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The real reason why we hate LeBron

Anyone else annoyed with some media members “preaching” on LeBron James? The same people who have blasted him for quitting on the Cavs and “The Decision,” are now insisting fans stop hating and give James his due respect.

I respect LeBron James. He’s an incredible basketball talent. The best player in the NBA. A champion. But I don’t like him. And I never will, no matter how many titles he collects.

Earlier this week, we received an email from one of our readers – Kevin C. He did a great job explaining and summarizing his anger towards LeBron. I thought it captured my sentiments. Here’s an excerpt:

I cannot stand LeBron James. This second part has not always been the case. Back in his Cleveland days, I was a huge LeBron supporter. I saw him as the next big thing, the one to steal the crown away from the then-best and my then-most-hated-player in the NBA, Kobe Bryant. Kobe was everything I thought was bad about the NBA. He was selfish, arrogant, and above all,  he played for the Lakers. Then came that summer night in 2010, a night now known simply as “The Decision.” I, like many that night, watched the one of the most promising players in the history of the game tarnished his legacy with one simple sentence: “I’m taking my talents to South Beach.”  That night was the turning point for the former King of Cleveland. It was also then that I began focusing all of my hatred on LeBron. I began realizing that he, not Kobe, was what I truly hated about the pros. Kobe may be an arrogant SOB who plays for a team I’ve hated since I was a small child, but after everything is said and done, he is a winner. 

Here’s a guy who has more talent and skill than Kobe ever did, who could have played anywhere he wanted with whomever he wanted, and yet he chose to take the easy way out and team up with the league’s best two-way shooting guard and (sigh) one of the best power forwards. That infuriated me. To be the best, you had to beat the best, not team up with them. A player of LeBron’s  caliber should not want to be anyone’s sidekick, or even their equal for that matter. A man with that much potential to dominate should want to do that above all else. It’s that he shied away from that role that was so frustrating. For all the bad things I could say about Kobe, at least you know that guy is the alpha male wherever he went.

There you have it.  Lebron became more hateable than Kobe. That’s unforgivable to Celtics fans.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Kobe is still the most hated for me. More arrogant, more of a ball hog AND a Laker. He’s the most hated all time for me

    • NateB

      Agreed – did the guy who wrote this post forget that Kobe was no “alpha male” when Shaq was leading the Lakers to three titles?!?! And also, the reason that we hate LeBron is that he isn’t 100% comfortable being a selfish, dominant a-hole?!?! There are plenty of reasons ti hate LeBron (betrayed his hometown, preening showboat, etc.), but this guy didn’t identify any of them.

  • Brad

    Absurd. There is no one…NO ONE…more hateable than Kobe Bryant.

    • Fiorelladad

      Very true. Bron’s case is just pathetic.

    • colaroaster

      wait till bronbron rapes defenseless house keeper

  • Filrelladad

    I just hope that the Bird & Magic comparisons stop. He could break a lot of records, he can fill the stat sheet and he could surpass them in a lot of categories but one thing that he’ll never have is the one thing that elevated Magic & Bird to where they are now: heart. If you really are a competitor in that stage you have to prove yourself by beating the best not uniting with them. Where is the true test then? Flair said it best: To be the man you gotta beat the man.

  • cmoney

    Listen, I’m a huge Celtics fan. This is a patently absurd argument. You know who never left his team? KG. Not until he was nearing the end of his prime. I’m sure if he could do it again, he would have fled to Paul Pierce’s warm embrace much sooner. I mean, we all have spent the past 5 years rooting fervently for a hastily put together team of all-stars. But LeBron can’t do the same thing as KG or Ray? As Paul (who was sure to leave if he didn’t get help)?

    We’re so hypocritical. Guys care too much about themselves, we complain. They don’t care about winning. Then, when LeBron actually improves his situation, we complain he’s taking the easy way out.

    And please quit this talk about “he should have dominated.” Perhaps you weren’t paying attention. He just had one of the most dominant playoff runs of all time. Wade really didn’t play that well. Bosh was hurt and nowhere near playing like an all-star for this whole run. LeBron averaged 30/9/5. The man won on his terms, in the most dominating fashion one could.

