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Doc Rivers is optimistic KG will return

Doc Rivers spoke about Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen during an appearance this morning at the Positive Coaching Alliance panel at Fenway Park. CSNNE’s Carolyn Manno tweeted out some quotes:

Rivers: “I don’t know if Kevin is coming back but let’s just say yes. Positive thinking.”

When asked about KG’s future with Celtics he seemed more optimistic than pessimistic to me. Seemed like he was leaning towards yes.

He also said KG is the best team player he’s ever been around. “It’s hard to not have a favorite player when you have Kevin.”

Rivers says his gut feeling is that Kevin Garnett will be back with the Celtics next season. “I have no basis for that, just how I feel.”

On Ray Allen/Heat rumors: “Ray is doing what he should do. He’s listening to offers. Other teams are interested, but we’re interested too.”

Not sure about you, but I’m convinced Garnett is coming back (Please Jesus, I’ll never ask for anything again).

Glad Doc is throwing some perspective on the Ray Allen rumors. Just about everyone (except me) has him leaving town.

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  • Brian

    KG should come back and I think Ray will as well. A lot of people see him going to NYC or Miami but if you do the math it just doesn’t add up. Why move and up root your family for less money to A) play for the Knicks, or B) play for less money and fight for mins with Dwade. Doc is right, Ray would be foolish not to listen to other offers. What Ray doesn’t like is the fact that he can be traded at anytime. Some people like doron lamb or jenkins in the draft, or crawford as a free agent but we are much better off with a healthy Ray off the Bench. Our best option would be to sign on to the two year plan and see where we are when Ray KG and Paul are gone, for real this time…

  • colaroaster

    RA belongs here as a 6/7th man. there’s no way he moves his family and starts over. plus he’s a huge contributor to Joslin Diabetes and other local charities.

  • WinstonSalems

    it all starts with the locker room. when the reports came out, after the season, that Rondo and Ray weren’t talking, that raised a flag. This is Rondo’s team. KG might be the heart and soul, Pierce might be the “captain”, but this is Rondo’s team. If Rondo and Ray can’t play together anymore, it’s time to move on. Rondo is the present and the future. Maybe these reports are false or just rumors, maybe the reports are very accurate? All that matters is that Ray will most likely want to finish his career as a winner. That being said, there are about 10 teams he could join and make an impact. However, of those 10 teams, he’ll more than likely be coming off the bench. If he’s willing to accept that role, which i’m sure he is, than the logically move would be to stay in Boston. If he wants playing time (20+ minutes/game), Boston might not be his choice. I can’t imagine him finishing his career in NY because he wants to play more minutes.