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Your Morning Dump… What in the hell is KG doing in San Antonio?

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Apparently he & Dooling were here supporting a hunger foundation. I don’t think it was Spurs related. But cool friend.

Paul Garcia – Project Spurs (Photo: Brandon)

Hope the juicy headline didn’t give you a heart attack. The answer to the question is… making a charity appearance. Paul Garcia is a friend of ours, so I trust his information.

The photo has the fans on all worked up.

Free agents are not permitted to speak with other teams until July 1. So even if Garnett is in San Antonio, he’s not talking with Spurs management. Unless you believe tampering is rampant and common place in the NBA.

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  • Crys bobo

    How do even know that’s really him?

  • screaming jay


  • bill

    Little late for that, trying to slow the heart attack process

  • at least he wasn’t there alone. Since Dooling was with him its alll good.

  • Art

    Maybe he’s not talking to the Spurs, that would be in violation, but he’s looking around for his next residence, just in case.

  • paul

    Wow. This is bad news for Celtics fans. Sure. He’s there for a charity. Right. Maybe for that too.

  • Edward

    I want to know what Paul Pierce is doing in Chicago? My best friend got to sit next to him on the plane flight to Chicago.

  • Chief

    Guys you’ve got it all wrong, he’s gone to San Antonio to recruit Tim Duncan, Dooling is there to act as a middle man….. 🙂

  • Nora

    So if he goes to Europe that must mean he is going to play there too? This is ridiculous

  • Hey everyone, this is Paul from Project Spurs. I’m here to clarify the KG in SA rumor. Yes this is 100% true, he was in SA 2 days ago with Kenyon Dooling working for a charity foundation called “Gametyme”. Folks in San Antonio saw him at the Grand Hyatt, eating on the river walk, and at a night club here in town called Area 31. There’s a theory in San Antonio suggesting he’s in town to mend the relationship between him and Duncan, but I don’t buy it. Although, Duncan too is still in town. And as Chuck wrote, the Spurs would be fined or in major trouble if they were to actually meet with Garnett before July 1. Hopefully that clears up the situation for everyone. Take care. -Paul @24writer

  • Dustin Chapman

    With that said, Paul, there aren’t any rules against two unrestricted free agents having a conversation.

    Still believe KG is a Celtic next season, as well. I hope…

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