    Too bad LeBron was TOO GOOD from the start to have his team dwelling in the lottery year after year like Durant. Durant was fortunate enough to absolutely suck his rookie and sophomore years, leading to the acquisition of Westbrook and Harden. LeBron never had that luxury. LeBron never had the luxury of Magic being drafted to a team with Kareem on it, only to draft Worthy shortly thereafter. LeBron never had the luxury of being drafted by a mastermind like Red and quickly getting guys like McHale (only the best PF of his generation), Parish (top 10 all time Center), and Walton to join up with him. Instead, he was stuck with overrated boobs like Mo Williams, Larry Hughes, and Antawn Jamison, and one underrated gem in Anderson Varejao. Not a single all-star caliber player. And he still won 60+ games a year with those guys.

    Newsflash. If Larry or Magic were ever stuck on a team where the next best player was Anderson Varejao, they probably weren’t winning 3-5 rings.

    LeBron did plenty to invite criticism these past few years. I’m not saying he didn’t. But he is without a doubt the best basketball player in the world. He is absolutely dominating the game like few others ever have. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    • Sam

      Just what he said.

      Just remember what KG told LeBron after the C’s eliminated Cleveland in 2010: you have to do what’s best for you, do not make the same mistake I did (i.e. staying with the Wolves no matter what and losing his prime playing with Wally Sczerbiak and Ervin “don’t call me Magic” Johnson).

      Players team up to win championships, that’s what they do and what got us Banner #17. I don’t see what critics we can throw at James about that. The way he handled his departure from Cleveland was beyond classless, but it’s been two years now.

      His dominant play prevented us from returning to the Finals (I still remember his three pointer from way downtown in Game 7 of the ECFs, after Bass finally managed to keep him from getting to the paint) and allowed the Heat to overcome the Thunder. Not to much you can say about that.

      We waited for him to step up in big games, he just did. Let’s just respect that and work towards assembling a team to beat his the next time we face each other in the playoffs.

    • KY Celts fan

      I feel pretty much the same way. Jordan had the best defensive wing in the game in Pippen. Kobe had the most dominant center in two decades in Shaq. Duncan had BatManu and the French wonderkid. The closest thing Lebron ever had to that was Mo Williams and a broken down Shaquille. No one can do it alone.

    • Raid


      We see what we want to see, as celtic fans it should be cristal clear that teaming up happens but we hate LJ and worship KG, Allen and Pierce who by the way are a bigger 3 than Miami’s.

    • Nora

      Difference? KG and Ray waited until the end of their careers and they were TRADED. KG from what has been said in the articles I read did not force the Wolves to trade him either. I don’t recalls all 3 of them coming on ESPN and declaring they were going to win not 1 not 2 not 3, etc. THAT is the difference. Not the same thing at all. They were traded.

      • cmoney

        Yeah, the decision was dumb. We know this. Nothing ground breaking there.

        And it’s fine to “hate” LeBron because he’s just the best and it’s a good rivalry. That’s what sports is about.

        But all other reasons are just silly, retarded justifications.

  • Ray

    Came here to say what cmoney has already said only not as effectively. Couldn’t agree more.

    Let me add one thing — it’s OK to hate LeBron anyway as an NBA villain. The C’s have a mini-rivalry brewing with the Heat and LeBron is squarely in their way. Sports are a little more fun to follow with heroes and villains. So you don’t need to feel guilty about rooting against him despite what the media says. Just don’t let it boil over to stupid things like threats via Twitter.

  • Celticsfanatic

    This whole thing has become so stupid. The reason I dislike him is because he 1) humiliated Cleveland and more importantly crushed the potential fandom of all his young fans in Cleveland and 2) kept the Cavs completely in the dark throughout the whole process. Who cares that he wanted better teammates? You think if Bird, Magic and Michael didn’t have fellow top 50/25 type players alongside them they would have stayed “loyal” and humble servants to management? That’s bull. No, Larry wouldn’t have wanted to team up with Michael. But he was certainly fine with teaming up with McHale. And no, KG wouldn’t have wanted to team up with Duncan. But he was certainly fine with teaming up with Ray and Paul; and don’t think for one second that because it was a trade that the comparison can’t be made. Danny Ainge said himself that it was practically like a free agent transaction in its context.

