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Your Morning Dump… where Perk thinks KG’s coming back to Boston

Kevin Garnett

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I feel like if he does return to basketball, I think that that would be the team,’’ Perkins said of the Celtics. “I heard Kevin say a few times that he wouldn’t want to play for anybody but Doc, so it will be interesting to see. I still think he got a lot more years in him. He got a lot of love for the game and it would be hard to see Kevin walk away from the game right now.’’

When asked if he sensed Garnett wanted to keep playing, Perkins said, “I do. I think he found some kind of new life, what do you call it? The fountain of youth, just how he’s been playing over these last couple of games in the playoffs and in the regular season, he’s almost a 20-10 guy. I hope he does come back. It’s good for the NBA. He’s still an icon in the league and you just like to see what he brings to the table.’’

Globe: Perkins expects Garnett to play again – with Celtics

This is kind of more of the same with KG… We think might come back and if he does it will only be with Doc and the Celtics.

One thing is clear, the Celtics will do virtually no business on the free agent market until the KG situation is settled.  Part of that is because he’s the linchpin to the teams entire defensive strategy… and partly because there’s a giant cap hold that the Celtics will need to clear up by either signing or renouncing him.

For those who don’t know what a cap hold is, it’s basically an imaginary number that reserves a space on the salary cap for your own free agents.  When you still own the rights to a player, that cap hold for the player’s salary (determined by a formula based on that player’s previous salary) sits in the salary cap space as if it’s reserving a spot on the team for him.

It exists as part of the Larry Bird Exemption which allows teams to go above the salary cap to sign their own free agents.  Cap holds are the mechanism that keep teams from having all their big time players contracts expire at the same time, signing a bunch of big free agents, THEN using Bird Rights to re-sign their stars.

It’s all complicated, and it’s explained much better here.

So in a nutshell, KG made $21 million last year, and that makes his cap hold gigantic… so the C’s HAVE to figure him out on the first day of business so they can move forward.  Ray Allen, for that matter, would be next since he’s got a huge cap hold as well, and only after those guys are settled, can the C’s really understand what kind of money they have to play with.

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  • Astarot

    I understand that KG situation is determined by Bird Exception but does it mean that if Cs want to re singn KG they have to give him more (120%?) than his previous salary even though he’s unrestricted free agent right now?

    • No, they can give him whatever they want. That’s just the maximum raise he can get. If they both agreed to $4 million a year (random number, not what I think), then the cap hold would come off and his cap number would be $4 million

      • Astarot

        Thanks. I thought so just want to make sure. Agree with paul – 8 mln is max for KG.

  • paul

    KG needs to come back under a very team friendly contract, if he comes back. Of course fans are crazy for him to come back. We all want that. But we cannot continue to have his massive salary demands crushing the team. He should play limited minutes, and, sliding towards more of a player-coach type role, should be paid about 8 million.

    Also, we’ve seen over the past five years how overpaying for superstars costs you. Let’s not start overpaying for marginal players. Sure it would be great to bring Green and Bass back, but not for the kind of money they seem to want. Five to six million? Ok. Not more. Nor should we bust out big contracts for free agents. We need to be smart with our money as we rebuild.

  • Andrew

    If you check out the headlines from today there is one from Flip Saunders commenting that he thinks KG is playing at least one more year and that he will stay in Boston. That means a lot because Saunders was his coach in Minnesota and also helping the Celtics scout during the playoffs.

  • Astarot

    One more think. I remeber Green supposed to be significant addition to the roster in Perk trade, and now we all wondering if we still want him back and we don’t have good defensive center in Perk.

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