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Your Morning Dump… I promise to stop blogging about the Royce White draft promise

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Andy Miller, the agent for Iowa State product Royce White, has shut down White’s predraft workouts, leading to speculation that he has a draft promise. The Celtics, who own the 21st and 22d picks, are interested in White but are not believed to have made the promise. White’s stock has dropped because of reports of an anxiety disorder. Another player who has dropped is Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger, because of a potential back issue. Sullinger, who has lost weight from his beefy frame, may actually fall into the Celtics’ hands, which would be to their delight. By the way, the Celtics asked Sullinger who the toughest player he faced in college was, and he told them JaJuan Johnson, who played against Sullinger while at Purdue.

Globe – Washburn’s Sunday Notes

Is it July 1 yet? Because I need some real news.

Gary Washburn suspects the Celtics did not make a draft promise to White, while Celtics Town’s Jay King has a source who says they did.

Was this a blood pact witnessed by the devil? Because I’m pretty sure a promise means squat in the NBA. (Here’s a link to a White highlight reel if you don’t know much about his game.)

The Sullinger tidbit is interesting. He was projected as a top 10 pick until news surfaced about his troublesome back. I guess Danny isn’t overly concerned.

All this talk about drafting power forwards has me wondering about JaJuan Johnson. Are the Celtics still high on him?

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  • RedsLoveChild

    As if a “draft promise” is legally enforceable!

    Is White going to sue Danny if he does not draft him at 21-22?!?

    For starters, Ainge will trade away both picks, so Boston will not be drafting at 21-22.

    Only garbage remains after the first 10-15 picks.

    There are several 7-footers in this draft. Ainge plans on getting one of them.

  • colaroaster

    something else to watch in the next 7 days is teams using their amnesty, so far only seven teams have used it: Cavaliers (Baron Davis), the Magic (Gilbert Arenas), Warriors (Charlie Bell), Nets (Travis Outlaw), Trail Blazers (Brandon Roy), Pacers (James Posey), and Knicks (Chauncey Billups).

  • brian

    Royce and jared would be a nice pick.up. add hose guys along with jj and you got some nice young cheap depth. This helps the bench and leaves money to go sign a 2 guard, and hibbert.

  • Brad

    You do have to worry about JaJuan Johnson being the man when he couldn’t break into a rather thin at times Celtics front court rotation.

  • Dustin Chapman

    I think they are still high on JaJuan Johnson, but GM’s that pass on a power forward just because they have a JaJuan Johnson on the roster, are GMs that drink away the pain 5 years from now. More often than not, you just have to go with the best player available. The 4-spot is deep in this draft, with a lot of prospects that are probably more promising than Johnson.

  • Celticai

    Could the Celtics try to trade both of their picks for a shot at Austin Rivers?

  • Kricky

    So we’ve got the inside track on the 2nd coming of Anthony Mason.

    Well, woop de doo!

  • Chris

    If Sully is still available, take him. If Royce, is still available, take him. We have consecutive picks, and you take the best you can get. Unfortunately, from the little I’ve seen, I don’t see either of these guys’ issues letting them fall to 21. But I don’t think we should be trading the picks either. Rajon Rondo was pick 21 in a weaker draft and he seems to be able to play a bit.

    Worst case scenario, Danny gets high on size and overlooks a safe and smart bet on a guy like Andrew Nicholson and drafts a guy like Melo. We need to get bigger, but the D was still outstanding this year (thanks to KG and AB). We don’t need another guy to stand around on defense and take jumpers because he can’t finish at the rim.

  • Chris

    *stand around on offense. My bad.

  • pete

    “Only garbage remains after the first 10-15 picks.”

    Too funny. Actually we should be grateful for not taking giant busts like Rivers, Barnes, and Drummond in the upper group (+ Harkless, P. Jones III, Melo in the lower bracket), and instead go for way better value with the likes of Will Barton & Kevin Jones (whom they’ve worked out), Jae Crowder, Denmon, Nicholson, Jeff Taylor, or Sullinger. Guys who can actually play as opposed to just looking like they have the capability to do so.