    LeBron has matured both on and off the court and deserves respect, as you said. He’s got his ring and was Finals MVP and yeah Wade was his sidekick. So what? NO ONE, and I repeat no one could have won with LBJ’s supporting cast in Cleveland. Arguably only Michael could have gotten them as far as the Finals as LBJ did. So he went to a better situation. That’s not why we should dislike him, but it’s irrelevant so can’t we just move on? Dwyane Wade isn’t Larry Bird/Magic/Michael/Duncan/KG/LBJ. He’s Scottie Pippen.

    • kg215

      I agree that Lebron had a crap supporting cast the whole time in Cleveland. Danny Ferry was awful, and people let him off the hook because of their blind Lebron hate. But you are out of your mind if you are trying to compare what happened with KG to what Lebron did, and say it is the same. KG never asked to be traded, even when the trade was proposed he didn’t jump on it right away. Also the Twolves got a lot of assets for KG (granted Mchale definitely gave the Celtics a discount, but they got some solid pieces). Lebron’s way gave the Cavs nothing, and kept everyone in the dark. They actually thought Lebron was going to stay because who would make a tv special and then screw over their hometown? Lebron did. Don’t ever compare them like that ever again.

  • Tommy McMahon

    Lebron has deserved everything that he has received from the media and from fans. Everything. He told us to “witness.” And he took his “talents” to South Beach. He has earned every critique anyone has ever put on him.

    But, he also earned this title. In no way was this Heat team the super team that he had imagined. He put them on his back and he balled out of his mind for over a month and finally captured that ring. He so well deserved this as well.

    As a huge Celtic fan I can hate him while respecting him, in the same way I hate Kobe or I hate Jeter or hate Phillip Rivers. I hate that he is so expecting of calls, that he does think the world is his. I hate that although he is unselfish on the court, this was ALWAYS about him getting a title. This isn’t Wade’s title, this isn’t Bosh’s. This isn’t Battier’s or Haslem’s or Chalmer’s this is his title, one he wanted and made sure he could get by teaming up.

    Yes, The Boston Three teamed up for their title, but all in all there was a different feel to these teams. Ubuntu came and went but it always felt like they were playing for each other and Doc. Lebron always played for himself.

    Like I said, he has deserved everything, including this year’s championship.

  • Coach AJ

    CMoney, you hit it right on with everything you said. I live in LA amongst all of the Laker fan who rip on LeBron, and the Celtics, and anything not LA. I say the same thing, LeBron wasnt drafted by a Jerry West, didnt go to a franchise that won chips, and my more important part didnt have a HOFer playing with him(or coaching him/or coming in the locker room). Aint nothing wrong with not wanting to end his career with at least one ring. He did pass up Barkely, Malone, Stockton, Kemp, Payton. And all those guys teamed up when it was too late. I’ll throw some hate around vs Malone and Payton for joining the Lakers though.

    • KY Celts fan

      Gary Payton did win a ring. 2006 Miami Heat.

      • LACelticFan

        thats right forgot about him going to south beach my bad.

  • Paul

    I just hate the way Lebron made the decision and not one remark towards Cleveland’s fans. He should have said something like, Sorry Cleveland, I have no other choice but to sign with Miami if I want to win a championship. I still hate the Lakers, but Miami is a very close second!!!

  • zippittyay

    After seeing “The Chosen One” tatooed across his back, I never needed an additional reason to hate lebron.

    • Vlad

      Paul Pierce has the same tattoo on his back 😉

  • Nick Sannicandro

    See I hated lebron long before the decision, the fact that every season the failure was blamed on him not having a “supporting cast” yet every trade deadline the management would go out and get the guy HE wanted, they would hire the coach HE wanted, they would pursue the free agents HE wanted, yet it was never good enough EVER…in the end it was always his teammates fault, as if he did his job and he feels nobody else did. Sorry but he still has that attitude, and always will and that is not the attitude of a legend, it isnt the attitude of a champion , its the attitude of a punk

    • Drew

      Seriously, screw what all these other guys are saying. If I had a dime for everytime I’ve heard all this damn supporting cast crap. I’m sick of hearing it. All I’ve been hearing the past couple of days is “ohhh you gotta give him credit he has a ring now” blah blah blah blah. Bull shit I have to give him credit. He’s the ultimate douche bag. Period. People are trying to drill this “respect him, he’s a champ and a great player” stuff into my head and I’m sick of hearing it. I don’t respect him, I don’t like watching him play, he’s the worst human being on Earth.

