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Perk questions Scott Brooks’ rotations

Old friend Kendrick Perkins is never afraid to speak his mind:

All series long Thunder coach Scott Brooks has been taking flack for his handling of the Thunder rotations — sitting Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook at the same time, leaving guys with hot hands on the bench, not seeming to have a feel for his team.

It’s not just you and me, Kendrick Perkins feels the same way, too.

“I just don’t understand why we start out the first quarter the way we did with the lineup we had, and all of a sudden we change and adjust to what they had going on,” a clearly frustrated Perkins said in the Thunder locker room after the game. “So they won the last three quarters and that’s what happened…

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I’m not sure it’s fair to lay all the blame on Scott Brooks.  Although, it is stunning to learn that Serge Ibaka and Derek Fisher are nearly averaging the same minutes per game in this series.

The Thunder are not executing in key moments. James Harden is shooting 35% and averaging 10.8 ppg. There’s a lot of blame to go around.

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  • colaroaster

    thunder made no secret about resigning james harden as their top priority. perk will be amortized after the season and will return in green next season. win/win for everyone

    • KY Celts fan

      Amnestied, not amortized. And I’m pretty sure he’d be picked up off waivers before we’d be sign him.

      • Thanks for your input

        If you’re going to be a vocab nazi, read a dictionary. He will be amortized because he signed a long term big money contract, that the Thunder wont have room for next season

        • KY Celts fan

          Amnestied comes from amnesty, as in the Amnesty Clause of the new CBA. Amortized means to gradually pay off a debt or loan, such as a mortgage. Perkins is under an agreed contract for a set number of years, which is not a debt or loan.

          The only reason I even brought it up is because this is the second time I have seen that word used on this site referring to the Amnesty Clause, not necessarily that colaroaster was the one to use it. I’m not trying to be a vocab nazi, but if we’re going to talk about it, we can at least use the correct terminology so others don’t get confused. So maybe YOU should read a dictionary, as I did before I posted my original reply.

          Furthermore, OKC has plenty of money to pay Perkins next season, as I’m sure Sam Presti thought about before he offered the contract to Perkins. The reason Amnesty has come up with regards to Perkins is that both Harden and Ibaka will be RFA next season. Since both are of more value to the Thunder than Perkins, and because the owners probably don’t want to go too far into the luxury tax to keep both players due to the much harsher penalties the new CBA includes, Perkins contract must be removed one way or another to bring their total salary to a more reasonable level.

          • Thanks for your input

            now i feel like a dummy… didnt realize the CBA used big words too, thanks

      • colaroaster

        sorry dood, easy mistake when server timed out and it published accidentally. hope it didn’t ruin your day..

      • LEWIS LIVES 35

        Lol it’s Amnesty………. And they are not going to waste their amnesty on a productive player that doesn’t make an absurd amount. Not gonna happen

  • classless

    Brooks has been outcoached by Spolestra, and it’s not even close.

    • KY Celts fan

      It’s surprised me too since I’ve never seen Spolestra as that good of coach. But Brooks has made some really odd decisions this series.

      • Reggie35RIP

        Think it was a case of the best of the worst. I don’t rate either coach. They’re both lucky enough to have a bunch of stars on their teams that make them look good.

        I mean for gods sake… Did you see Spoelstra with his hat on backwards after they won? Says it All. 😉

  • Lee in Oregon

    I was shocked when the Spurs got beat by this team. Neither Brooks or Spoelstra have much going on other than some damn good players. Perk is frustrated, they’ve lost the series now, and he didn’t get many minutes- none down the stretch. I wouldn’t be surprised if OKC uses the amnesty clause on Perk.

  • sev

    haha that’s the second time I saw that word as well and last time I ended up looking it up(learned a new word). All good though cause last time it was technically appropriate in the context used. You can use that word in reference to contracts, but not in the way the thunder would be.

  • kricky

    Funny, because its Brooks decision to stick with Perk against a smaller, quicker Heat lineup that’s the biggest mistake he’s making and really hurting the Thunder.

    We still love you though Perk. You’d always be welcome back!

  • WinstonSalems

    The Thunder traded for Perk so that they could finally beat the Lakers. Thunder had no answer for Bynum and Gasol. Fortunately for OKC, the Lakers proved to be a team on the decline, in a stacked conference. Now it’s the Lakers with no answer for Westbrook and Durant. As far as the amnesty, if the Thunder were to use it, Perk would be the best candidate. However, I don’t see the Thunder just letting go of a 6’11/7’0 foot, defensive-minded big man, for nothing. If they want to dump his salary, they’ll most likely look to trade him than to cut him. Perk is still young and in his prime, and he still has value as a center in this league.

  • Jean GR

    It’s true that Brooks has been shockingly outcoached by Spo. I know it seems unreal. I have one question for Brooks: You need a 3 and there is 15 seconds on the clock. How can you not have D.Fish on the floor??????? When did Thabo became a shooter??