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Chad Ford: Celtics have a promise with Royce White

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 21, 2012 Draft 13 Comments on Chad Ford: Celtics have a promise with Royce White

Is the NBA draft picture coming into a bit of focus for the Boston Celtics?

If you believe ESPN’s Chad Ford, the Celtics have a promise in place for Royce White, should he fall to the 21 or 22 picks in the upcoming draft.

First, a little about White.

He’s an athletic swing man with a seven-foot wing span who can get out into the open court and finish fast breaks with a bit of authority.

The downside about White is his anxiety disorder, which may be managed by medication.  The question about that is… is it a problem that will cause a superior talent to drop to 21….. or is it a problem that will justify his drop to 21?

Assuming the Celtics are bringing Jeff Green back to start the upcoming season, a promise to White might be some nice insurance for him over the next couple of years and, some day, his replacement at a time where he’s done with Boston and Paul Pierce is done with the NBA.

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  • Mike

    Very interesting. I think talent-wise, White has chance to become a very nice NBA player…the wing-span, strength and ability to put the ball on the floor would make him an absolute steal at 21/22.

    The anxiety thing seems very delicate. Heard he has a fear of flying, but like you mentioned could be treated by medication.

    Either way, he’d be a nice piece for the future.

  • Jean GR

    This guy was a beast at Iowa St. Last year especially down the stretch. Triple double threat every game. He can pass the ball apart from his very nice scoring skills.
    The problem is his character. The anxiety issue is solvable (see Ray Ray) but some other stuff he did a couple years ago are a bit alarming. I remember hearing about an incident… Some kind of a robbery…
    Well whatever is wrong with him the C’s program can fix it. Just put the bad dawg (KG) right next to him and his issues are gone.

    I think that this clearly shows that we have no intention of payin Green the money he (or his agent) thinks he can find out there. Maybe around 5mil is our ceiling for him.

  • Monk

    I cannot open the new Red’s Army on my iPad. It says “Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred”. Is anyone else having the same problem? Hope you guys are fixing this, I read this blog every day.

    • sambot5k

      hey there —

      this issue occurs because of caching and cookies. if you go to the safari tab in your settings and empty your cache and clear cookies, this problem will no longer occur. thanks for letting us know.

      • Monk

        Thanks for the tip. It works now. Much appreciated.

  • colaroaster

    donald stern is an ass hole. c’s should have roled the heat and trashed okc. lock out bs season

  • Brian

    He would be my pick… now to go with harkless or nicholson.. looks like rondo is going to have plenty of studs to pass the ball too, and after tonight’s game it looks like the C’s are a much better team then OKC.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Under the right circumstances…”breaking a promise” is permissible.

    Sorry Royce, we need “bigs” real bad, and 6`7″ simply will not cut it! Hope you`ll understand.

    Also, Danny is not bringing Jeff Green back, either.

  • thetitleisours

    If Green comes back then White would be OK. His passing off the bench could add an element to the second unit. Would this mean that Melo would more than likely be the other pick as many mock’s predict?

  • zippittyay

    Picking up a good shoot-first point guard with our second round pick would be good for our bench.

    • KY Celts fan

      I think a lot of people would consider E’twaun Moore to be that guy.

  • sev

    fab melo is garbage….i hate 7 footers that get like one rebound more than rondo. Yea i guess hes like ben wallace compared to ryan hollins, but theres not way danny picks fab. Can’t rebound and is usually not up to top shape equals guys that KG can’t get through to IMO. I know were talking about Royce White but I saw that comment on Melo. There is a reason a young 7ft will fall that far even though there are young teams that are rebuilding or in the process and can afford waiting for him. Hes just not that good.

    • Uh huh

      I usually agree with that, and assumed that was the case a few years ago when we passed on DeAndre Jordan (and Mario Chalmers, despite huge needs for both) for JR Giddens. It’s worth a shot. Other bigs I’ve heard us interested in, beyond the kid from St Bonaventure, who I like, buy isn’t a 5 (and kg apparently wants to go back from a top 10 center to an older 4) include shmoes like Miles Plumlee. I’d rather be wrong on Melo than maybe get Nick Collison 2.0. You can find those guys cheap in FA.

      If you can maybe get that center, you gotta try. Big boom-bust potential but we’ve got two picks so we can take a lower-ceiling, less rIsky guy (white and i also like Jeff Taylor if white’s gone) to fill a rotation role and then swing for the fences with that second pick. I’d rather turn off the tv th. night thinking we got Boris diaw 2.0 and a guy who could be anything from Dwight Howard lite if he truly “gets it” or outta the league in 3 years than thinking we got 2 sure fire role players that’ll never be more than a 5th starter at best. Besides, if a young, defensive big can’t learn from KG, he’ll never be anything anyway.