      Oh and a quick chirp at the Kobe stuff. I really really hate The Lakers. After June 16th 2010 I ripped my apartment to shreds and broke my windows. I don’t have my emotions in control yet. I wanted nothing more than for Kobe to die a horrific death. Hate him. But I do respect him. Let’s focus on the problem in hand. I’m way more worried about a team that we have to play 4 times in the EC and will most certainly have to get through in the play offs than a 2 game series a year that only matters as far as morality goes. What kind of Celtics fan gives a shit about Kobe Anymore? Seriously, our new enemy is LeBron. Don’t EVER forget it. He’s a million times worse than Kobe Bryant.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I actually used to hate LBJ in the past. Right now I still can’t stand him, but it’s not that hard feeling anymore.

    And – don’t call me crazy – I’m sure he’ll wear a Celtics uniform someday.

  • Jon with no H

    I actually hate Wade more than Lebron or Kobe. Lebron is like a naive child where Wade is a malicious a-hole. Kobe is also an a-hole but, unlike Wade, I wouldn’t call him dirty and his main offensive weapon isn’t flinging his body into people, falling down and hoping for calls.

  • Brick James

    The “decision” was not the turning point. He was an insufferable d-bag before he was even drafted. The way he has be officiated since he has stepped on the court (never called for a foul, allowed to travel, allowed to initiate contact and draw a foul) makes it even worse.

    I was hating LeBrick James before hating him was cool.

  • Frank

    The problem I have is that in 2009 and 2010 the Cavs were supposed to win the title… KG went down in 09 and in 2010 they were supposed to destroy the Celtics. When it didn’t happen every one blamed his supporting cast. Ok maybe the Cavs needed more, so why didn’t he stay in Cleveland and try to get Bosh to come to Cleveland? I have no problem with the best player in the league getting a great power forward to join him but you don’t join forces with the guy you are potentially battling for league mvp…. Kobe, Lebron, Durant and D Wade should never want to join forces. Kobe would never want Durant on his team, he rather beat him. Kobe would love Rondo or KG on his team. Does anyone understand this? Hope its clear in writing.

  • rev

    Lebron James is the best player in the world right now, and I respect him for it.

    But that doesn’t mean I have to like him. I agree that Cleveland probably didn’t give him all the help he needed to win a championship. I also agree that everyone needs help.

    But I don’t know if him teaming up with Wade is the real reason any of us hate Lebron. Personally I hate Lebron because he acted like a champion before he ever was one. Over-excessive celebrations after buckets, dancing on the sidelines, The Decision + ‘The Celebration’, him stating Pat Riley could come in and play with the Big 3 and they’d still win, promising 8 championships.
    In a league that used to be all about winning, it was just too much for a guy who hadn’t really won anything.

    To me, it just indicated he thinks very highly of himself. Also, he doesn’t seem to value dignity and doesn’t have a lot of respect for other players or people in general.

    Lebron headlines a generation of NBA-players that are about more than winning. Melo, CP3, Bosh, Amare, Howard… They all want to play in a big market, all want to sign big contracts with agencies. The league has become so popular, these star-players want to milk the cow, they have become businessmen. It’s about making a lot of money.

    I don’t blame Lebron for trying to make a lot of money, that’s his decision. But I’m just not a fan of this new trend, that’s why I like guys like Durant and Rose better. They’re about basketball, that’s the way I like it.

    Now that Lebron has won a ring, he’ll probably get more credit. Remember the Celtics talking trash to everyone after the 2008 championship?. I think Lebron will be worse than that 2009 Celtics team, he will go overboard, at least that’s how he’s always done it in the past.

    Anyway, I do believe he deserves credit for winning his first ring, but I’ll never forget the douche he was without winning one. People tend to forgive an athlete for his behaviour if he wins, well Lebron didn’t win for 9 years, while acting like he did, let’s not forget that.

    So that’s why I don’t like Lebron. That’s why I think he’s a douche

  • RedsLoveChild

    The “real” reason why people hate LeBron : Jealousy & Envy

    • rev

      So why don’t we hate other good players? Like Nowitzki or Duncan?

      • RedsLoveChild

        Ever read where LeBron has a criminal past?

        How about…Drug accusations? Nightclub stabbings? Altercations with fans? Drunk driving? Speeding? Stiffing creditors? Ugly domestic relations?

