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Brandon Bass: “The Pursuit”

I’ve been subscribed to Brandon Bass’ YouTube page since last year. He’s uploaded mostly his own hip-hop tracks and some random footage from his personal life. Today though, a short documentary entitled “The Pursuit” appeared on his feed. In the 14 minute piece, Bass talks about his biggest inspiration, his mom. Bass’ mother passed-away when he was just 9, and he speaks about how she still remains his motivator to this day. He also explains his two main passions in life: family & hip-hop.  This documentary was filmed during the lockout last season, and the cameras were also rolling when he found out he had been traded to Boston. This is an interesting short film and a good opportunity for Bass’ fans to learn a bit more about him.

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  • Celtkicks

    This was interesting. He’s so shy I would have never expected this from him.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Mike Gorman always speaks very highly of Bass as a person, and after watching this, I can see why. I like Bass and would like to have him back, it will be interesting to see what DA offers him and how many years. I would think Bass is worth more than Jeff Green, but I’m not convinced DA would agree.

    The thing I still find slightly odd/disturbing, is it’s been reported KG wants to play the 4 again next year. I hope this isn’t true, I think everyone (except maybe KG) would agree he’s one of the best centers in the league. I would be surprised if Bass wants to come back for a demotion to the bench. Plus we’d need a starting center.