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Rumor: Celtics considering strong offer for Bulls’ Asik’s Sam Smith has this scoop:

The Celtics are one the teams said to be considering a strong offer to Bulls center Asik. The thinking is it might help them retain Kevin Garnett, who though playing very well at center the second half of the season doesn’t want to return as a center. ..

Smith doesn’t have the greatest reputation for reporting scoops, but tis the season for rumors.

The 25-year-old Asik is a restricted free-agent. Here’s a snippet of his season recap, courtesy ESPN Chicago:

After such a promising rookie year in the NBA last season, Asik took a step backwards in his progression. He is still a very solid defender, but his offensive game stalled. He struggled to catch the ball in the post and make much of an impact. The Bulls relied on his defensive presence, but they could not go to him as much as Tom Thibodeau would have liked because of his struggles on the offensive end. 

As with every free-agent, it all comes down to the money. Asik made $1.8 million last season. How much is he worth? $3 million per year?

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  • Lakerhater

    forget the turk and go chase spencer hawes danny!

    • Jayfox

      I hope your joking lakerhater because that would be horrible if we got hawes. You saw how garnett abused hawes. He’s soft with no d game. Plus we already have enough offensive game on the team. We need a big defender in the middle to rebound. We were the worst team in NBA history last season.

    • colaroaster

      mike miller’s back is stronger than hawes. end of discussion

  • mrchumpy

    I like the Turk. Get ‘im.

  • Double P

    If we’re going to target a RFA center why not go after Roy Hibbert?

    • Because it’s most likely a fruitless pursuit. Indiana will match all relatively reasonable offers.

  • thebantam

    The point about bringing Garnett back is important. He is the type that will put the team in front of himself, so I think he needs to feel certain that he won’t be put in the position again to start at center, let alone for a full schedule. For KG to feel confident in signing again, I think the C’s need to have the 5 settled.

  • RedsLoveChild

    This summer : There are at least 9 players in the draft {none projected to be a Top 5 pick} who are at least 6`11″-7`0″.

    Try to get two of them.

    Next summer : Spend freely on FA`s.

  • PakkAttackk

    Besides post defense, what does Omer Asik do better than a healthy Greg Stiemsma? I love KG but I think it’s best for him & the franchise for him to retre thus starting the youth movement in Boston.

    • zippittyay


      • zippittyay

        At least about the Steimsma part…..

        • PakkAttackk

          Ok, what is your arguement? I say that Omer Asik has the edge in overall defense & post defense neither are great P&R defenders. Omer has no offensive game to speak of other than dunks. Bad FT shooter & not great hands for a big.
          Greg Stiemsma is much better on offense, he can hit a 15-17 foot jumper, makes 75% of his FTs, doesn’t have great hands but better than Asik’s, neither big have a post game & Stiemsma is the superior shot blocker. Stiemsma will come cheaper & already has a history with Doc & earned KG’s praise ( NOT easy ). He plays hurt too. Pretty much played all year hurt.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Little dissapointed to hear KG doesnt want to play center. If the C’s can get a better center (Asik isn’t better than KG at the 5) I’d be ok with it. I thought KG was better as a center than at the forward spot this year, by far. If that’s the plan though, just go get Canby for 2 years.

  • kricky

    I’d be disappointed if KG didn’t lay center.The mismatches he creates there (he can cheat off most centers to double dudes on D, but can still take the ball inside and score on most 5s) really resurrected his game. And its a great match-up against Miami.

    Maybe he’ll agree to play reduces minutes at the the regular season, but move to the 5 in the playoffs.

    • Reggie35RIP

      I prefer KG at the 4, as long as we can snare a decent 5.

  • Aaron

    Our freaking rebounding was NON existent. case closed.
    sign the turk for 3 mil.

  • kricky

    If we are going to start throwing money around at these FAs why not go after someone who is athletic and run the floor like JJ Hickson? Sure he has some holes in his game. But I think he’s really be very good with Rondo feeding hm the ball.

    I like the Turk, but I don’t think he really gives you all that much more than a healthy Steamer..