and the right team I have hi hopes for JR Smith…very underrated and he makes nothing….and that would be including a raise….i know its late….took my adderall a little late ha.

  • Jester00

    Jared Sullinger if Celtics can steal him I would be thrilled. This guy is a stud dwn low and has nice shooting touch. WAY WAY WAY better than White

  • Jester00

    Agreed on the Ray Call 100%

    • colaroaster

      Agreed, as a 6/7th man RA’s our man

  • Rob H

    Wouldn’t it make sense for the celtics to trade up into the top 5 or 6? Anthony Davis will go 1st but no one knows who will go 2nd 3rd 4th,5th or 6th. Bradley Beal, Harrison Barnes, Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist or Dion Waiters the wing scorer/defender that they we need to complete a talented and serviceable bench. Or they could take a risk on Andre Drummond, move KG back to PF and see if he could teach Drummond to be a defensive athletic big man in a short amount of time. The picks they have will turn out to be good players in a year or two and teams like the Bobcats, Wizards, Cavs and Kings would be interested in developing because they have more than just one need. Package the picks with Jeff Green, Jajuan Johnson or both maybe? It makes sense for both sides.

    • uh huh

      ummm, Rob, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It would take Rondo to get into the top 5. Green, Jajuan, and the 21 and 22 picks would not be enough. Jesus, this is why I hate the internet. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • Rob H

        Rondo to get into the top 5 is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Besides Anthony Davis none of these guys are going to be franchise players and even if they do it’ll take years. A package of Jeff Green (Starter on Playoff team, 6th man on a contending team), Jajuan Johnson and those picks which will be good role players are what the top 5 or 6 teams need in order to BUILD for the future.

        • uh huh

          that does not matter. Like you, I would never trade Rondo for those picks (again, beyond Davis) but NONE of those teams would take your suggested deal for a top 5 pick in a strong draft, nor would they ever take another call from you again if you actually wasted their time with an offer like that.

          Jeff Green has a heart condition (and is a UFA, so, ya know, we can’t actually trade him) and we don’t even know if Jajuan can play in the NBA, so those 2 and the 21st and 22nd picks are worth trading a top 5 pick that should bring a solid #2 at worst, on a bad team that desperately needs top-end talent?!? Come on now.

          Rondo’s the only guy that would get us that high. This is a pipe-dream. That’s my point, cuz that’s not worth it for anyone other than Davis.

          • uh huh

            and isn’t that the point? Most teams build through the draft and expect it to take years and they keep building with young talent. MKG or Beal to Washington to be the #2 to John Wall, who, despite last year, is well on his way to becoming a franchise player, isn’t worth more long-term, than a few role players that’ll be gone from the team within 5 years at most?

            Role players are easy to get in FA; it’s the franchise guys and the #2s and elite #3s that take some luck. Anyone think OKC would be as good had they traded away the Russell Westbrook pick for the equivalent of Perk, Thabo Sefolosha, DaJuan Blair, and a bum (say they hit on 1/2 of the 20s picks, which is actually above average)? That’s my point si that it doesn’t make sense for a bad team to make that deal without it including younger top-end talent, the only real piece we have there being Rondo.

        • sev

          yea dude your way off base. There are some talented players in the top 5 and although we know Rondo is not worth trading for any of them, as he is already a superstar, none of those other teams will trade a POTENTIAL star for Jeff Green(who they would have to pay more than most teams would like and we still don’t know what he has to offer, ESPECIALLY after his heart condition) Don’t get me wrong I like Green and I have high hopes for him, but he could just be an athletic guy that can score, play decent D, but not develop a great jump shot and/or that killer instinct to score 20ppg and pull down what I believe should be 8 boards a game with his size. He has the athletic ability and frame, but it takes more than that. Now if you added bradley(only because he has emerged recently) and Green(even though hes not under contract with us) and one of the two first round picks then MAYBE. Prob would take a team that has a nice young core and feels ready to make a push into playoff teams and would take pierce(don’t forget his contract) and bradley, who would make them really feel like they could contend, especially if they sign and/or trade for some other key players. But anywho, nobody gives a hoot about JJ(every team has there late picks that they pray will translate into solid nba players and maybe a few sleepers) and Jeff Green hasn’t proven enough, plus his health going forward and his salary, make it more sensible to draft somebody else between 1-15. Green plays a popular position and although he has versatility, some teams look at that as a negative, as he is more of a tweener that can’t excel against the strong players at SF or PF, but can give you some variety in your lineup. Gotta be realistic though bro otherwise Danny would have made trades like these EVERY year. Don’t overrate our own talent…give something to get something

  • Nick

    Jamal Crawford > Ray Allen. Ray needs everything done for him on the court, he doesn’t create for himself… sometimes in playoff situations when the offense gets stagnant you need a guy who can just take matters into his own hands, that is exactly what Jamal Crawford is… I completely understand the obsession with this guy… Scorers don’t go on trees and this guy is a cold-blooded scorer.

  • kricky

    Please PASS on Crawford. The guy would shoot us out of games we could win with our D.

  • Jon

    How about Kelenna Azubuike?

    • KY Celts fan

      If he’s healthy, I’d be all for it.

      • uh huh

        now THAT’D be a good move that’s actually possible

  • RedsLoveChild

    Forget Dwight Howard….this is the calibre of free agent the great Doc Rivers might be able to sweet-talk to Boston!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I’d rather have JR Smith off the bench. Go after Kahman and try to resign Green. We should have the money with Ray gone, Bass gone (KG back at PF with Kahman at C), Marquis and Kenyon gone, maybe resign Pietrus with a MLE? We got last years rooks, and this years draft.