        He never says a derogatory word about any opposing player or franchise.

        The only people hating him are the fans of teams he does NOT play for.

        Nothing else really needs to be said.

        • rev

          I explained why i don’t like Lebron, it’s because of his behaviour. Of course he’s not gonna say anything about an opposing player in the press, these guys get media training. But insinuating Dirk Nowitzki faked his illness during the 2011 NBA-finals wasn’t all that smart by Lebron either.

          You didn’t answer my question why a guy like Duncan isn’t as hated as Lebron is btw…You’d think people would be jealous of a guy who’s widely regarded as the best PF ever…

          • RedsLoveChild

            Dirk Nowitzki? That`s the reason you hate LeBron so much?

            Something tells me you`ve been hating LeBron long before 2011.

            Do you also hate KG for taunting opponents, or calling C. Villanueva a cancer patient? Probably not.

            Would you be rooting your ass off for LeBron if he wore a Celtic uniform? Definitely yes!

  • rev

    I explained why i don’t like Lebron, it’s because of his behaviour. Of course he’s not gonna say anything about an opposing player in the press, these guys get media training. But insinuating Dirk Nowitzki faked his illness during the 2011 NBA-finals wasn’t all that smart by Lebron either.

    You didn’t answer my question why a guy like Duncan isn’t as hated as Lebron is btw…You’d think people would be jealous of a guy who’s widely regarded as the best PF ever…

  • rev


    First of all, I think KG is more humble than Lebron is. KG is a lunatic on the court, but off the court he seems pretty grounded, won’t catch him dancing on the sidelines.

    Honestly, I don’t like how Garnett trashes weaker players, it’s well known Garnett doesn’t go after the big dogs on the court. It’s indeed a lack of class. That’s why, as a person, I’ll take Ray Allen over KG all day every day. KG’s the better player however.

    Remember, I acknowledged Lebron is the worlds best player, i just don’t like how he goes about his business. I like humble players, Lebron, in my opinion, is far from humble.

    Would I root for Lebron if he was on the Celtics? Probably, but only because I want the Celtics to win. I visit sometimes and there are a lot of laker anti-kobe fans as well. I don’t like Lebron as a person, he’s obviously a great player.
    But people can’t seem to stand it when someone doesn’t like Lebron. Immediatly calling me a ‘hater’. I just don’t like the guy, i’m free to do so right? I believe I have my reasons

    • Nora

      It is well known also that KG goes after everyone. Give me a break! So sick of the notion that KG does not go after big players. Tim Duncan, Perk, Al Jefferson to name a few

      • rev

        ok my bad, i was wrong on that one, wouldn’t consider perk and jefferson big dogs, but i was definitely wrong on Duncan.

        • Nora

          The point with what KG does is to show the game is not just physical but mental as well. He looks like a bully but it is really a smart thing to do. It works. And players who whine about him off the court being ‘mean’ shows me that it works. It is getting the edge any way you can.
          He is like a bully but it is those other players who have to find a way and not let it bother them. Until they learn that, KG wins.

    • RedsLoveChild

      I can easily understand why Kobe is hated.

      Kobe is the ultimate phony…he throws teammates under the bus with regularity…he`s a serial adulterer…possibly even a rapist…his parents are estranged from him…his wife is leaving him, etc.

      LeBron? All I see are people coming up with the weakest and flimsiest of reasons to hate him. Nothing really tangible, nothing of real substance.

  • zippittyay

    LeBron is the biggest prima donna the NBA has had in a very long time and possibly the biggest in all of sports.

  • skj3309

    OOf corse its easy for james to be the best when he gets to shoot more ft then the whole other team every other game

  • iHateLebron

    Been avoiding watching sportscenter because I don’t want to hear shit about LeBron, but had it on yesterday, and that guy just irks me. So, they are interviewing him, and he has on a shirt that says “Earned Not Given.” Seriously, if you have to wear a shirt to say that, you definitely have some issues because that must be in the back of your mind as to what the rest of the world is thinking. That’s like OJ walking around with a shirt that says “NOT GUILTY” after his murder trial, as if all of sudden we are going to believe it. And another thing, I saw this picture of him partying up after the game and he’s wearing a shirt with his face on it, who the fuck wears a shirt with their own face on it????? that’s so fucking egotistic. And moreover, he keeps saying that it was the happiest day of his life, what the fuck, did he forget about the day his kids were born, or his wedding, seriously, where the fuck is his priority, if this is the happiest day of his life, these are the reasons I don’t like this guy.

