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Your Morning Dump… Where Danny wants to reload for another run

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“I’m giving Kevin a little bit of space these last four or five days and we’ll continue to communicate,’’ Ainge said. “He has not made any decisions yet, but we’ll communicate soon.’’

When asked if the Celtics will reload for another run if Garnett returns, Ainge said, “Sure, yeah, that’s our hope. Sure.’’

Globe: Ainge wants to reload for another Celtics run

Kevin Garnett is sitting there… pondering his future…. and Danny Ainge is asked if he wants to reload for another run.  What’s he supposed to say?

“No, we’re clearly in a rebuilding phase.  We want KG around to create the illusion of being competitive while he acts as a pseudo-coach to all the young guys we’re going to bring in. “

We’ve said it here before, but the Celtics might have little choice but to bring everyone back for another run.  There aren’t a whole lot of options out there.  And, well, this mix sort of worked.  Steve Bulpett sums it up nicely in today’s Herald.

The lure of the last impression is strong. The Celtics came within 48 minutes of the NBA Finals, and they did it with Pierce and Allen injured shadows of their earlier-season selves and without Jeff Green, Avery Bradley and Chris Wilcox (and Jermaine O’Neal).

Accordingly, Ainge will try first to buttress the classic rock portion of his roster with complementary talent. It’s a shot he has to take, because he knows there is no way to accurately gauge when this franchise will be this close again.

Do the math. There are 30 teams in the NBA, and on June 9 there were just three still alive in the race for the championship. You can question their chances, but the Celtics were one of them.

The Celtics gave the… ugh… champion Miami Heat their toughest challenge of the playoffs.  They were minutes away from eliminating them and probably could have beaten them if they had anywhere close to a fully healthy squad (or if Chris Bosh didn’t suddenly turn into Reggie Miller).  We can play the “what if” game if we want and try to guess if the Celtics could have beaten the holy hell out of OKC and made them shrink under the spotlight of the Finals like Miami did… but we’ll never know.

So no, this probably won’t be the classic “rebuilding” that we all know.  It will resemble “reloading” more than anything.  And Danny will push that publicly so he can get Garnett back for one more year.

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  • kricky

    I hope Danny would be honest with KG and not fool him into coming back to mentor a rebuild. In any case, if the plan is to rebuild it doesn’t make much sense to bring KG back anyway.

    I think they are on the same page. If KG come s back it will be to make another run. But Danny will be careful about shelling out to much multi-year $$. No more JO signings!

  • Alex

    What pains me is that the Celtics could have ONCE AGAIN won this year’s championship if they have taken care of business at home or Game 7 against the Heat… TWO chances to get to the NBA Finals and they blew it, but I can’t blame them. I knew they were in trouble when Avery Bradley went down because the constant amount of injuries they were getting just reached the limit.

    The way the Thunder choked so hard in this year’s Finals makes me slap my forehead so hard because the C’s could have wrecked their team with their advanced defensive sequences. Seriously, the Miami Heat played defense, which the other West teams didn’t, and the Thunder got intimidated. End of story.

    • Don’t forget that they also should have won game 2.

  • KY Celts fan

    It still hurts to think about how health has affected this team over the past four seasons. However, I’m not sure we could have done to the Thunder what the Heat just did. Yeah, the Heat embarrassed them with their defense. And we have a better defense than the Heat. But part of what made the Heat’s defense so formidable was they had the youth to match. Durant is a heck of a player, but Lebron is strong enough and fast enough to check him. Pierce has the strength, but not nearly enough speed anymore. DWade shut down Harden completely, but Ray would have been butt-raped. Perhaps we could have grinded it out, but I honestly don’t think so. It would have been better to at least have had the chance though.

  • colaroaster

    zzzz’s the finals was beyond boring for 2 reasons: heat never played team bb and the thunder always looked lost.

    and not even10 minutes after the game the arena was 1/2 empty. followed-up by bron bron’s antidotul press conference about his journey as a “high school prodigy”.. clearly the nba took several steps back.

    what a mess of a lock out season

  • RedsLoveChild

    As long as KG & Pierce are around, you cannot call it a “true rebuild”.

    They want to reinforce those two with young talent…rather than old, broken down vets as they have in the past.

    The goal is to stay very competitive while the team gets younger.

    They already have a good, young backcourt in place {RR & AB}. Now, it`s time to do the same at center & forward spots.

    Danny knows there would have been no Miami series in the first place…without the injury to Derrick Rose.

  • GarnettsGrl

    Why is that I have people calling me saying that the heat needs to sign KG and Ray….I’m like really are you kidding me after all the comments about my team in the conf finals now they are good enough??? Y’all say that LB is the best player on the plant why would they need anything other than what they had this yr??????

  • Wil Reyes

    I’m still in denial that miami heats are “champions”. It feels like this off season, nobody really won it.