    • Lee in Oregon

      Not trying to start any crap cause I always enjoy your posts, but JR Smith over Crawford? You can’t be serious! Crawford is closer to Lou Williams……other than jacking a shitload of 3’s and playing matador defense, what does JR Smith bring?

      No way Pietrus goes from vet minny to the full MLE.

      • uh huh

        Lee – Pietrus was bought out of his $5M deal and then signed for the min with us. He made about $5-6M last year, not the vet min, but the vet min he signed with us PLUS his bought out total. He’s not signing for the minimum.

        • Lee in Oregon

          I’m aware of MPs contract history….I’m just sayin his days of making 5 mil a year have come and gone. Maybe bring him back for the smaller exception, even with his health concerns this year he does more than JR Smith……(whose game drives me crazy- not in a good way)

      • I bleed green in L.A.

        I’ve just always liked Smith’s athleticism (finisher at the rim, beat his man off the dribble, confident in his 3 ball), even though he is a head case, but I’m good with Crawford or any capable scorer off the bench to hopefully pair with Jeff Green. Just need to have a starting big man first, like Kahman, Perk, Okafor, Asik (Hibbert!). I’m never good with the $$ part, I didn’t realize we got him at a bargain, but you’re right, Peaches for cheap, MLE for a little more juice.

        • I bleed green in L.A.

          He’s five years younger too. I’m tired of these 30 somethings. Green and JR off the bench to run with Rondo Bradley JuJuan could be fun. Smith could get starters minutes too.

          • sev

            you got it man…jr is cheaper(most likely will be even with his raise) and has much more talent, and like mentioned he is YOUNGER, only getting better. Give him a good coach, with teammates to pass him the ball when open so he doesn’t have to “get his” when melo decides to give him the ball. He hasn’t played in a non free flowing offense and getting easy buckets from Rondo will help him find his stroke from the outside which can be deadly. He has never been on a team where veterans that are respected by basically everybody, will be in his ear telling him to be aggressive, but just be smart about it and in the flow of the offense. He would feel comfortable with the celtics stars because he would learn that they don’t care how many shots they take as long as he can help them win games. The second unit would be his and respecting Doc would make him play D. Crawford and JR both shoot at a solid clip and take questionable shots( although many are in their repertoire), but crawford holds the ball longer dribbling cross over after cross over, while JR either pulls up and shoots or takes it to the whole where I don’t think he has reached his potential. One is going up while the other is only going down, while also looking for more money. Gotta watch more than just the celtics….nba league pass son. Oh and I just saw a post about Jeremy LIn. IMO he will be a solid pg(start on crappy teams or maybe really up tempo), but is nothing more than a backup on a good team. He was in a system where he had scorers all around him to rack up the assists and take the pressure off of him so he could take it to the rack to score. Too many turnovers, which should go down, but so will his numbers he had for a couple weeks with NY. I’m def not sold on him yet, but I know he has the will power to succeed, but so do many players…leon powe(guess ya gotta blame the knees)

  • Brian

    If they want a 6th man experienced scorer off the bench who has been on a championship team then they need to look at Jason Terry. NO GO on Crawford.

    • I agree, Terry would be a much better option than Crawford, especially with regard to efficiency. But will BOS have the money to spend to get him? He’s going to want big bucks.

  • paul

    No way. We don’t need this guy, unless Ainge knows something we don’t know.

  • Ken

    “this Celtics offense is built around guys who can hit the shots they take. The C’s aren’t getting 100 shots up on a nightly basis. They’re lucky if they get 80 up sometimes. ”

    The thing is though is that the C’s offense isn’t efficient…at all. They were 24th in efficiency. With that, he’s not helping that.

  • Mike

    I like the Crawford deal. We can trade our 3 draft picks perhaps Rondos contract as well to move into the top 5. Then push to sign Jeremy Lin. DA needs to make these moves.

    • aaron

      please do not drink and post.

      • sev

        haha…its astonishing if some of these people are serious…they think the grass is always greener on the other side. NEWS FLASH…ASIDE FROM LEBRON JAMES, NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY, IMPACTED THE GAME AS MUCH AS RAJON RONDO. They made it that far with KG playing great, but Rondo controlling everything….no healthy pierce, nothing from Ray, bradley gone after losing Wilcox(who him alone could have pushed us over the top as he would have been the only GOOD big man off the bench(bass starts so not counting him) to give KG longer breaks….imagine what he could have done with more rest, as Wilcox would have given it everything and would have rebounded better than ever IMO(just like he started to do before he was done) and just like at Maryland he can score back to the basket, unlike jump shot Bass. Would have been huge added dimension. We never went into the playoffs with guys like Ryan Hollins and Steamer(he may really have been hobbled but still) playing backup center. DANNY BUILT A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM LAST YEAR….all we needed was 2 out of the three injured(wilcox, green, bradley) maybe even just one of them, and it would have been a done deal despite our hall of fame wing players performing at half their capabilities….not cuz of age btw, but each year that becomes more of a chance. I think Wilcox will come back for Vet min which would be a steal even if he only starts finding his game half way through season, but he looked alive out there for the first time sense being drafted 8th overall. damn i was on a posting frenzy.

  • Chief

    No thanks let someone else take him

  • Vince

    Let Bradley and Pietrus fill the void that Allen`s departure is going to create and let`s figure out our center position and getting some rebounding in general.