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Four years ago today, anything was possible

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 17, 2012 Look Back 12 Comments on Four years ago today, anything was possible

I can’t believe this happened FIVE four years ago.

A lot has happened in five four years.  We came one knee injury short of another serious run and another knee injury short of, probably, another title.

That stuff, unfortunately, happens.

We’ll always have 2008, though, when we made it, Ma… we became certified… and anything was possible.

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  • Jp

    “Hope we made you proud”

  • B

    It was 4 years ago. But nonetheless it was an unreal night!

  • Yeah, I’m a moron. 12-8=4… not 5.

    This is why I’m a word guy

  • B

    No worries. Love the site. Huge celts fan. Always a good read

  • GarnettsGrl

    I will never forget that night, its funny how after looking at these clips I noticed that I did not see Rondo in any of the shots after the game hummm???

  • paul

    Everyone talks about the fact that we only one one championship with four of the best players in the league for five years as if it was an unfortunate act of nature. Geez, at least Miami fans have the good sense to be ticked off if their team doesn’t win. The questionto ask, in my opinion, is, why did we have a weaker and weaker and weaker supporting cast for the Big Four?

    Could it have something to do with the way some players were massively overpaid? Some of those same players are apparently playing hardball with us now, after breaking the bank for five years. They never stop, and yet we refuse to even consider criticizing them. We fawn over them even harder, pathetically, as they seem to turn their backs on us.

    It’s pathetic. Folks had no problem raking Big Baby over the coals. BUT WHY WERE WE STUCK WITH BIG BABY AS OUR KEY SUPPORT GUY? Could it be that we had no money to pay people, and so we kept losing support guys? Whose fault was that?

    • Jp

      Players. Fans. Teams. Everyone.

  • Brad

    Still can’t watch this without getting a little misty in the eyes.

  • CelticBalla32

    I can definitely see how you could confuse the number of years. Of course, #18 happened in 2008 but the team was assembled in 2007.
    Also, respect for crossing out the little mistake and leaving it up there as opposed to just editing the number. Accountability!

  • SF Celts fan

    I think the team made a serious mistake when we let posey get away. Our offense was never the same without him. Also, I think we made a big mistake not resigning leon powe. He was a heart and soul guy who was huge for us in 08.

  • Paul

    If we didn’t have injuries to certain key players in the last five years, we should have won an additional 3 or 4 championships!

    No Jeff Green or Avery, we would have beaten the heatless Miami Heat is less then 5 games! GOOOO OKC!

  • Celticai

    I agree with the injuries part:
    08-09 – Lost KG
    09-10 – Lost Perkins in game 7
    10-11 – Lost Rondo
    11-12 – Lost Avery (Not to mention playing with 1/2 PP and 1/4 Ray)