    Oh on him being a changed person, it’s easy to be nice when you win, but he’s a sore loser. After all his playoff loses, he would run away to the locker room, his excuse is he considers the playoff a fight and you don’t shake the hand of someone who just beat you up in a fight, but it’s all of a sudden different if you are the winner, what a fuck head, I didn’t see anyone on the Thunder acting like a sore loser like him.

  • iHateLebron

    Oh, and quit saying you didn’t shortcut anything Lebron, like forming your own dream team is not taking a shortcut, whatever Lebron, keep feeding yourself that BS.

    • rev

      Rondo and KG didn’t shake hands with the Heat after this years playoff series.
      I don’t really care what the guy says in interviews, i don’t believe any player is really himself during those. They’re all just trying to say the right things. And get trained to do so.
      Question though, if Lebron didn’t say it was the most beautiful day of his life, wouldn’t you fault him that it didn’t mean enough to him?

      I do agree with the t-shirts. He wants to be applauded so bad. Remeber the CHECK MY STATS t-shirt? Lebron feels like he deserves a lot of credit for what he does.

  • WinstonSalems

    The similarities between Kobe and LeBron exist only because they are perceived as the best players of their generations. That’s where it begins and that’s where it ends. Kobe was a mid-1st round pick, traded on draft day to the Lakers. He had upside and potential but he wasn’t a projected top 5 pick. LeBron, on the other hand, was in the national spotlight since he was a sophomore in high school, widely seen as the number 1 pick (even though Melo brought Syracuse its first national title under Jim Boeheim). Kobe came to the Lakers when Shaq was just entering his prime. Shaq is/was the most dominant player the league has ever seen since Wilt Chamberlain. Unlike Lebron, Kobe never had to carry the Lakers on his own (until Shaq left, whom Kobe ousted). LeBron and Kobe’s careers in the NBA couldn’t be more different. If the Cavs had a good GM, they would’ve brought in the right players to surround LeBron, like Mitch Kupchack did for Kobe, and LeBron would still be on the Cavs. Can’t hate on the guy for wanting to be in the right situation. KG came to Boston to team up with Pierce and Allen and to win a championship. Other than the “Decision”, how is KG’s move to Boston any different than what LeBron did?

    When you’re the top salesman at your company, you feel like you’re at the top of your game and there’s a feeling that you can sell anything to anyone. Imagine being the best salesman, not only at your company but on the planet, you don’t think your head would get a little too big? LeBron isn’t just the best player on the planet, he’s in a different universe than anyone else. Give the guy a break. He finally wins the title and people still find ways to fault him. If you want to hate on someone, hate on Wade. I don’t understand why anyone can root for this guy?

    • iHateLebron

      I said I hate Lebron, but I agree with you that he’s the best player the game has seen in a long time. He plays the game the right way, at least lately, he’s not selfish like Kobe, shoots a better percentage, defends, and rebounds. I have no problems with his game, my problem is with his ego, I guess you are right, what can you expect from someone who is told he’s all that all the time. Oh wait, KD is told he’s all that all the time, yet he seems pretty grounded.

      As for Wade, I don’t like him either. He’s also very pompous. And quit wearing the stupid no-lens glasses. And LBJ is just Wade’s little puppy in that respect.

      I give credit to Wade and Lebron for their on court games, they also seem to be good fathers, they are just both annoyingly arrogant.

      There is a big difference between what the Celtics did and what the Heat did. The Heat, the players (LBJ, Bosh, and Wade) decided to team themselves up as opposed to the GM doing it. Second, the Celtics players were all in decline. In Lebron’s case, he is and was the #1 guy in the NBA at that time, Wade probably #2 at the time, CB probably top 15, all in their prime, hell LBJ hadn’t even reached his prime and I still think he hasn’t. That’s the difference, when you are best, you want to beat the best, not join them. That’s like if Magic, Bird, and Malone decided to team up in their prime. Please, you can’t say he didn’t shortcut his way to a championship by doing so.

  • Eric

    LeBron is a big time arrogant jerk. Don’t give a damn if he’s the greatest basketball player today.

    • zippittyay