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Your Morning Dump… Where Danny Ainge has a ton of work to do

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

So while Roy Hibbert is technically available, and it sure would be nice for the Celts to acquire a young big man who can defend the paint and is improving steadily with his offense, the chances of the Pacers parting with such an asset are nil.

The Hornets might be more willing to listen to offers for restricted free agent Eric Gordon, but the shooting guard probably showed enough after his return from knee surgery to make his asking price high.

There are others in the restricted category who could be of interest to the Celtics, people like Portland’s Nicolas Batum and Chicago’s Omer Asik, but it’s important to remember the locals must still deal with their own crew of free agents.

It is highly unlikely the Celtics [team stats] will be able to find any free agent elixirs this summer. That leaves their immediate fate tied to what they can do with their two first-round draft picks and what their newfound flexibility could mean for them in trade talks both pre- and post-draft.

Herald –  Lean pickings on menu

The more I examine the free agent pool and contract status of everyone on this Celtics roster, the less I envy Danny Ainge. He’s essentially building a roster from scratch.

Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley are the only rotation guys who are locked in. As WEEI’s Paul Flannery details; KG, Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Ray Allen, Mickael Pietrus, Greg Stiemsma, Chris Wilcox, Keyon Dooling, Marquis Daniels and Sasha Pavlovic are free agents.

The (attainable) free agent pool is thin. Forget Roy Hibbert. Eric Gordon is talented, but I prefer Avery Bradley. Batum and Asik are solid role players. The key is finding players who will stay healthy. I know that’s impossible to predict, but health is what really doomed the Celtics this season.

If I had to predict the Celtics off season moves, I’d lean towards KG, Green, Pietrus, Dooling and Stiemsma returning. Bass is a wildcard. I fear he might run for more money. Since everyone is saying Ray Allen is leaving, I’m forced to believe it. That would leave Ainge the task of finding a couple of critical role players.

I’m probably wrong. Knowing Danny’s history, he’s probably working on a blockbuster deal right now.

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  • paul

    I think it’s time for a clean slate. I don’t like the way KG and Allen and the rest are hastening for the exits. Good riddance to them.

    • John

      KG just carried this team.. and just because after 17 years he’s taking a minute to consider what he wants… “good riddance?”


    • Shawncvd

      TG your not the GM! KG cannot play in this league for another team at this point. Wakefield the guy! A series of 1 year 3-6 Million dollar deals (no trade clause) for as long as he want’s to play. I’d even be willing to pay him MORE as he means so much to this team.

  • RedsLoveChild

    -Sign KG…Steamer…Bass {if the price is right}.

    -Ray is simply too damn old…Pietrus has largely been a disappointment…Green was way overrated even before the health issue came along…Dooling offers very little and has no future potential.

    -Trade up in this year`s draft…the good ones will be long gone by #21 & #22.

    -Celtics desparately need “paint players”…Eric Gordon is of no help to us.

    -Save as much cash as possible for the 2013 FA class.

    • Shawncvd

      Your making sense except there’s no way Ainge gives up on Green. Maybe Green will make our life easier by getting big $$ from some dumb team elsewhere…

  • Wootay

    Verajao of the Cavs sign and trade etuan moore and send a 1 pick there way or Just the pick by itself. Do it now DA.. LOL

  • KY Celts fan

    The big key here is to preserve cap space for next year. There aren’t a lot of good names on this year’s list. But next year has Howard, Josh Smith, and some potentially other big ones. The only player to potentially offer a multiyear deal to is Bass, and that’s only if the price is right. Even KG I’m weary against anything more than a year.

  • Quest

    The question is will Avery be the same player after his shoulder injury.

    • Alex

      Yes, he will. Even when his shoulders were constantly popping in and out of his sockets, he still played aggressive defense and cut to the basket.

      The kid is a warrior.

  • rjd21234

    i don’t think it’s crazy, with our salary to get guys like Khaman, Ilyasova, Crawford, G.Wallace as far as UFAs. All these guys could help the team. Plus there a bunch of RFAs out there who we might be able to outbid. And we really should sign back green. Rondo Green Bradley is a STRONG young core, especially if JJJ can show us something this year.

  • rjd21234

    and the old MA favorite Marcus Camby

  • Andrew

    I think KG has to be on the top of the list if he does decide to play next year. It would really help also if Ray Allen did leave, to help us out with a sign and trade deal so we can get something back for him. I would not be surprised if we made a huge push for OJ Mayo. We have tried to trade for him twice the last two seasons.
    If Bass can be had for the 6-7 million range that is solid. If not then goodbye 🙂 Pietrus should be willing to sign cheap (3-4 mil per year) if we do bring him back. Bring Steamer back.
    I really think Ainge might have something huge up his sleeve. If both KG and Allen do not come back i think Ainge could Amnesty Pierce and go after guys like Hibbert, Mcgee, Gordon. I think there will be 3-4 teams trading away big players this summer to set themselves up for future salary cap restraints.
    I feel a trade coming on!

  • Lee in Oregon

    Portland seems to think Batum is the second coming of Dr J……., there’s no way they let him go.

    In my humble opinion, restricted FA’s are a waste of time, you have to vastly overpay them to pry them away. If we’re gonna lose Bass, I would hope it’s a similiar situation to last year’s with Baby, where we can do a sign & trade. There are some decent unrestricted guys out there too (Maxiel, Carl Landry, KMart, Canby, Kaman, Hawes)

  • Wil Reyes

    id say 2013-2014 is the celtics year.

    Rondo is a piece good enough to attract Josh Smith and Andre Iguodala.

  • PapaIrish

    Id say Ainge could very easily put a team together like this:

    PG Rondo
    SG Bradley
    SF Pierce
    PF Kris Humphries
    C KG
    6 Green
    7 Kirk Hinrich
    8 Tyler Hansbrough
    9 Pietrus
    10 Steimsma
    11 Johnson
    12 Dooling
    13 Wilcox
    14 Draymond Green
    15 Miles Plumlee

  • bopna

    Danny needs a rebounder par excellance if he wants to compete with the Bulls and the cHEAT.

    I like Humphries and he may be limited offensively but his knack for the ball is outstanding…I am thinking if Rondo can make Bass look good, imagine what he can do to Mr. Kardashian.

    retain Jeff Green as well as he is a vital piece in preserving PP in the long ahul of an 82 game schedule…Id trust DA regarding the Draft as long as he does not draft the next Giddens but nabs the next Big Al, then im fine!