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Rumors: Knicks, Heat have little cash for Ray Allen

Going forward, the Heat may look to add to their wing position to make it easier to have James play more minutes at one of big man spots. There are some veteran point guards like Nash, Miller or even Jason Kidd out there but the Heat likely have more of a need for a shooter. Adding Nash, for example, would create incredible star power but it would also require the Heat to potentially revamp their offense and lineups that they’ve spent two years figuring out. 

This is why Allen could be a nice fit. 

Allen did have surgery almost three weeks ago to remove bone spurs in his ankle. It’s not clear what his recovery timeline is but Allen declared — within ear shot of the Heat’s locker room at the end of the conference finals — he was planning to continue his career. 

According to multiple league sources, there is mutual interest between Allen and the Heat. The most the Heat can offer is a contract starting at $3 million per year, which is known as the “taxpayer’s mid-level.” Allen could get more elsewhere, but the Heat do offer an attractive portfolio that goes deeper than cash. 

ESPN – Another Hall of Famer to Heat?

Jason Terry, O.J. Mayo and Ray Allen top the Knicks’ free-agent wish list for shooting guards. Allen wants a big offer, of course, but he’ll also favor the team that shows him the most love when it comes knocking on his door on July 1. Looks like the Knicks, who don’t have a lot of money to offer Allen, will have to out wine-and-dine the Bulls and Heat … 

NY Daily News

We keep hearing how badly the Knicks and Heat want Ray Allen. Well, guess what? Both teams can only pay him $3 million.

I get the fascination with Miami. They are the favorites. But New York? Sure, he’ll be a starter (Iman Shumpert won’t be back until January), but it’s still a cluster down there.

I truly don’t understand why Ray can’t stay in Boston. Once KG re-signs, it’s safe to assume the Celtics will be one of the top 3-4 teams in the East. The Celtics should be able to pay him $3 million. Even playing behind Avery Bradley, Ray will get significant minutes in Boston.

He can make the same coin and contend for a championship without moving. It’s a no-brainer.

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  • KY Celts fan

    I can’t see how he was that insulted by a move to sixth man. He has incredible basketball knowledge, so it can only be pride that prevents him from seeing the benefits of his new role.

    A move to Miami would be a punch in the gut. But Ray has always said he would do what’s best for his family. At only $3 million, I can’t see moving his family across the country as being the best move for him.

  • Jason

    I can see him going to Chicago and playing for Thibs again but I can’t see him playing for the Heat or the Knicks. Actually, I’d be quite angry at him for doing so.

  • colaroaster

    you really think RA’s going anywhere? no, he’s not switching coaches, training staff, etc.

    danny’s getting him on the cheap 2 yrs/5M

  • Noori

    I love Ray, but if he is not ready to accept a bench role it is definitely time to move on. I personally would rather see him on NY over Miami. I think he would definitely fit like a glove in Memphis or with the LA Clippers.

  • 54

    Ray Allen going to the Heat is like Johnny Damon going to the Yankees. This is what it has become.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Until they address their dire front-court situation….the only thing Boston will “contend” for will be the lottery!

  • hebertofnh

    Ray going to Miami because Avery can play better defense than him would be a cowardly way out. The difference between Paul and Ray is that P would take the 6th man role in stride if Doc asked, and would make it a mission to be 6moty. If Ray takes his beef against Doc/Rondo to Mia, I won’t have much love left for him.

  • Art

    Please don’t compare the Celtics to the Red Sox. That makes me sick to my stomach. As it would Red himself.

    Ray may stay.. We’ll find out soon enough.

  • Brian

    In the End Money Talks. As bad as ESPN wants to put Ray in Miami he can do much better than the Mini Mid Level the Heat can offer.

  • paul

    it’s starting to look like Ray and Rondo must have a true hate thing between them. Otherwise, how difficult would it be for him to say ‘I’d love to come back to Boston’?

    KG doesn’t exactly sound like he’s in love with returning to Boston either.

    Fine. More room for new guys.

    • I think Ray and Rondo handled themselves like true professionals because you could not tell that they were not getting along, on the court it was all business, Rondo still got him the ball, remember its the media who is saying they didnt get along. Besides I dont think Ray would let that stand in his way, I dont think he would hang his entire career on just him and Rondo not getting along. I do know that Ray was getting tired of being in trade rumors every year. Personally I have not even heard Doc say that he wanted Ray back. Doc has said publically that he wanted Kevin back, but he never says anything about Ray.

  • Colleen

    Ray can’t go to the Heat–unless he’s willing to sacrifice his dignity doing one of those douchey intro videos.

  • uh huh

    REGARDLESS of what happens this off-season, I’ll always love Ray Ray. He came here and HELPED WIN A TITLE FOR THE CELTICS! If he wants to chase the $$$ and get one last contract or go somewhere where he can play more, go for it. I’d like to think he stays with us if the $$$ is even, but even if he doesn’t, nothing but love for the past 5 years and anything else is insane. Let’s not look past the first title in 22 years, the first 2 trips to the Finals in that time, etc. just cuz things may not end the way we’d all prefer.

    • Jim.

      Well said.

  • Jake

    Uh huh-I agree with your point about not forgetting what Ray Allen has done, but that would really be a kick in the nuts if he went to Miami. Anywhere else I would definitely be able to stomach it.

    And yes, as stated above please no one mention the red sox here. I hear enough of that crap on WEEI year round.

  • I cant wait to see where Ray ends up. Ray still thinks he is worth 10mil/year. I love Ray but I think 3mil is good, it may even be stretching it a bit. When you look how productive, Kobe,KD,DWade,are. Ray 12, 14 maybe 16 very seldom 20 points, is not going to get it. This league is getting younger it takes to long to get hot, sometimes he doesnt get hot at all. Boston needs a shooter that can give them at least 25 most nights, thats all they needed this past post season was two more reliable shooters and Boston could pretty much keep their same roaster, they need to work real hard with Hollis, and the steamer.

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