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Doc to Austin: “you’re not going to get a single basket” against Celtics

Doc Rivers is a competitive guy.  So it stands to reason that his son is as well.  And that’s leading to some fun trash talking around the dinner table for Dad and his son.

“One Sunday morning I was sitting at breakfast thinking about all of it and I said, ‘This is going to be fun,” Doc said. “I get competitive, and I know how competitive Austin is. I started thinking, ‘If he starts against us, he’s going to try for 70 [points].'”

Austin has considered what it would be like to walk into the Garden and veer away from the locker room where he has spent so many of his teenage years. It will be odd to purposefully avoid the coach’s office where his father will be drawing up defensive schemes to thwart him.

He’s already made up his mind he will approach his father, give him a hug, catch up on family gossip, then “talk a little trash.”

“That’s already started, by the way,” Austin reported. “For the past few weeks, Dad’s been saying, ‘When we play you next year, you’re not going to get a single basket.'”

That’s going to be fun to watch.  I’m not even sure what to expect… but it will be fun.

And for those of you holding out hope of getting Rivers in Boston… forget it.  He’s going to be gone by the 21st pick and the Celtics are not going to trade up for him.

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  • I’m kind of looking forward KG flattening him when he tries to drive, then watching his mouth as he yells “you still doc’s daughter to me, bitch.”

    • colaroaster

      actually it’s a league rule that rookies stay clear of kg.. veterans too, but more of the “go at your own risk”. btw auston’s elbow jump shot is raw.. see him bury unc?

    • tyrone $

      I would love to see that lol

  • Art

    The C’s do not need more guards. They need size and rebounding desperately. I’m sure KG is watching closely.

    • uh huh

      I disagree, Art. I think we desperately need another scoring guard just as much as we need size/rebounding and a backup wing who specializes in defense (keep Pietrus?) so we’re not stuck putting 6’2″ avery bradley on 3s like LeBron. Rivers would be a perfect fit, cuz we’d hit the bench last year and routinely go on scoring droughts. Rivers would (theoretically) solve that; I just don’t want to trade away both picks to do it and he won’t be there at 21. I’m honestly hoping we get Doron Lamb at 22 and either Jeff Taylor or Fab Melo if White’s gone by 21.

      • chris

        Agreed. We have a need for size, but right behind that is a need for bench scoring. Like KG going out stopped the D, we struggled to score when Rondo was on the bench (though strangely not as much while he was out injured). I was devastated initially when we traded away MarShon Brooks. It was only made worse when he came into the Garden and showed he can flat out score.

  • zippittyay

    I wouldn’t draft him even if by some miracle he did drop to 21st. I think he needs to improve in a lot of areas of his game. I think he will eventually though.

  • Shane

    I wonder how Doc would respond if KG put Austin on his ass… Seems like a conflict of interests doesn’t it?