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Mike Gorman sees Garnett, Pierce retiring as Celtics

Legendary Celtics play by play man Mike Gorman was on 98.5’s Toucher & Rich this morning where he made a couple of interesting comments.

  1. The schedule took a huge toll on everyone, players and anyone else traveling. 
  2. If Avery Bradley was healthy, he thinks Celtics beat Miami in 6
  3. He thinks KG is coming back, because “I just saw no indications of Kevin losing his competitive juices. I can’t see him getting up in the morning and banging his head against the refrigerator to start his day.”  He believes KG is sincere in wanting to only play for Doc.
  4. He doesn’t see Asik or Hibbert leaving their respective teams because teams don’t often let 7-foot RFA’s go.
  5. “Everything I’ve heard from Celtic coaching staff, from Celtic ownership… they really want to see Paul Pierce play his entire career as a Celtic.  I get no indication the Celtics have shopped Paul seriously.  Danny will talk about it, and that’s kind of his job as the guy who runs the basketball operations.”

They also talk a little draft.  You can listen to the whole interview here.

It’s so impossible to know what’s really true about any trade rumors unless you get Danny Ainge out to The Fours for martinis and Jager shots.  Maybe then he can tell you what’s complete bull and what reports have truth to them.  Just ask new Blazers GM Neil Olshey.
“(The media) puts it out there that ‘it had to be them’ and then they want you to admit it, or say you didn’t,” Olshey said. “But at the end of the day, everybody is going to lie anyway.”

So did the Celtics shop Paul Pierce?  Maybe.  How far along did it get?  Who knows.  Someone could have floated that story in hopes of disrupting the Celtics team chemistry… or the reports could be completely true.

And while Gorman knows more than most of us, he’s not in on meetings or anything.  So we can add him to the mix of everyone else who thinks he’ll come back, and just hope the Cetlics can bring KG back to play out his career along side Paul Pierce… that both can retire as Celtics… and it will have no impact on building towards the future.

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  • PakkAttackk

    I really hope it happens the way Mike Gorman speaks about KG & Pierce retiring as Celtics.
    #3 had me laughing so hard because I could actually see KG wake up, go to his fridge, grab some orange juice & bang his head against the fridge LOL!!

  • 413murph

    I don’t think any shots at the Four’s would help, isn’t Danny a Mormon? Even tougher to decipher what he’s really up to….

  • kricky

    What?! That’s how I imagined KG starting his off-season morning routine. Followed by a 10 mile barefoot run on the hot sands of Malibu and 1000 bare knuckle push ups.

    We will miss that guy so much when he hangs it up. Lets hope Mike G is right.

  • screaming jay

    Someday in the future, when Danny retires as GM of the Celts, He’s going to write a book about these days.

    I can’t wait to read it.

  • paul

    Danny is a known liar, I’d say, and I wouldn’t trust anything he says, now, or in a future book. It’s so easy for those weasels in the league to blame the media for everything. The media are nothing but mouthpiece for the league and the ownership.

  • With Miami up in the Finals, doesn’t it make it all the more likely that these guys will return, knowing that they should have had another title? That injuries screwed them again? A title, especially now, doesn’t look like a pipe dream to these guys; in fact, they probably felt robbed. Furthermore, they know they have something special among them, the kind of a thing a mature player understands is what they work so hard for. The chemistry, the jersey, the building — isn’t this what every non-DBag athlete craves? Especially when Paul thinks about that shot over Lebron or when they all think about the cheering at the end of Game Six.