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Dooling: Celtics “fell short to pure talent”

Keyon Dooling is still preaching, and the good reverend still believes in his (maybe former) squad, telling the Miami Herald

“Our team was built to last,” Celtics guard Keyon Dooling says. “Experience, togetherness, will, drive. We peaked at the right time. We had the right group of guys together …”


“We fell short to pure talent,” Dooling says. “LeBron, when he’s on the court, he’s just more talented than everybody.”

When I look at the NBA Finals and think of the possibility that the Celtics may end up giving the Heat more of a fight than OKC does, it’s tough not to think about the “what if’s.”

And you can even play the “what if” game without involving Paul Pierce’s gimpy knee or Ray Allen’s ankles.  I feel like Greg Stiemsma’s foot and Avery Bradley’s shoulders were enough to get past Miami.  A shot blocker and perimeter defender could have been enough to make a difference in either game. 

So Dooling does have a point.  The Celtics did have the right mix to get the job done… until certain guys were taken out of the mix.  And give LeBron credit… the dude closed games out.  He still is.  All the “not clutch” stuff was funny before these playoffs.  Now it’s not funny anymore… because it’s not true anymore.

I still expect OKC to rise up and make this a 7-game series.  They might still win this series.  But it’s suddenly a very real possibility that LeBron can will his team to a title.

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  • Hurdler

    Both Lebron and Wade have always been front-runners. If you take their best shot and then come back and knock them down they fold just like ‘Ivan Drago’. When the series started I wondered if the Celtics series would have worn out the Heat or taught them how to grind out victories. I think now I know….

  • Celticsfanatic

    Completely agree with both yourself and Dooling. I don’t like LeBron but I agree that a lot of the criticism against him is getting old.

  • Paul

    I so hope OKC wins the finals this year!!! We all know Lebron will win a championship, but I just don’t want him to win, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, but 7 championships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    I will forever consider Lebron a trader, just like Clemens!!!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I agree, LeBron took it to another level this year.
    And please, let’s get serious and stop talking about Stiemsma’s foot..

  • kricky

    It’s hard to be objective (much less critical) about this team because we love them so much.

    But in the end it DID come down to talent. And the writing was probably on the wall earlier too. If we had closed out Philli like we were supposed to we’d have one more game vs Miami without Bosch.

  • vivek NJ

    i dont know what they mean by talent. is it that they had the ability to make their shots on the game days and we didn’t ? If you watched Paul Pierce in 2008 finals, I would say we are no less talented. our players carried their broken limbs to conf finals until their shoulders and joints dropped to the floor. never their commitment.